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1999 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results

1999 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Class
1st Aaron Maddron - Overall Winner! Super Heavyweight
2nd Mat DuVall
3rd Rico McClinton
4th Stokely Palmer
5th Jeramy Freeman
6th Idrise Ward-El
7th Brian Connell
8th William Wilmore
9th Harold Chery
10th Sean Allan
11th Chuck Nwodili
12th Alex Sicignano
13th Harry Johnson
14th Jesse Schwiers
15th Antonio Perri
1st King Kamali Heavyweight
2nd Bob Cicherillo
3rd Doug Jabalee
4th David Hughes
5th Chuck Sanow
6th Arthur Fickling
7th Douglas Wentz
8th Anthony Dodd
9th Joseph Carlton
10th Allen Fortney
11th Lamar Goodwin
12th David Watson
13th Daryl Jones
14th Michael Costa
15th Sebastian Zona
1st Rodney St. Cloud Light Heavyweight
2nd Craig Richardson
3rd Vince Galanti
4th Fred Bigot
5th Warren James
6th Jeff Schwartzer
7th Troy Alves
8th Scott Demers
9th Robert Russo
10th Robert Lopez
11th Johnnie Jackson
12th Charles Durr
13th Damon Island
14th Ronnie Adams
15th T.J. Hewitt
1st Vladimir Senatus Middleweight
2nd Pablo Mills
3rd Brian Chamberlain
4th J.B. Bartlett
5th Eric Otero
6th Mark Dugdale
7th Jeff Cook
8th Hans Vander Gronden
9th Tommy Brown
10th Randy Jacson
11th Jay Crotty
12th Paul Smith
13th Sammy Segarra
14th Craig Torres
15th Jimmie Wilson
1st Joseph Pacello Lightweight
2nd Tricky Jackson
3rd Franky DiCicco
4th Derik Farnsworth
5th Silvio Schillen
6th Joe Perea
7th Brett Campanella
8th Robert Mesa
9th Steve Wirth
10th Michael Matassa
11th Peter Fong
12th P.J. Lima
13th Carlen Charleston
14th Larry Morten
15th Chris Jones
1st Marvin Ward Bantamweight
2nd Randy Leppala
3rd Juan Ramos
4th Johnny McKnight
5th George Gibson
6th Ricky Parks
7th Eric Yamashita
8th Gary Passmore
9th Shane Prichard
10th Clifton Torres
11th Doug Davis
12th Gene Johnson
13th Joe Lopez
14th Jon Weber
15th Reginald White
16th Dennis Mayer
17th Lance Moore


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