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2000 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results

2000 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Class
1st Robert Washington Super Heavyweight
2nd Stokely Palmer
3rd Edward Moyzan
4th Quincy Taylor
5th Erik Fromm
6th Jeramy Freeman
7th Mat Duvall
8th David Palumbo
9th Alex Sicignano
10th Edgar Fletcher
11th Joe DeAngelis
12th Brad Hollibaugh
13th Sean Allen
14th Art Artwood
15th Lamar Goodwin
16th Chuck Nwodilo
16th Brian Connel
16th Christopher Bennett
16th Dave Peterson
16th Harold Irby
16th Joe Patterson
16th Martin Trubilla
16th Michael Polazzo
16th Ron Kuczynski
16th Scott Klein
1st Victor Martinez - Overall Winner! Heavyweight
2nd Troy Alves
3rd Doug Jabalee
4th Ron Adams
5th David Watson
6th Jeremiah Forster
7th Jeff Schwartzer
8th Eric Shannon
9th Mohamed Moussawi
10th Allen Fortney
11th David Hughes
12th Doug Wentz
13th Arne List
14th Anthony Dodd
15th Curt Blair
16th Augusta Carter Jr.
16th Chad Ludwig
16th Chris Cook
16th Darryl James
16th Derrick Brown
16th James Wynn
16th Kevin Ross
16th Raul Rodriguez
16th Sebastian Zona
16th Victor Tringali
1st Craig Richardson Light Heavyweight
2nd Fred Bigot
3rd Vinne Galanti
4th Robert Lopez
5th David Wisdom
6th Capriese Murray
7th Ronald Brown
8th Ron Thompson
9th Marion Benton
10th Gerald Greene
11th Scott Demers
12th Mark Loy
13th Brian Miller
14th Tom Jimenez
15th Manuel Torres
16th Corey Simpson
16th Frank Rey
16th Jason Marcus
16th Michael Sponsler
16th Reggie Anderson
16th Stephen Tsitas
16th Tom Jimenez
1st George Farah Middleweight
2nd Warren James
3rd Johhny Stewart
4th Brian Chamberlain
5th Thomas Brown
6th Pablo Mill
7th Jeff Cook
8th Curtis Bryant
9th Shawn Tuck
10th Danny Williams
11th Craig Torres
12th Tommy Potenza
13th Joseph E. Miller
14th Michael Barbara
15th Will Lock
16th Chris Savidge
16th Craig Mander
16th Dennis Camp
16th Hercules Sakatos
16th Joshua Fred
16th Kacem Mokhtari
16th Maris Lee
16th Pablo Sanchez
16th Niko Roberson
16th Randy Samuels
16th Richard David
16th Sammy Segarra
16th Terry Bradley
16th Terry Gouert
16th Todd Vignola
16th Van Nguyen
16th Troy Wilson
1st Noel Thompson Lightweight
2nd Tricky Jackson
3rd Cheungh Teav
4th Randy Jackson, Sr.
5th Atilano Escobar, Jr.
6th Harry Jonassaint
7th Ezekiel Davis
8th Craig Ritchwood
9th Frank DiCicco
10th Tom Uzzo
11th Shavis Higa
12th Cephas Bacon
13th Chris Sellers
14th Terry Taylor
15th Richie Izzo
16th David Scarpelli
17th John Caraccio
18th Roy Bacani
19th Jerry Serna
20th David Seager
1st Gary Passmore Bantamweight
2nd Ricky L. Parks
3rd Johnny McKnight IV
4th Clifton Torres
5th George Gibson
6th Pasquale Grieco
7th Juan Duigo Ramos
8th David Wilson, Jr.
9th Joe Lopez
10th Allan Terrell
11th Stephen Murray
12th Jason Butler
13th Dennis Mayer
14th Rommel Cordova
15th Jack Oehlers
16th Lance Moore


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