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2004 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results Bodybuilding Contest Results NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results 2004


2004 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Class
1st Chris Cook - Overall Winner! Super Heavyweight
2nd Bill Wilmore
3rd Marcus Haley
4th Jerome Ferguson
5th Omar Deckard
6th Rich Piana
7th Erik Fromm
8th Christopher Bennett
9th Rudy Richards
10th Allen Fortney
11th Phil McDowell
12th Ralph Garcia
13th Stephen Frazier
14th Garey MacDowell
- Sean Allan
- Julius Ayinla
- Anthony Brogno
- Justin Brooks
- Bob Burke
- Stephen Collier
Albert Foster
Korbie N'Tiforo
Albert Foster
Martin Trubilla
1st Capriese Murray Heavyweight
2nd Grigori Atoyan
3rd T J Hewitt
4th Greg Jones
5th Augustus Carter
6th Randy Moore
7th Chad Ray Martin
8th Michael Johnson
9th Sean Calder
10th Charles Dorsey
11th Deshaun Grimez
12th Wondell LeFlore
13th Tab Hunter
14th Mark Perry
15th Victor Tringali
- Jerry Barth
- Harold Chery
- Brandon Chiles
- Lloyd Dollar
- David Dorsey
- Carl Freeman
- Gerald Green
- Gary Harden
- Chris Meadows
- Ambrose Middleton
- Val Petroff
- Andrew Snyder
- Ron Stevens
- Troy Tate
- Sonny Thomason
- James Wynn
- Robert Youells
- Tim Young
1st Rashid Shabazz Light Heavyweight
2nd Aaron Garza
3rd Randy Chaney
4th Nathaniel Wonsley
5th Eddie Linda
6th Curtis Bryant
7th Yong Lee
8th Joseph Ament
9th William Owens
10th Craig Torres
11th Robert Lopez
12th Mark Neal
13th Bobby Thompson
14th Jack Guyette Jr
15th Jean Claude Desardouin
- Don Alessi
- Brian Copeland
- Chris Donaldson
- Daryl French
- Robert Harris
- Jason Palafox
- Rick Rosello
- Michael D Smith
- Robert Smith
- Chris Thomas
- Eugene Torrence
- Darrell Williams
- Winston Yang
1st Eryk Bui Middlweight
2nd Stan McQuay
3rd Anthony Watkins
4th Richard Jackson
5th Garrett Allin
6th Blas Reynaldo Montalvo
7th Robert Kreider
8th Kevin Bunn
9th Joshua Fred
10th Pablo Mills
11th Lorenzo Jones
12th Sam Segarra
13th Kevin Creeden
14th Wilbert Lock
15th Abiu Feliz
- Al Auguste
- Ray Barnett
- Hector Cruz Vasquez
- Robert DeLaCruz
- Alexander Ferraro
- Chris Jalali
- Anthony Marmon
- Mike Martini
- Julio Navarro
- Dale Pierce
- Hugo Rivera
- Ronald Torres Gonzalez
- Tyrone Wright
1st Patrick Richardson Lightweight
2nd Perry McRae
3rd Leonardo Ortiz
4th Rey Ronquillo
5th Leonardo Pacheco
6th Roland Aki
7th Shavis Higa
8th Roland Huff
9th Son Van Tran
10th Carl Lapeyrouse
11th Henderson Gordon
12th Jim King
13th Pernell Garrison
14th Brian Mercado
15th Dave Tuttle
- Roy Bacani
- John Charles
- Calvin Choy
- Tom Cook
- Andre' Hill
- Duane Malo
- Eric Plair
- Andre Prue
- Narcisco Racoma
- Alberto Rivera
- Daniel Sampeck
1st Steven Burke Bantamweight
2nd Randy Jackson
3rd Heath Warren
4th Robert Lee
5th Michael Wick
6th George Gibson
7th Bernard Martin
8th Pasquale Grieco
9th Ron Hackaspker
10th John Ligsay
11th Kob Yan
12th Rafael Campuzano
13th Tim Sahr
14th Jonathan Hunt
15th David Williams
16th Dobehi Lacaden
17th Salvatore Torres


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