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ActivStart Nutrition Soy Protein Shake Review By Matt C.

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ActivStart Nutrition Soy Protein Shake


I have been sampling numerous supplements lately, largely protein and other energy bars as well as protein powders of various types [whey, casein, and soy]. This is one of the first soy protein powders that I have tried and I have to say that as a general rule, I much prefer whey protein over either soy or casein protein. However, I am willing to try a variety of products in order to share my feelings about them on the site and help out visitors.

Nutritional Content:

ActivStart Nutrition Soy Protein Shake has 90 calories per one scoop [26g] serving. It contains 1 gram of total fat, 1 gram of total carbohydrates and 20 grams of protein. Overall, this is a very favourable ratio in terms of the protein content in comparison to the other two macronutrients. The ratio of [fat:protein:carbohydrates] = [10:86:4]. Note that the information I am using to calculate this is from the product information page which appears to either round up or round down the total grams of each particular macronutrient, and therefore the ratio is a close to [but not exactly] equal to the actual values. However, it is obvious that this is a very protein rich shake.


I drank the ActivStart Nutrition Soy Protein Shake in two ways, both listed below:

[1] Mixed in a cup with soy milk.

I felt that it was appropriate to actually drink the soy protein shake in soy milk and see how that went. As it is, I found it to be very thick, with somewhat of a "dusty" taste if that makes any sense. What I mean is that even when stirred and mixed, there was still fine powder which could not mix because it was so fine. I also found that it took a while to mix properly. After stirring it, I would let it sit and would stir again periodically. Eventually it did settle and I was able to drink it. It mixed fairly well as far as soy protein powders in soy milk are concerned. However, just because the soy powder mixed well with soy milk compared to other soy protein powders does not mean that it mixed well in an absolute sense. The fact is, it was still a little clumpy and took a while to settle. Even when it was settled, it stood to be a little smoother. That said, I am not sure if soy protein powders ever mix particularly well, so lack of solubility is something that I have begun to expect as far as soy protein powders are concerned.

[2] Mixed in a cup with skim milk.

I found that mixing the soy protein powder in skim milk was a superior alternative to mixing it with soy milk. That may seem somewhat counterintuitive since one might naturally assume that a soy product would mix better with another soy product than with something else, but I found that not to be the case here and in fact, I think that is generally true for soy protein powders. I find that it mixes better with skim milk or even with 2% milk. I still found the same problems in that clumps formed mixed in skim milk which took some time to settle but finally did when the glass remained stationary for some time. Overall, this was superior to the soy milk blend, but still left a lot to be desired.

[3] Mixed in a cup with water.

The next method I tried for mixing was to mix the soy protein powder with water, which I thought was better than the method above of mixing it with soy milk. The mix was smoother but still had the same "dusty" taste which it had when mixed with soy milk because the soy protein is not 100% soluble of course and has a certain limitation in this area. I expect that all protein powders will only mix to a certain extent and I think whey protein mixes better than soy protein overall.

I did not try mixing this product in a blender, but I suspect that would be the best option, whether it be soy milk, skim milk, or water that is being used in the mixture.


The flavour I tried was vanilla and I also bought vanilla soy milk as I thought it would be an appropriate mix [no pun intended]. I think this worked out pretty well, at least as far as soy protein shakes are concerned. My norm for any type of shakes is to mix the protein powder with milk - normally skimmed milk, but sometimes 2%.

I will be honest and state that I do not particularly enjoy soy protein, and I think it is about comparable with casein protein and I much prefer whey protein and even most weight gain formulas. However, I suppose rather than comparing it to whey protein, it would be more appropriate for me to compare it to other soy protein powders, and by that standard it wasn't too bad. Having said that, I would pick just about any whey protein over soy any day of the week. The flavours available are chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. I chose vanilla, although I generally do not particularly enjoy vanilla flavoured protein drinks even among whey products. If I do try this product again [which is likely], I will be sampling the chocolate flavour and let everyone know how that goes. I should point out that I am only reviewing soy protein powders for the sake of the readers of this website. As a general rule, I would much prefer whey protein. I would sooner avoid casein protein in lieu of other casein protein sources from whole foods because I do not particularly like the taste of either soy or casein. With that in mind, I understand that some of the readers are vegetarians or vegans and will be interested in soy protein as part of that lifestyle choice. So I will be sure to review this supplement relative to other soy products and in that sense, it was not too bad. So far, I have never tried a soy protein powder which I thought was great and would willingly purchase again except for review purposes. Mixed in skim milk was not particularly good tasting either, and I would much prefer just about any whey protein over just about any soy protein any day of the week.

Overall Review:

ActivStart Nutrition Soy Protein Shake was pretty good for a soy product mixed in soy milk although it was a little thick and took a while to mix in a glass with a spoon. The cost is $8.99 for 355 grams which works out to $11.50 per pound. Overall, that is a little steep, although looked at another way, if you want to just give this product a try and buy 355 grams worth of it, $8.99 is a small investment to see if you like it. I still much prefer whey protein powder and I won't deny it, although for a soy protein formula, I can't say that it is too bad [I just dislike soy in general, whether it be protein formulas or any other product]. I will be trying this product again in order to sample the other available flavours [chocolate and strawberries]. However, I will only be trying this product again for review purposes, as I am slowly beginning to realize that soy protein powders are not for me, as I just don't like the taste. For vegetarians and vegans this may be the protein powder for you since it is in line with that particular lifestyle choice. I would rate this protein powder a 5/10 on an absolute scale because I did not like the taste, but an 8/10 for those who are intentionally seeking out a soy protein and are expressly seeking to avoid either whey or casein protein powder. As far as nutrional content is concerned, I think this product delivers and taste aside, this is not a bad supplement to include in any healthy diet.

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ActivStart Nutrition Soy Protein Shake ActivStart Nutrition Soy Protein Shake - 355 Grams
Retail Price: $12.99 Our Price: $8.99

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