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Review of Advanced Muscle Science Hyper Pump Supplements Supplement Reviews Nitric Oxide Supplement Reviews Advanced Muscle Science Hyper Pump

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Advanced Muscle Science Hyper Pump Review By Matt C.

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Hyper Pump by Advanced Muscle Science is one of many beta-alanine/nitric oxide (NO) supplements that I have tried in recent times. After now trying so many nitric oxide supplements, I have a large experience base from which to draw conclusions about a product's efficacy and cost effectiveness. Below is a list of pump enducing supplements I have tried so far in roughly the order of which ones I would consider best to worst:

As you can see, my favourite pump enducing supplement so far has been LG Sciences Cold Fusion EX, with ISS Research Satur8 being my least favourite.

I will go into further detail about Hyper Pump below discussing numerous product claims as well as taste and other considerations.

"Hyper Pump is a quick-shot slam of supra-efficacious servings of several key ingredients designed to give your muscles more volume."

One of the most convenient aspects of Hyper Pump is definitely the one shot format. This doesn't require swallowing three horse pills twice daily like a slew of other similar products, nor does it require mixing powder into water with a bad taste, or from my experience with most NO products, merely a tolerable one. Granted, the active ingredient in Hyper Pump is beta-alanine, and I have not consumed enough beta-alanine supplements to know if they have the same distinct and slightly unpleasant taste as NO supplements. I enjoyed the quick one shot format, although I would have to say it was slightly strong/bitter tasting, but not too bad and left no lingering aftertaste. More on taste in the specific section below.

"Hyper Pump has the bio-chemical horsepower to pull extra-cellular fluid into the vascular space at an alarming rate, and jam it into your muscles - you will literally feel the blood rushing into each muscle cell rep after rep."

Along with LG Sciences Cold Fusion EX, I would say that Hyper Pump is just as good in terms of truly being able to feel the supplement working. I could actually feel a sensation of pins and needles throughout my body which somebody said was the result of the taurine in Cold Fusion EX. I am not sure what ingredient may have caused the feeling in Hyper Pump. Both Cold Fusion EX and Hyper Pump contain the common ingredient of beta-alanine and I will likely try a standalone beta-alanine supplement (PrimaForce Beta Alanine most likely) to see if beta-alanine exhibits this side effect. If so, I will know that it is indeed that active ingredient which causes this particular pins and needles type of effect. As I do more and more research, I continue to learn more about each individual supplement. Another side effect is a greater awareness of my heartbeat. I don't think it was necessarily stronger or faster (although perhaps it was a little), but I can say that I was definitely more cognizant of my heartbeat shortly after consuming my Hyper Pump shot. I have to say that feeling side effects that are present in Hyper Pump really motivated me because it was proof that the supplement was indeed taking effect within my body.

"The anti-fatigue component of Hyper Pump will let you keep going long after you would normally have had to hit the shower. Be the last man standing, with your hyper-engorged muscle tissues swollen, throbbing and scribbled with vascularity."

This may be a bold claim, but what supplement these days does not make wild and extravagant claims? I will say that given how much I felt Hyper Pump working, I don't mind Hyper Pump making such a claim, although like pretty well every claim by the manufacturer, I will say it's a little over the top. I've seen worse though, so I don't have any major qualms with it.

"Muscles need water to grow and function. Hydration during workouts is key to increasing muscular response. Glycerol, is a hyper osmotic and has been shown to increase blood volume by pulling extra-cellular body water into the vascular space."

The pump products are being devised with different active ingredients all the time, and each one deserves its own research to ensure that it is relevant for such a product. As it is, I did feel a drastically improved pump during my workout and so I can say with certainty that Hyper Pump did achieve the result described above.

"That means it super-hydrates the cells, giving them volume and additional work capacity. Glycerol can cause blood volume expansion up to 5-10% of total volume."

An actual percentage is a little hard to quantify, but I will say that I absolutely noticed the effect of Hyper Pump, and that potentially may have fallen into the blood volume expansion of 5-10% as cited above.

"To maximize Hyper Pump's pump benefits, be sure to drink plenty of water before and throughout your workout to feed the volumization."

I wish to use this opportunity to emphasize the point cited above - that water must be consumed in abundance when using products like Hyper Pump, and by all individuals seeking to gain muscle, as water is an important component of the muscle cell. Rather than recommending a specific amount of water for you to drink, I would simply advise you to use your personal gauge (colour of urine) to determine how hydrated you are. Clear urine throughout the day is indicative of proper levels of hydration.

For further details about Hyper Pump by Advanced Muscle Science, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE. This link will help you to learn more about individual ingredients in the blend and how they play a role in the efficacy of the supplement.


I found the taste of Hyper Pump to be quite tolerable. I can't say that it tasted GOOD, but among similar products/blends that I have tried, it was definitely alright, and certainly not below average. It was average to above average tasting for such blends. The product comes in the lemon lime flavour which is quite delicious.


The two ounce (2 OZ) shot of lemon lime Hyper Pump was pretty evenly mixed, but it does recommend that the liquid be shaken vigorously before it is consumed. I did that before I tried it, and it was a pretty evenly mixed blend, although I would imagine it would not be quite so consistent and even if it is not shaken, so in short - shake the shot bottle and you should be fine.

Overall Review:

To write an overall review of this product requires me talking about numerous factors which the supplement consumer will want to be informed about. The first attribute is efficacy (product effectiveness). Without question, I can only give praise to Hyper Pump for doing the job it promised. Granted, some of the product highlights were a littleover the top. :) I would have to say it is one of the most effective pump enducing supplements that I have tried, and right up there with the best of them, although I still do consider both LG Sciences Cold Fusion EX and MuscleTech NaNO Vapor to be superior. But I can say that Hyper Pump is in my top five for sure. I should point out that I only tried a one day sample of the product, but based on the effects today, I am quite confident I would achieve the same result if I were to use this product additional times. I really felt this supplement working and I know that wasn't imagined or merely the result of improved diet or any other relevant factor. Another factor which I need to discuss is taste, and for a pump enducing supplement, I found Hyper Pump (with the active ingredients of glycerin and beta-alanine) to taste superior to your typical NO powder mixed in water, but it wasn't the best tasting supplement I tried either (that title is reserved for grape flavour SIZEON by Gaspari Nutrition). The Hyper Pump had a strong bitter taste, but so does coffee, so that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Overall, it passed as far as taste is concerned. The last point I would like to address in my overall review is cost effectiveness. You can order 12- 2.0 Fl. Oz. bottles for $28.99 at the supplement superstore by clicking on the link below. That works out to $2.42 per serving, which is actually in the top five for MOST expensive beta-alanine supplements available at the superstore. With this in mind, one should consider whether or not a cheaper beta-alanine product is worth their while. Having said that, I can also say that Hyper Pump is in my top five for BEST pump enducing products I have tried so far, so I would say it is worth a try, but based on the considerations above, I hope that each of you can use this as an aid to guide you in making the final decision for yourselves based on the information here as well as other considerations. It's tough to give a grade to this product because I would rate it an A+ in terms of effectiveness, a B for taste, and a C for cost. With that ind mind, decide what is right for you, and good luck in the gym. :)

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Advanced Muscle Science Hyper Pump Advanced Muscle Science Hyper Pump - 12- 2.0 Fl. Oz. Bottles
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