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Bertil Fox - Brutal Fox in Training #2 DVD Review

Brutal Fox in Training - The Ultimate Workout (DVD) THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT! The only DVD on the market that shows training FOX style as it really is! The ultimate workout routine - from one of the world’s most massively built bodybuilders! BUY IT NOW Brutal Fox in Training 2 - Fox at his Brutal Best (DVD)




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The DVD started off with a clear warning:

The following program is not intended as a guideline to training.

It is designed to show how Bertil "Brutal" Fox works out. Using actual training weight and methods.

Brutal Fox in Training #2

Copyright 1991
Bertil Fox

This movie starts with a narration of Bertil Fox's career thus far, the contests he has won and his placings in previous Olympia's. Meanwhile there are some impressive pics of Bertil's physique when he was much younger, early teens to present, and by the looks of the pics he was always "brutally" impressive. Bertil said he drew his inspiration to bodybuild from the demi-god Hercules, and i'm sure many others have to, but let me tell you, Bertil is definetly true to the fact that he is as strong as 10 men! Througout the DVD Bertil emphasizes the importance of training as an individual, not following any set routines or mimicking someone else, but how YOUR body responds to the amount of weight you use and the amount of repetition. This DVD shows you Bertil Fox working out how he would any day of the week, no bullshit, just a 100% "brutal" workout. Bertil insists that people should train to their individual needs and even makes a funny comment early in the movie that anyone trying to train like him would put them in a chronic state (and it's true, he trains like a freak!), however he gives great advice and insight throughout the movie that you won't get from any magazine writer, because his advice is from experience and his physique is the proof.

Brutal Bertil Fox in Training 2 DVD

Brutal Bertil Fox in Training 2 DVD

Workout #1 - Chest - triceps - biceps

Bertil's first workout started with dumbell presses for chest. Bertil insisted working out with training partners, and once you see the amount of weight he uses, you'll understand why. Bertil lied on the bench with his arms extended while two large men (his training partners) who are as big as some wrestlers put rediculous amounts of weights in each hand. He started with 115lbs for 9 reps as a warmup, not bad, then he quickly moved to his next set 130lbs for the same amount of reps and for his final set Bertil moves onto the 180lb dumbells for an impressive 11 reps! After his last set of 180lb dumbells you hear people in the gym clapping, hell I would clap too, Bertil wasn't your average Bodybuilder, he had powerlifting strength too. Why didn't he go heavier than 180 if he could pull out 11 easy reps? My only thought is that they probably never needed heavier dumbells , until now that is.

Brutal Bertil Fox in Training 2 DVD

115 - 9 reps
120 - 9 reps
130 - 9 reps
180 - 11 reps

Bertil then moves on to Barbell inclines. With this excercise in particular it seemed as though the weight, even though it would be heavy for any pro bodybuilder, looked like it was easy and he could do more. Bertil starts off with 10 easy reps of 225lbs (a weight that would be hard for an experienced gym goer to do on flat bench) to warm up. Without taking much rest time at all he goes on to 295lbs for 8 reps, now we're getting heavy. For his third set he pulls off 9 reps at 345lbs! As if that wasn't heavy enough, Bertil does a final set of 7 reps at 365lbs! You can tell by the variations in reps that Bertil stays true to what he says throughout the movie, train for feel, if you feel you can do more, do it.

225 - 10 reps
295 - 8 reps
345 - 9 reps
365 - 7 reps

Brutal Bertil Fox in Training 2 DVD

His next chest workout is a superset, incline flyes w/ weighted dips. During his set the narrator asks Bertil why he claps the dumbells at the end of his reps, he explains to him that it makes sure you are hitting the inner pec and getting that great seperation that everyone wants, simple answer but it goes to show that the average person who works out would miss something that simple. For his first set he pulls off 13 reps at 55lbs for flies and 8 reps with 100lbs strapped on for dips. His next set he does 11 reps at 70lbs for flyes and 10 reps with 125lbs for the dips, at the end of his set he lets out some swears finally showing that he is part human and can't do everything excercise without any sign of fatigue. Bertil does his next set with 80lb dumbells for 11 reps, and again the narrator comments on his form saying that it's different from the form he usually sees and then he says how exceptionally high the weight that Bertil is using, and he's right he is going heavy! His response was that as long as you are still controlling the weight and the weight isn't controlling you, then the weight you're using is fine. He moves on and does 10 reps with 150lbs for dips. For his final set he changes it up with 14 reps with 85lbs for flyes and 13 reps with 175lbs on dips. Wow, this guy is strong!

Brutal Bertil Fox in Training 2 DVD

When Bertil goes into his cable cross overs for his next excericise. The footage goes into a slow motion sequence and you can see the amount of intensity in Bertil's face as he does his set. Bertil does 11 reps at 95lbs. He uses this movement as a finisher for chest and he says it gives him a great pump, but suggests that this move shouldn't be used by youngsters with no pecs and it's more of an advanced movement.

With chest out of the way, Bertil moves on to triceps. He starts with tricep push downs. For his first set he does 11 reps with 95lbs and a very short range of motion. He says this works great for him and gives him a great pump. He then does two more sets, 9 reps at 150lbs and 14 reps with 190lbs. It seems like the only difficulty he has with this weight is bringing it down to the point where he wants, the rest is easy to him.

Bertil then goes on to do leaning triceps push downs. He adds this excercise in because the leaning variation seems to isolate his triceps more.

Back in 1991 the tricep extension machine was new, but most gyms nowadays has one. A funny comment that if you weren't paying attention you might miss was when Bertil is explaining this great new machine and says "it's like a tricep extension" right after he calls it the tricep extension machine (lol), His first set is 13 reps at 70lbs and his second set is 12 reps at 85lbs.

Ok, this is where things start to get really "brutal", the beginning of his bicep routine Bertil shows us his variation on the seated dumbell curl. He starts it like a hammer curl, lifting the dumbells about halfway up his body then twists the dumbells and lifts them to the point where they are behind his head. Warning though, this method is extremely hard on the joints and using a high weight to start with could cause injury. Bertil does his first set with 50lbs for 8 reps, then 70lbs for 9 reps. He then jumps up the weight to 85lbs for 10 reps, and if you think this is heavyweight for bicep curls, Bertil says that he goes heavier in Brutal Fox in Training #2, so if you haven't seen that and you like heavy(ier) lifting then check that one out too!

Brutal Bertil Fox in Training 2 DVD

Bertil is asked if he ever gets bored with his training and if he switches his excerices from time to time. He then makes a witty joke about lifting being like sex, after a while you get bored of doing it in the same position over and over, so you try new sex positions, just like sex, you should change your excercises from time to time to not get bored and also to shock the muscle.

His next bicep excercise are cable preacher curls. You really get a sense of how big the peaks of his biceps were when you see him do this excericise, he goes on to say that this is a great excercise to build the ball of you bicep, but if you're looking for overall size then stick to basic barbell curls. He then gets into a rant about genetics, sure they play an important role, he's lucky he has great genetics but for some he says that they have to fight like hell for an added 1/2 an inch to their biceps, sure Bertil fought like hell for his biceps, but I am sure he got way more than 1/2 an inch from it! He does 8 reps at 80lbs on his first set then 10 reps at 90lbs for his second set doing some negatives and then for his last set it goes into some slow motion caption of him doing 10 reps at 100lbs again doing negatives at the end of the set.

To get his biceps pumped up Bertil moved to one arm pulley curls and alternated arms doing 11 reps at 100lbs for the first set and then 11 reps at 150lbs for his second set. This is alot of weight and even though Bertil is a strong guy he still did alot of cheating, arching his back to get the weight up, but then again Bertil said he never was too strict on form and that he was trying to build as much muscle as he could and the only way to do that was using heavy weight.

To finish off his first workout he supersets concentration curls with tricep rope pulldowns, he likes to finish his arm workout by working out his biceps with his triceps for the last excercise. He does 9 reps of 35lb curls and 10 reps of 120lbs for the tricep pulldown. He explains that sometimes it's hard to get a certain machine depending how packed the gym is and this is one excercise he variated to compensate for the long waits for machines.

Bertil's then asked to do some posing and finally we get to see him without a shirt on and boy does he look HUGE. He does a couple of poses starting with a front lat spread, then a sidechest which was very impressive deep cuts in the chest, then a front bicep pose followed by a double front bicep and a most muscular. Bertil then turns around to reveal a massive back opening with a rear lat spread and a back double bicep. I have no idea why this guy has never won an Olympia, he definetly had the physique.

Brutal Bertil Fox in Training 2 DVD

After the gym Bertil meets his interviewer for lunch at a beach side restaurant. I thought it was funny that as soon as Bertil gets to the restaurant it's suddenly too hot for the t-shirt he's wearing "it's hot here why don't I take my shirt off", and he does only to revel a massive mountain of muscle, probably not what the other people there expected to see. The waitress comes to take the order and hopefully she brought an extra long sheet of paper with her to take down Bertil's order. For lunch he asks for 12 hard boiled eggs with no yolks, a bowl of oatmeal, 3 bananas and 2 baked potatoes, as is, no added sugar or seasoning. Then his interviewer (an average looking guy, a bit on the chubby side) orders an egg white omellete with whole wheat rye bread which he probably only got cause he was with Fox. The question arises about why Bertil has never entered powerlifting and his answer is simple, he just loves the sport of bodybuilding, but he entered a local powerlifting contest as his gym when he was 16 and beat guys who were twice as big as him and probably much older, he said it was fun. He then debates why he has never won an Olympia blaming it on the judges bringing up a good point that they should be judged by their peers like Arnold and Frank Zane, not some fat guy who has probably never lifted in his life, maybe then he'd have a chance. Some topics of steroids are brought up and Bertil kept it real, not misleading people into thinking the sport of Professional bodybuilding is natural he says that many of them use steroids and spend lots of money of them to get the way they are. Unfortunately the food never arrives at the table and you don't get to see Bertil chow down on his mass meal.

Brutal Bertil Fox in Training 2 DVD

Workout #2 - Shoulders - Back - Legs - Adominals

Bertil starts his shoulder workout with behind the neck barbell press, this time his training partner is a skinny average guy, showing how hard it is to probably find a good training partner. His first set he does 205lbs for 9 reps, then 255 for the same amount of reps and then he does some forced reps at 295 for 9 reps. The forced reps get the muscle used to doing heavy weight and eventually you will be able to do them without a training partner.

He then moves onto another machine for front press where he sits on a stool and does 11 reps at 100lbs for his first set. The machines back then were very basic and nothing really fancy. He then does 9 reps with 150lbs and staying true to his heavy weight to build muscle he uses the same amount of reps to do two more sets at 200lbs then 250lbs.

Now again Bertil does something weird with the form, going to prove that you don't need perfect form to grow. Bertil does his upright rows going past over his head with the weight, normally you would just bring it up to your chin, but Bertil goes above and beyond saying that it builds up his traps better this way. The video says he supersets this excercise with bent over laterals but he doesn't actually do them until he is done his "upright rows"

After the superset Bertil goes to the cables and does single arm bent over laterals, his delts look huge! You get a good look at the top of his delt and can see all the seperation. For his first set he does 12 reps at 90 lbs and then 12 reps at 130lbs for his second set.

Now he moves on to the bodypart I most looked forward to seeing him train, his back. Early in the DVD he is asked if he has ever had any injuries and he says his back and wrists, but that doesn't stop him from training his back hard! For bent over barbell rows he starts off with a warmup of 8 reps of 225lbs and after every repetition he says "light", maybe the long workouts are getting to him because 225lbs isn't light! He then does 2 sets of 345lbs for 8 reps with relative ease. Another impressive point to make is that he doesn't use any straps, if he can't hold on to the weight it's too heavy, that's his rule.

He then moves on to a familiar excercise the T Bar Row where again he goes heavy, for his first set he does 185lbs for 11 reps, then kicks up the weight to 225 for 10 reps. Inbetween the sets Bertil is visited by Joe Gold who has nothing but compliments for Bertil, "You look brutal, you're brutaller then ever", you can tell that the two have been friends for a while and that Joe Gold is very impressed by Bertil's physique. Finally it breaks into slow motion of Bertil doing 350lbs for an impressive 11 reps! And he does it with great form.

Bertil then goes on to do some behind the neck pulldowns, you don't see many pros do this movement because it doesn't build size that well, but Bertil expresses why he likes it, it works the top of the back well and does wonders for his back double bicep pose, which he does after this excercise. His first set, he did 8 reps at 150lbs, for his second set 7 at 200lbs and for his final set 10 for 250lbs, this is exceptionally high weight for this excercise and was impressive to watch!

For the next back excercise Bertil takes his shirt off while he does seated pulley rows and you truly get to see how sick this guy looks when his back is pumped, while he does his first set 140lbs for 8 reps you see how huge he really is. And then he works through another 2 heavy sets 200lbs for 10 reps and 260 for 12 reps. Bertil then goes to the hyperextension and does some fairly light weight, only 10lbs for 28 reps, this isn't much, but then again this guys upper body is huge and already weighs alot!

Now it's to see the wheel's, he starts his leg workout with the cornerstone of all leg workouts, the squat! As he does his first set, 225 for 10 reps, he explains how everyone, no matter what, should incorporate the squat in their rourtine to build size in their physique. When he gets into his second set 295 for 10 reps, an unexpected visitor appears, who could it be? It was Arnold himself however you probably wouldn't have noticed if it didn't show his face. Bertil dwarfed Arnold's physique, I mean he looked absolutely huge compared to the Austrian Oak. It was cool being able to compare to the physiques, even though it's not fair because Arnold isn't competing anymore. A very awesome scene. Bertil then starts to get heavy on his third set, 365 for 10 reps, he explains how he uses the squat to work his thighs and quads, and that it's not necessary to go below parallel unless you want a "big ass". for his final set he does a huge 505lbs for 10 reps.

Bertil then moves on to the leg press machine and it was actually not too impressive to see him only doing about 360lbs for 12 reps and then 10 reps at 550 which isn't actually that heavy for this type of excercise, then again the guy did just go all out on the squat. Noticing that Bertil locks out on every rep, the interviewer asks if this is good for the joints. He answers that it doesn't seem to bother him, but if it doesn't work for you, don't do it. It's true, he can't speak for everyone, you have to do what feels right for yourself. He quickly moves onto the hack squat machine and does 10 reps of 400lbs for two sets.

Leg extensions showed off Bertil's massive quads, this is where the seperation and deep cuts came out. Looking at this guy do them was inspiring, he stuck to relatively low weight for this excercise only doing 80lbs on his first set for 16 reps and 115 for 13 reps on his second which is pretty average. Another impressive view was when he did leg extensions, his hams were looking good, he did 80 for 16 reps on his first set and 100 for 10 reps on his second set. After the leg curls he did alternating standing leg curls for a couple of light sets, 75 for 11 reps and 85 for 10 reps. He then moved on to seated calf raises which he does every other day not just restricted to leg days. Following the seated calf raises with standing calf raises 16 reps for 520 lbs and then 11 reps with 540 reps. It makes sense that he would train calves every other day because they are, after all, the hardest part to gain mass on. He then did some abdominal excercises using just his bodyweight, he did some crunches about 34 of them and then some reverse crunches, 15 of those.

To end his workout Bertil did a set of deadlifts, probably not trying to overdue anything because of his back injury, 11 reps with 420lbs, a respectable weight but by far not anything too special by todays standard, but it's smart not too risk anymore inury especially with such an important part of the body, the back. The movie ends with some old video footage of Bertil competing in a contest, him featured on the cover of Flex magazine, and then some personal photos of him with family and friends. This was a good hardcore lifting video and it kept true to what a bodybuilding video should be, the bodybuilder doing his everyday routine, nothing fancy for the camera, just what worked for him. He wasn't trying to get anyone to train differently, but offered lots of tips and information that might help shape their own routine.

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Brutal Fox in Training 2 - Fox at his Brutal Best (DVD) Brutal Fox in Training 2 - Fox at his Brutal Best (DVD)
Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $39.95

Take care,

Marc Skaf

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