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BSN Lean Dessert Protein Shake Review By Matt C.

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BSN Lean Dessert Protein Shake - Chocolate Coconut Candy Bar Review by Matt Canning

BSN Lean Dessert Protein Shake is the latest protein supplement drink that I have reviewed and yet another one which I found to be quite enjoyable, which is something that I will expand on below. I will go over some of the product's claims and then review the product in other areas before I complete an overall review which will combine my opinions on all of these aforementioned areas.

The Claim:

"LEAN DESSERT PROTEIN, or LDP as it is affectionately called for short, is a protein-based supplement ideal for weight management, calorie-restricted and/or low carb diets."

Based on the nutritional content of this protein blend, outlined below in more detail, I would agree with this statement. This product can be used for people with a range of goals and so it is worthwhile for anyone interested in health to check out.

"Each serving of LDP produces a thick, delicious and rich, flavorful shake that will help you control your appetite, while continuously feeding your body with important amino acids and glutamine peptides for up to 7 hours."

I cannot speak for certain as to whether the claim above has been verified through independent scientific research. If it is indeed a fact that this product continuously feeds your body with amino acids and glutamine peptides in a time-released fashion as it claims, that is an additional benefit to this product above and beyond the protein content which is what I was primarily interested in when I purchased this blend.

"LDP has also been fortified with Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT's) and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) for quick, usable fuel, which is great for keeping a stable energy level, whether you're on a high or a low carbohydrate diet."

It is difficult to judge whether or not I kept a stable energy level during the time period in which I consumed this product, but I will agree with the latter statement that this product is one which can be utilized on either a high or low carbohydrate diet.

"Forget the meal; just have your dessert - LEAN DESSERT PROTEIN that is!"

I would recommend that this product be consumed in conjunction with a healthy diet and not replace it. While supplements can be used to replace entire meals, I personally prefer to use supplements in between meals and not to replace a regular, healthy diet.

"Designed to Support:

  • Weight Management
  • Meal Alternative
  • Nutrition
  • Protein Supplement

The list above is accurate and describes the goals of the people who may wish to try this product. My purpose for using this product was the last attribute listed which was protein supplementation. I was not concerned with weight management or a complete meal alternative although I did include it for nutritional and protein supplement purposes.

"Product Profile:

LEAN DESSERT PROTEIN Proprietary Protein Matrix:

  • Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate (1-2 hour digestion rate)
  • Microfiltered Whey Protein Isolate (1-2 hour digestion rate)
  • Egg Albumen (2-3 hour digestion rate)
  • Milk Protein Concentrate (3-5 hour digestion rate)
  • Calcium Caseinate (5-7 hour digestion rate)
  • Micellar Alpha and Beta-Caseins and Caseinates (5-7 hour digestion rate)

Each of LEAN DESSERT PROTEIN's proteins provides a unique and complimentary profile of amino acids and absorption rates, ensuring that your muslces never run out of protein building blocks."

If the digestion rates listed above are accurate, this product can truthfully claim to have the time release characteristics that it has cited. I cannot verify the scientific evidence on the matter, so I am unable to validate the truthfulness of this claim. I highly recommend that supplement users review scientific articles on the ingredients in the products they consume to determine whether or not they are effective at achieving the intended goals.

"Sustained-Release Multi-Functional Micellar Protein Matrix: Contains fast and slow digesting proteins, which supports/elevates circulating amino acid nitrogen levels for up to 7 hours."

Once again, I cannot claim to have the scientific knowledge which could verify whether or not this information is correct, but if it is I would recommend that this product be consumed early on during the day so that you can acquire the full benefits it is alleged to produce. I am very interested in trying this product in two days before my workout to see if I do notice a benefit from the elevated amino acid nitrogen levels. I have found that BCAA products do elicit a noticeable positive effect and if the claim in this product is correct, it would be beneficial for the user to drink this product early in the day to experience benefits from that point forward.

"Glutamine Peptides: Glutamine peptides serve as efficient and stable forms of glutamine for maintaining whole-body glutamine supplies."

Natural Pro bodybuilder and Indiana State powerlifting champion Layne Norton feels that glutamine is a waste of money which will only work to lighten your wallet since 85% of it will not be absorbed. I trust Layne's opinion on the topic greatly and therefore I see no benefit to glutamine peptide content.

"Bioactive Protein Utilization Enzymes (Aminogen and Papain): Promotes optimum protein digestion and absorption, which improves uptake of amino acids by the muscle."

Once again, I cannot verify the scientific validity of this statement, but if true, it would indeed be beneficial. Anything which improves the uptake of amino acids by the muscle is a good thing, at least from my own experience since I found BCAA products to be very helpful in creatine positive mood enhancing effects during my workouts.

"MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), and EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids): MCTs are a fast-burning energy source, much like a carb. They promote the oxidation of fat over carbohydrate and help regulate appetite. EFAs (essential fatty acids) are not produced by the body and must be consumed in order to prevent deficiency."

The inclusion of EFAs in this product is a positive and beneficial one.

"Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids: Contains more than adequate amounts of every amino acid required in the human diet."

This is another positive aspect of the nutritional content of this product which will be outlined in more detail below.

"BSN's Exclusive Advanced Flavor Technology: A breakthrough in flavor technology that replicates some of the most mouthwatering shakes you have ever tasted."

I will discuss taste in the category below, but as a brief comment I felt that the taste of this product was pretty good.

Nutritional Content:

This product contains quite an extensive list of nutritional ingredients. I will begin my pointing out the major ones people tend to look at which would be the 20 grams of protein per 35 gram serving. Additionally, it contains 7 grams of carbohydrates, and 3 grams of fat. Beyond that, it contains a variety of items such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and other ingredients. It is quite a detailed list of ingredients and you should check out the link below to read the specific nutritional information to see for yourself.


The flavour I tried was the Chocolate Coconut Candy Bar. Overall I enjoyed it, although I would likely have preferred the Chocolate Fudge Pudding flavour as I prefer straight chocolate blends over mixes of chocolate with other tastes. Often I drink a shake that I am reviewing at the time I am reviewing it so that I do not forget the taste. That is what I am doing right now and I must say I enjoy it! I look forward to consuming the rest of the 1.39 Lbs. tub that I have and I will also share it with others so that they can review it. I would have preferred a plain chocolate flavour, although I still found the taste enjoyable. The texture was very consistent and smooth, yet somewhat thick depending on how much milk or water you mix with it. As it is, I mixed a scoop of the powder into a glass of 1% skim milk. I will give it a 7.5 out of 10 for taste.


The protein powder mixed very well with 1% skim milk to create a smooth and consistent blend that I outlined above. It was smooth - although not quite as smooth as BSN's Syntha-6, it was still pretty smooth and I must say BSN is quite good at creating protein products.

Overall Review:

In terms of the qualities outlined above, I must say that I quite enjoyed this product. I felt that it was very sound in terms of nutritional content, and most importantly for me, protein content. I will concede that it can be used by health conscious individuals with a variety of goals, not just bulking up, but it can also be used for those looking to lose weight. Additionally, it contained other nutritional ingredients which were added benefits and made claims which I could not independently verify due to my lack of scientific data on the topic. The price is acceptable to me at $17.89 for a 1.39 Lbs. tub and I look forward to having another shake. However, there are less expensive protein products available on the market and as such, I have to rate this product a 7/10 being mindful of the fact that people on a budget may consider this a little bit too expensive. Overall, I definitely consider this to be a good product.

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BSN Lean Dessert Protein Shake BSN Lean Dessert Protein Shake: 1.39 Lbs.
Retail Price: $26.99 Our Price: $17.89

Take care, Supplement Reviews

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