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Are You Developing Your Calves To Break Your Ankles And ACL? Exercise Index Calves Are You Developing Your Calves To Break Your Ankles And ACL?

Dragon Gym High Altitude Center For Training designs weight lifting programs specificly for the pro athlete in their respective sports. We have come up with many new concepts to prevent injuries.

Most athletes actually develop their calves to break their ankles and or force a major knee injury. The culprit is in platform development. The platform is the engagement of all 5 toes on and pushing off the ground. Most athletes actually roll off their last 3 toes when they should have a secure platform from the ball of the foot and all 5 toes securely on the ground. If the athlete rolls off the last 3 toes several things occur. They develop the calve to actually roll the ankle, prevents a powerfull verticle ie: basketball players, high jumpers and hurdlers etc. and forces a compromise to the athletes center of gravity and loss of time.

You have heard of 3 position calves. Usually this exercise is also done with the roll of the three toes and actually will cause an ankle break due to the incorrect development of the calve muscle, now in these compomised 3 positions. To do the exercise correctly you want the foot, in the 1st position, straight ahead. Have a 2 x 6 board with half your foot on the board, your toes and the ball of your foot. When you come up on your toes keep your focus onto the ball of your foot with all 5 toes touching the board at all times and slowly lower your heels below the 2 x 6. The 2nd position is heels together, again keep your weight toward the ball of your foot and all five toes in continuous contact with the board and press up onto your platform again slowly descend maintaining your platform. If you contract your pyramadalis and adductors foward it will also force a stretch into the hips and center your gravity and increase your power in competition. The third position is toes together.

Again put your weight onto the ball of your foot. If you can maintain all 5 toes onto the ground and your weight onto the ball of your foot while you press up and come back down you will successfully eliminate shin splints. A couple of notes. Do not allow the weight to compromise your lower back keep your abs in control of the weight. Start the exercises with your knees bent and do not allow your head to bob at all. You will keep all the focus, then, on your calves.

If their is an interest here I will be happy to share a new exercise called calve squats that will integrate the platform, calves hamstrings, femors, glutes and abs into a powerful development and increase into the athletes verticle and center.

I hope this helps and thanks for your interest and time.



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