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CMI 24/7 Review By Dave

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This works well with:
>Pro Blend 55
>Pea Protein
>Lite Bites

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CMI 24/7

The Claim:

Designed To Shuttle Nutrition To The Cells Before, During, And After Exercise!

In other words, it can be taken before, during or after exercise.

24/7 is an all day muscular and anabolic matrix designed to shuttle nutrition to the cells before, during, and after exercise. Use 24/7 any time day or night for Insane Muscle Hardness, Fullness, and Strength.

Preferably, you will want to consume CMI 24/7 pre-workout, during your workout or post-workout. Also, when you cycle with creatine for any period of time, you want to take it consistently, this includes off-days. If you choose to take CMI 24/7 on off-days for your creatine needs, I would recommend taking it in the morning on an empty stomach. However, CMI 24/7 suggests that it can be taken on an empty stomach or a full stomach. Nevertheless, most often with creatine (and many other supplements), it's recommended that you take it on an empty stomach.

It contains the first ever "Perfect" Patented Carbohydrate. This unique potato derived starch is a high speed, high molecular weight nutrient transport vehicle that shuttles vitamins, minerals, and other performance enhanced chemicals to the cells fast and effectively. Due to the speed at which this carb performs its function, it is recommended that it be taken before and during exercise, not just after.

I wouldn't call CMI 24/7's patented carbohydrate perfect. However, if what they say is true, it would appear to be superior to some other carbohydrates.

24/7 is 25 grams of cutting edge synergistic blend of High Molecular transport Carbohydrates designed to speed up recovery, increase glycogen levels, and build FREAKY STRENGTH & SIZE.

Don't expect "FREAKY STRENGTH AND SIZE" from any supplement, unless the addition of a lot of steroids is present.

24/7 delivers a whopping 3 grams of Beta Alanine.

  • Increase Muscular Strength & Power Output.
  • Increases Muscle Mass
  • Increase Anaerobic Endurance
  • Increases Aerobic Endurance
  • Delay Muscular Fatigue - Train Harder & Longer

Beta Alanine has gained a lot of popularity as of late. However, from what I've seen and heard, Beta Alanine doesn't immediately elicit its beneficial effects. It must be taken for an extended amount of time to elicit the full benefits (full benefits achieved after (8-10 weeks of continuous use).

24/7 delivers 5 grams of cutting edge, high performance Creatine to your muscles.

5 grams is the commonly accepted amount of creatine per serving, each day during a maintenance phase.

24/7 is a L-Leucine based (Branched Chain Amino Acid)(3 grams) frenzy. By pairing it with the Perfect Patented Carbohydrate, our Leucine (Anabolic Matrix) reaches its destination.
24/7 is 3 grams of TAURINE. IMMEDIATE RECOVERY, ENDURANCE, & STRENGTH. Studies suggest that while Taurine and Beta Alanine compete for the same receptor sites, Taurine will not lower Carnosine levels. This unique combination is over the top for lean muscle mass building.

This appears strange to me because it appears that in competing for receptor sites, some of the taurine or beta alanine is going to go to waste.

24/7 contains a recovery matrix designed to rebuild your cells while still working out. Imagine this if you will… The ability to rest less between sets, lift more from the get go, and train longer/harder.

We'll elaborate on the truth of these claims in the category entitled "Effectiveness."

CMI 24/7's claim was fairly honest but it exaggerated the effectiveness of the product in some areas. Therefore, for the claim, I award CMI 24/7 a 7/10.


I sampled the Cherry and Orange flavours of CMI 24/7. I found that the Cherry flavour was not bad. Also, I found that the Orange flavour was a light orange. Both flavours were quite filling. Therefore, for taste, I will give two awards. For Cherry, I award it a 7.5/10. For Orange, I award it a 7/10.


CMI 24/7 had poor solubility of some of the contents, while others appeared to mix in quite well. Also, CMI 24/7 had a water-like texture. Therefore, for solubility/texture, I award CMI 24/7 a 6/10.


I did see some increase in performance but nothing close to what the claim would have you believe. However, considering that CMI 24/7 doesn't contain caffeine, I was fairly impressed. CMI 24/7 is loaded with a lot of premium products (creatine, carbohydrates, taurine, beta alanine, l-leucine, etc.). CMI 24/7 isn't a product that is going to get you amped up before every workout. However, overtime CMI 24/7 will prove its worth. Therefore, for effectiveness, I award CMI 24/7 an 8/10.

Overall Review:

Although CMI 24/7 contains a host of quality ingredients, I feel that it's overpriced. In regards to the claim, I was a bit upset with the exaggeration. The taste of CMI 24/7 was fairly good. The solubility of CMI 24/7 was poor and the texture of it was similar to water, which isn't bad. I feel that CMI 24/7 is an effective product, which elicits its total effects overtime, not immediately. Therefore, for an overall review, I award CMI 24/7 Cherry and Orange flavour a 7/10.

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CMI 24/7

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