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Review by Matt C.

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CNP Professional ProSLAM! 27

I have been attempting to review every protein supplement currently available on the market to judge each one over a variety of attributes as outlined below. My goal is to provide people with a good database of information so that they can more appropriately make decisions regarding their supplementation program.

CNP Professional is the line of products created by bodybuilding legend Dorian Yates. Everything considered, I would say that it is a well reviewed company overall. As such, I looked forward to reviewing CNP Professional ProSLAM! 27.

First I will go over some product claims and include my thoughts on each aspect and how much I felt the claims were in line with my experiences with the product.

The Claim:

"ProteinSlam! contains 27 grams of protein per serving - the maximum amount of hydrolyzed protein that the human body can efficiently absorb and use in one dose. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that a higher dose of hydrolyzed protein will be better for you! Your body can only use 27 grams of hydrolyzed protein at any one time. For you to try to consume more than that would simply be a waste of the protein and your money."

ProteinSlam! does indeed contain 27 grams of protein per serving and I would also agree with this claim that it is the most protein your body can absorb properly in one dose. Protein synthesis will vary slightly by individual and will be greater in individuals using performance enhancing drugs but for those who are training free of drugs, taking too much protein in one sitting is not necessary. Since the body can only process a certain amount of protein at one time, the rest will be wasted. I am impressed that CNP was honest in this claim since some products encourage much greater consumption of protein in an attempt to encourage more people to purchase more supplements. It is important to be conscious of the law of diminishing returns and only consume quantities of protein and other nutrients that are needed to make the progress you desire, rather than consuming more which is a waste of both time and money.

"ProteinSlam! - is a Ready-to-Drink vial that deliciously delivers 27 grams of protein, zero carbohydrates and zero fat in less than 3 fluid ounces. This revolutionary pre-workout formulation contains beta-alanine, a powerful supplement that has been shown to delay the onset of muscle fatigue. This translates into being able to train with more intensity and recover faster, therefore allowing for greater lean muscle gains."

I would definitely agree that the ease in which a person can drink ProteinSlam! is a strength of this product. Having to carry protein shakes to the gym and prepare them can become time consuming and annoying to people who are on tight schedules. The ease in which a person can get the required protein during their post-workout period or during other times of the day with this product is a huge benefit which must be weighed against the extra cost it costs. This will of course depend on the budget of the individual.

The beta-alanine content in this product is also a good thing if you are consuming the product pre-workout. I definitely felt the kick associated with beta-alanine after drinking this product which I find takes around 45 minutes to kick in. The beta-alanine content was not incredibly high but certainly high enough for me to feel an effect. This is something more beneficial during the pre-workout period, rather than the post-workout period where the beta-alanine cannot be utilized to increase your muscle pump and workout quality since that time period is already passed.

"ProteinSlam! delivers a quality blend and pre-workout (non stimulant) kick to drive you through any exercise or sport activity. Each vial contains a synergistic blend of amino acids. Our proprietary blend increases carnosine concentration in muscles. Studies show that carnosine may speed up exercise recovery, and delay the onset of muscle fatigue. Never before has it been so easy and delicious to get the extra protein you need to supplement any active individual's diet regimen."

I would agree with this statement above that if this product is consumed pre-workout, you will experience unique benefits to your workout beyond simply the benefits of consuming the protein. In this respect, this product is not simply a protein drink, but a workout enhancer due to the effects of the other ingredients it contains. For that reason, one may want to consume this product pre-workout rather than post-workout, although either time period is fine. To make full use of the beta-alanine and other components, pre-workout would be more beneficial. However, if your goal is simply to consume extra protein, post-workout or at another point in the day would be fine.

"Key Attributes:

    27 grams of protein is easy to digest and assimilate.
    Pre-workout formula to increase intensity and workload capabilities.
    2.9 fluid ounce protein drink that can be slammed down in 5 seconds flat.
    A heat stable formula with a one-year shelf life & can be stored in most any environment.
    Contains Beta-alanine - a carnosine Synthesizer.
    Can travel with you anywhere for convenient and safe use.
    You can feel it working ... Feel the Tingle!"

I would agree with each of the product claims made above.

I am happy to state that overall, the manufacturer did not feel the need to lie about the content or effectiveness of this product. Based on the claims listed above, this product does meet up to what it says. Honesty is definitely a good quality to look for in a manufacturer and if the product claims listed above is any indicator of the overall honesty of CNP Professional, I would have to rank them up there with Gaspari Nutrition in terms of making truthful claims unlike some companies which border on fraud at times in terms of what they state about their products.


I tried both flavours of this product, Fruit Punch as well as Peach. I enjoyed both of them about equally although I might give a very slight edge to Peach. The texture was slightly thick due to the protein content, but it was thick and consistent rather than clumpy like a protein shake would be. You should expect that protein drinks are slightly thicker than other drinks due to the high protein content. If anything, that is a good indication that the product is actually dosed with the ingredients it says it has. Since the product can be consumed fully in under five seconds, even if you do not like the taste or texture, the experience of consuming the product will be over before you know it. But I did like the taste and so I can lodge no complaint in this category.


In terms of delivering high quality protein, ProteinSlam! delivers. But beyond the protein content, the beta-alanine content is enough to give a noticeable workout boost if it is consumed pre-workout. As a result, I would definitely recommend this product in either a pre-workout or post-workout capacity.

Overall Review:

This product is both effective and good tasting. It contains a very respectable blend of ingredients and can be beneficial at any point in the day. Furthermore, it is incredibly convenient as you can easily carry this product around in a clean and portable fashion. The only drawback to some people I think would be the price, as it costs $27.79 for a 12 pack. This is not necessarily a bad price, but at the links on this page the price is very low but if you go to other places to purchase this product you will find that the price is higher. What you would need to do is measure whether or not the time and convenience benefits of consuming this product outweigh the monetary costs. For some this will be the case, but for others they will consider this product too expensive and stick with powdered protein blends and bulk beta-alanine powder. As far as delivering what it says it does, I would give this product a 9/10. In terms of price I would say these types of products in general would likely be a little too expensive for most people and I would give it a 6/10. Overall considering everything, I still think this product is worth a 7/10 or an 8/10 and I will likely use it again in the future.

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CNP Professional ProSLAM! 27 CNP Professional ProSLAM! 27
Retail Price: $31.00 Our Price: $27.79

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