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You People Been Drinking Too Much

Hey guys, I received some weird email feedback this month, take a read. These are ACTUAL emails, copied and pasted as received, no shit...


"Please tell me what steroids i should use to make my dick grow. I am not really bothered about muscle growth, but if it happens as well it would be fine."

"I want to use the same cycle that the actor either Edward Furlong or Edward Norton used in the film either American History X or Fight Club. email me the details together with approx cost. You could mention to a supplier that i have a friend who wants the same so if we can have a discount that would be better."

"i want to now which steroids would sort my back out."

"please remove me from your mailing list, no on second thoughts please leave me on. leave it for now and i will get vback to u"

"I have been training quite hard for 2 months and notice hardly any gains, should i increase the weights or not or eat more food than i currently do or not, if so what. Also what are the cheapest steroids. Please email today."

"I do not need a months membership, so do not see why i should pay $35. Can you bill my credit card the proportional amount of $1.16 so that i can have access for just 1 day to get the supplier info."

"....If I train arms should I bend my arms and if so how much...."

"Please include me in the Steroid Success page. I have been training for 3 months and have gained 22 lbs. I use test and so quite a lot could be water, but there is a bit of muscle of maybe some lbs gained. Thankyou. I do not have photos as i look quite fat, but if you agree to put me on the page , i will organize it."

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