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EAS Myoplex Lite Bars Review By Marc S.

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Myoplex Lite Review

Forget your juice box, pack a Myoplex lite! The Myoplex Lite Ready To Drink looks innocent, but packs a whole lotta nutrition into 330ml. These convenient drinks are good for anyone on the go and perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. In this review, I'll be going over the attributes of the myoplex lite RTD shakes such as packaging, taste and functionality.

Myoplex has done a wonderful job with the packaging on the Myoplex Lite shakes, the drinks come in a convenient 330ml serving size box similar to large tetrapaks. They're colorful and stick out, so you won't miss them on the shelf. The best part about these drinks is how long they retain their temperature. If left out of the fridge for a while they are still respectively cold when you drink them (in my case 2 hours and it was still below room temperature). Now esthetics aside, the packaging also has a unique opening shaped in a way, which I assume, is to optimize the flow of the drink. That being said, you can gulp this thing pretty fast if need be. It also has an easy to peel off seal that you don't have to fuss about, just one more way to make it more convenient! I wouldn't recommend buying this for the packaging alone, but it definitely does make a difference. I would give them a definite 4/5 for the packaging. The reason it wasn't a 5 is because it might not be as leak or burst proof as say a can or bottle.

I had the pleasure of tasting both the vanilla and chocolate fudge flavours of Myoplex lite. I have to say, I do like the vanilla flavour more than the chocolate fudge. In most cases, I always do think that vanilla is much better done than chocolate. When trying to get low calories, chocolate rarely tastes like chocolate. That's not to say it wasn't ok, but vanilla was definitely the better of the two. The other two flavors I've yet to try, they are cookies n' cream and strawberry cream, both very promising flavours indeed. I had a hard time drinking them; there is something about the texture of this drink that I just didn't like. The taste was good, but I really had to take my time and sip this thing because if I did drink too fast I would gag sometimes. But just for reference, I can't drink many proteins mixed with plain water; the consistency is just too strange for me. I would give the taste a 3/5 because of the consistency of the drink and also the flavors are lacking. They aren't bad, but similar products I've had were better.

Finally, probably the most important part of the review is the functionality of the drink, and why you should even bother with them. Every 330ml serving has 170 calories, 2g of fat, 20g of carbs, 5g of fiber, 20g of protein and only 1g of sugar. Now you know why it's called the Myoplex Lite. One thing that kind of concerns me is that the mixed blend of proteins also includes soy protein. The topic is controversial but some believe that soy protein for men can lead to gyno or higher levels of estrogen. Depending how much you take it might not be a problem; one here and there probably won't do anything. The nutrition and this drink make it ideal for a snack or meal replacement, but not very effective as a post workout drink. For that, you might want something with more protein and carbohydrates. However the extra fiber really makes you feel full after drinking it and can go a long way in between meals. The shakes are also reasonably affordable compared to many brands, which can go a long way given the current economy. This drink is definitely great at maintaining metabolism when time for a sit down meal is just not possible. Despite the addition of soy protein, the MyoPro registered blend is really high quality, Milk Protein Concentrate, Soy Protein Isolate, And Calcium Caseinate. The blend is definetly a mix of slow and fast digesting protein, which is ideal for sustaining longer times between meals. The drink also offers a combination of vitamins and minerals for complete nutrition. To see which ones, take a look at the nutritional facts online. If you aren't looking for a good post workout shake and just want something to give you energy and nutrition throughout the day, than Myoplex lite will definitely do the trick. For this reason I give it a 4/5 for functionality. It's great as a snack or meal replacement, but for those looking, you might be able to find one that can also be more beneficial post workouts as well.

Overall the Myoplex lite ready to drink shake is definitely worth the price. You really can't expect one drink to do it all, that's why Myoplex has 3 different ready to drink shakes for specific purposes. The Myoplex Lite is geared towards people living an active lifestyle who are conscious of their caloric intake. Some people might find that the texture isn't a big deal to them; it was one of the major flaws for me. I've asked others and they didn't mind at all. It's not something that should keep you from giving this drink a try though, you might find that the benefits are perfect for your lifestyle. Trying the Myoplex lite makes me want to try the other drinks that Myoplex has to offer, and hopefully I'll get a chance to review them too. Try Myoplex Lite RTD shakes if you get a chance.

This flavourful bar is a product of the USA although the mailing address for Canadians to use is EAS Canada, 5353 John Lucas Drive, Suite 200, Burlington, ON, L7R6G5, Canada.

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EAS Myoplex Lite Bars EAS Myoplex Lite Bars - Box Of 12
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