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(1) What is Ephedra? What is it's natural source?

Ephedra is a stimulating herb which grows in arid regions of the word. It has many different names, such as Ma Huang. It has been used in China for thousands of years to treat problems of the lungs. The active ingredient in ephedra is ephedrine, which is known to increase heart rate as well as body temperature. Depending on the strain of the herb, different concentrations of the active ingredient ephedrine are present.

(2) What is Ephedra's role as a sports supplement?

Ephedra is most commonly used by bodybuilders and regular dieters wishing to cut bodyfat. Although the original purpose is a nasal decongestant, recent studies have shown it acts as a potent weight loss supplement.

(3) How much should be taken?

Ephedra is still the topic of much controversy, and although studies continually prove it is safe for moderate use in athletics, many issues have come up which has made ephedra the victim of much media scrutiny. Although ephedra, like any other drug or supplement, is not good for a person while taken in mass quantities, ephedra is perfectly safe when specific directions are followed and done in moderation. Many experts recommend taking 400 mg of 6% ephedrine-containing ephedra three times per day about one half hour before each meal.

(4) Are there any side effects?

Ephedra side effects usually occur at above average doses, but can occur at even normal ones. They may include fast heartbeat, anxiety, and jitterness. Harsher side effects are generally only seen at doses above recommended level and include high blood pressure, vomiting and very fast heartbeat. As usual, consult your physician before taking ephedra as a nasal decongestant or using it as a diet supplement. If taken at normal doses, ephedra is very safe and will result in dieting success.

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