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Exercise Over 50 Training Database Advanced Training Tips Exercise Over 50

Exercise Tips for Older Folks

If you have a family history of heart disease, check with your doctor first. It's a good idea to have a physical examination and take a graded exercise test before you start an exercise program.

Pick rhythmic, repetitive activities that challenge the circulatory system, and exercise at an intensity appropriate for you.

Pick activities that are fun, that suit your needs and that you can do year-round.

Wear comfortable clothing and footwear appropriate for the temperature, humidity and activity.
If you decide that walking is a great activity for you, choose a place that has a smooth, soft surface; that does not intersect with traffic; and that's well-lighted and safe. Many older Americans walk at area shopping malls.

Find a companion to exercise with you if it will help you stay on a regular schedule and add to your enjoyment.
Because muscular adaptation and elasticity generally slows with age, take more time to warm up and cool down while exercising. Make sure you stretch slowly.

Start exercising at a low intensity (especially if you've been mostly sedentary), and progress gradually.
If you plan to be active more than 30 minutes, then try to drink some water every 15 minutes, especially when exercising in hot, humid conditions. As you age, your sense of thirst tends to decrease and you can't completely rely on your internal sense of thirst.

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