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One word of advice when losing fat: Never fast in order to achieve losses in fat. Although this may seem like the simplest and most convenient way to lose fat, it is far from the most efficient. For every pound you lose by fasting, 60 percent of that total mass will be muscle! That means, only 40 percent of that mass will be actual fat loss. Aside from this, the numerous physical and psychological side effects from fasting can be very uncomfortable and unhealthy. For those of you who are still considering it, chew on this: Because 60 percent of the total mass you are losing is muscle mass, you will get much smaller very quickly, and not reduce body fat levels in a fashion as noticeable. In the end, the consequence may be looking smaller while looking just as “fat” (or at least, as not lean) as you looked previously.

Generally speaking, a bodybuilder would want to maintain the same consumption of protein, while cutting the levels of fat and carbohydrates consumed. To increase this caloric deficit and maximize fat loss, it’s a simple matter of incorporating more cardio (aerobic) activity into your workout regiment. It is very hard to determine exactly the changes necessary to make in your total daily calorie consumption when cutting. This depends on a number of factors including body type, body weight, level of daily exercise, and natural metabolism. Since your goal is to put your body into a calorie deficit, you should follow the simple rules outlined below, and you will become more experienced in time:

Calories Consumed When Cutting

In order to put your body in a caloric deficit, determine the number of calories you were consuming to gain mass during your bulking stage. Once you begin to cut, subtract 500 calories from this amount, and possibly increase your level of cardio activity. If you find that you are not losing any fat with this new total quantity of calories consumed, decrease your calorie consumption by an additional 500 calories per day, and continue to do this until you are losing about one pound of fat per week.

Remember, once you get experience in cutting, this will become easier and easier, and should hopefully become instinctual. The main things to remember are to decrease your calorie consumption, or increasing your cardio exercise, or both.

(1) Continue to eat the same amount of protein as you did when you were bulking, while cutting the number of total calories consumed in carbohydrates and fat.

(2) Consume a low fat diet. Make your ratio of calories 1/5 of your total daily intake.

(3) Reduce your carbohydrates as far as possible without going into a state of ketosis.

(4) Perform 3 to 5 sessions of cardio activity for periods of 30 to 45 minutes a session in one week.

Once again, everything depends on you, and there is no set formula for everyone to follow. In due time, and with some experience, you will find cutting a much more fun and simple experience. Don’t give up at first, just remember, if at first you don’t succeed...

Take care,

Matt Canning

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