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Wiggity Whack Mistakes People Make Trying to Get in Shape Training Database Advanced Training Tips Wiggity Whack Mistakes People Make Trying to Get in Shape

Wiggity Whack Mistakes People Make Trying to Get in Shape

Cheat Too Much on Their Diet

No, you don't have to eat the same thing everyday but if you think that eating pizza every other day won't affect your diet than your wrong. 3,500 calories = 1 pound of weight gain. Anytime you eat more calories than you body burns it is going to be stored for later in the form of fat. So for example, let's say you eat a piece of cheesecake on a "special" day. That's an extra 600 calories for that one day alone. Now let's say that in the same week you go out for fast food. A typical fast food burger is about 500 calories. Now this is a very conservative person. Only 2 cheat foods the whole week! That's also 1,100 calories over their regular diet. Say this person regularly cheats only on 2 foods a week (many people cheat more than this). This still means that they are going to gain 1lb. every 3 weeks. Which means over a year... (Freshman 15...). Moral of the story is that cheating once in awhile is not okay.

Solution: Develop a taste for healthy foods. Fighting temptation is hard, once you start eating healthy and enjoying it then it becomes a lot easier to resist bad foods. People can go there whole lives without eating fast food and not regret it (in fact most people in other countries do it).

Counting Daily Activities as Exercise

No matter how much you want to believe it, driving is not exercise. Many people choose not to exercise when they are mentally tired (studying, talking, reading). Though it is true that thinking burns calories you would be surprised how little. Also, things like walking around in a grocery store, going to class or visiting a friend can hardly be constituted as exercise. The effects of this kind of lifestyle aren't readily apparent until you try to actually do something more strenuous than carrying groceries. An example of this can be seen in the majority of the population. It's not a secret as why Americans are getting increasingly more overweight. Our culture is becoming less active as lives are getting busier. No exercise = weight gain.

Solution: Create a workout schedule with a roommate/friend. By scheduling it with someone you see often see increases the accountability and gives you more support when muscles begin to hurt and the cycle of laziness is finally broken.

Working 1 Day and Taking 3 off

Very few people exercise at such a strenuous pace that it warrants 72 hours of rest. Cardio can be done everyday and even intermediate weightlighting only taxes the muscles enough to need 2 days of rest. Exercise does hurt, especially when your coming off of not exercising at all. You should not be surprised if you feel a little pain, it is not an excuse to cease working out. Pain is weakness leaving the body. Some people have a lot more weakness than others... Lifestyles have consequences. The longer you are sedentary the longer it is going to take to get back into shape. Pain happens, it's part of life.

Solution: Ease back into working out, don't shock your body into it. Start off slowly by doing only 20 minutes of running a day and then after a week increase to 30. Continue increasing workout time until you can comfortably workout for at least an hour. Consistency matters more than difficulty when you are getting shape.

Take care,

David Pat - Bodybuilder

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