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Review of Fizogen M1-BOL Orals Supplements Supplement Reviews Creatine Supplement Reviews Fizogen M1-BOL Orals

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Fizogen M1-BOL Orals Review By Steven S.

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Hi my name is Steve S. and I am writing a review for my friend who runs the website called I think it is important to note that this is my first review and the only guidance I was given was to be honest. I promised my friend that I would finish the bottle before providing his website a product review.

Product Features

The product I am reviewing is called M1-BOL made by Fizogen Precision Technologies. This product claims to be a hardcore pump and vascular enhancer along with potent pro-anabolic technology. I love the word anabolic! Along with that it supports DNA / RNA synthesis and it promoted optimal hormone levels. Also listed on the bottle is that it is a special edition extreme hardcore series but I fail to see how a bunch of white pills can be hardcore. Listed on the bottle, but not in black and white, is that effects are maximized when one eats as much protein as possible. Lastly, the main ingredients are 4250 mg of M1-BOL, Methanodrol and M1-Decodroline.As with most products M1-BOL should not be taken without the advice of a physician at any point while taking the supplement. It also advices those who are pregnant, high blood pressure, or taking prescription drugs to avoid the product.


The recommended dose is four capsules per serving and three servings per day which equals out to twelve capsules per day. Since the total number of capsules per bottle is two hundred, that means I will finish the bottle within two and a half weeks. Since I only took twelve capusles on workout days, and eight capsules when I was not working out or doing just cardio, the bottle lasted about four weeks give or take. The bottle says forthose who weigh one hundred and fifty or less should take three servings of three capsules daily while those who weigh over that magic number should take three servings daily with each serving being four capsules.

Negative Aspects of M1-BOL

Here are the negative aspects of this product. First of all, I find the pills to be horse-sized thus hard to swallow. Second, some of them broke into pieces. Here is why: I left them sitting out in my room which is sometimes exposed to the sun. Thus they began sticking together. I had to use a knife to pry them apart and it worked only to the point that most of them broke into pieces such as half a pill size and two or three pills sticking together and the other ones were basically pieces of chalk. This happened about halfway through the time period that I finished the bottle in. Another negative aspect which came from this is that some of it was dust which resembled chalk. Other than the fact that the pills are quite large, it was my fault and nobody else can be blamed for not leaving the bottle in the shade.

Positive Aspects of M1-BOL

Now I will go on to state the many positive aspects of this product. The taste is alright. First and foremost,this product helped me to lift a lot more weight a lot faster than taking just plain protein supplements. For example, about one week after beginning this product, I felt a pump in all my muscles during a workout that I have only felt before after working out really hard. Without having to overexert myself, I was feeling the benefits after week one that would surpass the first week of anybody else my size working out with the same length of time and intensity. After two weeks to about the third week, I noticed that I was able to workoutmore often and the quality of workouts was what that I had never experienced before prior to taking this product. Taking this product was to my advantage in that I was able to lift considerably more weight safely than with a placebo since a placebo does not have advanced ingredients. However, it may be possible that if one believes they are taking M1-BOL than they may have the same or close to the same effects as a M1-BOL user. Surely, it will help your intensity when you workout, to heal faster and experience larger hypertrophy effects.

How to Get Maximum Effect

My doctor told me that when you take a pill, no matter what kind, it is more absorbed by the body shortly before or after a meal rather than two hours or more apart from a meal, even if it is a snack. The reason I say snack is because I know most serious bodybuilders eat smaller meals five or six times a day as opposed to John Doe who is trained to eat three squares a day. With my short experience, I think it is better to take the pills before you workout rather than after like you would with protein for example. Just don't workout right after eating because your blood-sugar will be high plus there is less blood flow to the head since it is being used by the stomach to digest the food so therefore it will also make you more tired. One friend of mine who is a bodybuilder told me to workout in the morning because that is when you have the most testosterone.


In summary, I would recommend you to try this product if you are looking for size and strength gains. M1-BOL worked for me and I will now move on to another supplement next so that I can compare it for my next review.

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Fizogen M1-BOL Orals Fizogen M1-BOL Orals - 200 Caplets
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