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Gaspari Nutrition SizeOn Review By Matt C.

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Gaspari Nutrition SIZEON

Before I begin, I want to explain that while I am do believe that supplements are effective and can aid you in achieving your bodybuilding and fat loss goals, I think that what is most important of all is proper nutrition using whole foods. Supplements are supposed to be just that - supplements to a healthy diet and proper exercise program. If you do not have the two aforementioned factors in place, supplements will be of little value to you. I should also point out that nutrition is the most important aspect of physique transformation and you would be amazed at the progress you can make with a regimented diet.

That all said, I was a creatine junky for about three years from Fall of 2000 when I started working out, up until about that time in 2003 when I decided to write off supplements in lieu of more focus on proper nutrition with whole foods because they are so important, as mentioned above. But this year I travelled to Columbus, Ohio to check out the 2007 Arnold Classic. Since I have had this website for so long and my name was out there a little in the industry, it was easy for me to score a lot of free DVDs and basically whatever supplement I wanted. One which I had heard good things about which I wanted to try was Gaspari's SIZEON. With virtually any product you will hear both praise and criticism but SIZEON was one where I heard consistently POSITIVE reviews from just about everyone who used it. With that I decided to use it. Tom, the National Sales Manager for Gaspari Nutrition, was happy to fill my request for a free review copy of SIZEON which I started using a week after returning home from the Arnold.

Now let's move on to the review...


Gaspari Nutrition SIZEON Nutrition Facts


I used the Grape Blast flavour and it was awesome! It didn't leave an aftertaste and could be mixed with varying amounts of water without huge variations in sweetness or taste. It was so good in fact that at times during the day I would look forward to my one tall shaker bottle full of SIZEON each day. It was honestly about good enough to just drink as a juice. Flavour wise, SIZEON gets an A+ for sure.


I drank SIZEON in water and it mixed pretty well perfectly. It was somewhat sandy, but not nearly as much as some other supplements are. It was really not much different than a lot of powdered juices you would find at the bulk food section of the supermarket. It mixed well under every condition I tried it in, whether I added the SIZEON mix in before the water or after. It dissolved quickly when stirred and was ready to serve very quickly for those in a hurry or always on the go.


I started using Gaspari SIZEON in the mid to high 170s after taking some time off from my usual high intensity workouts in the gym. I was ready to rock and roll and get back into it hard and I did so while starting with SIZEON. I finished my 30 day cycle 10 pounds heavier and in the same condition. At the time of this writing, it has been two weeks since I finished my last dose of SIZEON and I have retained all of the weight that I gained. Now some may say that I only gained water during the cycle and I don't rule that out as a possibility. However, no matter what, my pumps were better than ever during my workouts and sometimes I would be in the gym for only 10 minutes and already have such a good pump I was ready to go home. Of course, knowing better, I kept on with my workout and had some of the best pumps in my life by the time my workout was complete. Two workouts in particular I had crazy pumps going on - one was a back/biceps split and the other was a chest/biceps split. My skin was tight and the muscle was very full and hard, so even if I did gain water, it looked great. As far as I was concerned, I put on 10 decent pounds using it. Another variable to consider here is muscle memory though. I had just got back into working out hard again and put the weight on. I would counter this by saying that even with muscle memory, I stilled gained weight at a rate about twice as fast as usual muscle memory. Not to mention, every time in the past when I relied on muscle memory to regain muscle, my diet changed drastically too. On SIZEON, my diet stayed exactly the same and I still put on 10 pounds. I kind of regret not eating more actually, because I think I could have gained a little more, or at least been a little more refined when all was said or done if I had done so. One more point I should make is that I had not had great expectations going into the cycle. I had heard great things about SIZEON, but I still wasn't convinced that supplements could do much to begin with so I figured I would probably gain around five pounds of water in total and with no noticeable changes in pumps. I was totally wrong, gaining twice that and having some of the best pumps I had seen in a while. The fact that I had little expectation of SIZEON is proof that there was no placebo effect here. I also sort of forgot I was taking it until almost no time had passed and I had gained 6-7 pounds. When I realized it was working, I really had it on my mind and made the most of the cycle afterwards, at least as far as the placebo effect and expectation effects were concerned.

Overall Review:

I had planned to come on here and write a completely unbiased review. If Gaspari SIZEON was garbage, I would have said it. If it was average I would have said it. I can honestly say that SIZEON was excellent and it is A+ material. In fact, it has renewed my faith in supplements and I will be using another creatine product after I wait a little more time since I believe that cycling creatine with time off equal to time on is important. I only wish I could use SIZEON again because I know it works, but in the spirit of reviewing various bodybuilding products, I will use something else and post the review for everyone to check out. By no means do you need to trust me on this one. Click the forum discussion link below (under "Visitor Reviews Of This Article!") and check out other comments on this product. I think you will find that my opinion is pretty normal for SIZEON. A+.

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Gaspari Nutrition SizeOn Gaspari Nutrition SizeOn
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