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Gaspari Nutrition Spirodex Helps Support Mood, Mental Clarity And Energy! BUY IT NOW Gaspari Nutrition Spirodex



Gaspari Nutrition Spirodex Review by Matt C.

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Gaspari Nutrition Spirodex Review by Matt Canning

The Claim:

The product I am reviewing today is Spirodex by Gaspari Nutrition. Although I have said this many times before, I think it bears repeating that SIZEON by Gaspari Nutrition is the best supplement that I have ever used in my entire supplement history and as such, I have developed a bit of a preference for Gaspari Nutrition as a company and always look forward to reviewing new products that they produce. Spirodex is no exception and it appeared to be a product that I would look forward to reviewing as it claimed to offer mood enhancing effects. More specifically, the product claimed the following characteristics:

"While virtually all stimulants help increase feelings of energy, Gaspari's R&D team recognizes that many people do not like some of the more physical, jittery feelings that can be associated with them. Spirodex has been uniquely formulated to minimize these types of side effects."

I have tried Spirodex multiple times at this point and I believe I have enough experience with the product to reject or confirm this claim and I would have to say that this claim is perfectly accurate and descriptive of the effects of Spirodex. I felt little to no jitters even while using two Spirotabs which contain a total of 350mg of caffeine [175mg of caffeine in each Spirotab]. I find this result to be rather shocking because that is an exceptionally high amount of caffeine, not only to me, but to any adult that would typically be considered a high dose of caffeine. The exception to this rule would be for those adults who consume caffeine on a regular basis and have developed a tolerance as such. To experience little - if not zero - jitters with that much caffeine is shocking and very welcome in my mind. I do not know the exact scientific mechanism behind making that happen in terms of the formulation of this product but I would assume that it has something to do with the release rate of the caffeine. If the caffeine is absorbed in the bloodstream at a slower pace, this would give long-lasting energy rather than immediate kick concurrent with side effects. This is just my guess on the matter because I said, I have not looked into the mechanism behind this product's efficacy although I can confirm it through my personal experience.

"Optimally, Gaspari Nutrition suggests that you use no more than 1 or 2 Spirodex Spirotabs once per day for a period not to exceed 6 weeks. Increasing the dosage or length of use will not increase the benefit of using this product."

I used this product as per the recommended dosage described above. I either consumed one Spirodex Spirotab or two of them depending on the day. I found that one Spirotab was effective but that there was a clear difference between using one and using two. I would even go so far as to say that using two felt like more than double the strength and that it was optimal from my experience to use two to get maximum benefit from this product. I did not ever try three Spirotabs and the directions specifically advised against that. Put in practical terms, three Spirotabs would be a dosage of 525mg of caffeine in addition to the other ingredients that the product contains. That would be considered a great amount of caffeine even for adults who consume caffeine on a regular basis. Exceeding 400mg of caffeine daily is typically not advised. As such, I have no intention of using three Spirotabs and furthermore, would not want to because two Spirotabs produces a very strong effect and one that I am perfectly content with.

"While Spirodex is a very powerful product, virtually all healthy men and women over the age of 18 years can expect to safely use Spirodex. There are some people who should not use Spirodex because they have pre-existing medical conditions or take certain medications. Please completely read the "Directions for Use" and "Warnings" sections of the label and consult your physician health care provider before using this product or any other dietary supplement."

This is a fairly generic statement of use which we observe on numerous supplement labels. I would agree with the crux of the warning given above and I would say that the main consideration for use for this product should be whether or not a person has any aversions to caffeine. If caffeine causes you any sort of medical side effects or discomfort or your physician has advised you against its use, this product is not for you. Even though it had a distinct feeling from consuming caffeine in other forms such as coffee or energy drinks, each Spirodex Spirotab does contain 175mg of caffeine each and this should be considered by any person interested in consuming this product. If caffeine is not for you, this product is not for you. Otherwise, I think any healthy adult would be fine in trying this product and my only advice on that matter would be to start with one Spirotab to assess tolerance then decide on whether or not two Spirotabs would preferable or if one is a sufficient dosage for you.

"Helps Support Mood, Mental Clarity And Energy!"

I would have to strongly agree with all of the claims made in the statement above. This is definitely one of the better mood/energy enhancing products that I have tried and my multiple experiences with it have confirmed the same result.

Time of Consumption for Gaspari Nutrition Spirodex

While I consumed this product in a variety of settings multiple times since I originally got the product at the 2010 Mr. Olympia contest at the Gaspari Nutrition booth, I most recently consumed this product midway through my day and it provided me with a great amount of very smooth energy for hours after consuming it. Initially I consumed only one Spirodex Spirotab then after waiting around 45 minutes I decided to consume another one and I felt that this was the correct decision as I experienced great mood enhancement while increasing my energy and focus.


I find this product to be extremely effective and each time I use it I find myself more and more impressed with it. As mentioned above, I don't know how it is possible for a product to produce such a high volume of energy while not producing side effects which are virtually always associated with products which do that. Additionally, the side effects are replaced not with neutrality, but rather with pleasant mood enhancement which is definitely something to look forward to while consuming this product. The ads for Spirodex suggest that it will be a very pleasant experience for the user and I would have to agree with that sentiment. I am impressed with this product as it delivers all of the results that it claims and has reasonable advertisement claims unlike the myriad of supplements which have utterly ridiculous [or even impossible] claims. The product claims for Spirodex are impressive but nothing unrealistic. Overall, Spirodex definitely delivers.


Taste is not a consideration for this product because it is in tablet form and I found the tablets to be small enough to not experience any problems with them. Some may find the tablets to be large, and they are larger than an average health tablet I would say, but I did not consider this to be a problem personally.

Overall Review:

I am very impressed with Spirodex by Gaspari Nutrition. While it did not knock my socks off to the extent that SIZEON has every time that I have tried it, I would still state that this product is excellent and lives up to the great reputation which Gaspari Nutrition has built by being one of the top companies in the industry. I think that for any supplement company to stay strong or to grow it requires new and innovative products and I think that Spirodex has definitely fulfilled those qualities. Spirodex provides plesant, long lasting, and virtually side-effect free energy and mood enhancement and I definitely look forward to using it again. I would give this product an A and will use it in the future again. If you do not wish to purchase this product initially, see if you can find a sample somewhere and give it a shot. I would guess that you will like it and be interested in trying it again. I know I am.

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Gaspari Nutrition Spirodex - 14 Tablets Gaspari Nutrition Spirodex - 14 Tablets
Retail Price: $19.99 Our Price: $9.99

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