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Working Your Buttocks.

Potsy Weber used to say it all the time.

“Sit on it.”

Well, the fact is that you do sit on your buttocks for hours and hours throughout the day, whether you’re at work, in your car, or in the comfort of your living room.

However, when you’re not resting on the seat of your pants, your rear end is certainly a vital component in which your body will universally be judged. For men and women alike, your buttocks are perhaps the most observed of your physical features.

For many people, especially those members of the opposite sex, the rear is among one of the first places they’ll look; it’s the make-it or break-it that determines whether you’re generally perceived as a babe or a blimp.

If you feel like you’re behind on your behind, give this quick, effective exercise a whirl. It promises to firm and tone those hard-to-develop buttocks, bringing your bottom to the top when it comes to physical assets. Lie on the floor, with or without the use of a mat. Face upward with your right leg straight ahead in the air, forming a 45-degree angle with your upper torso. Meanwhile, the left leg should be bent at the knee with your foot flat on the floor.

Keep the tension on your midsection while the rest of your body should be relaxed. As you lift your buttocks off the floor, pushing very slightly with your left leg, squeeze your buttock muscles after two seconds. Then slowly allow your buttocks to drop back to the floor.

Try doing 12 reps on this side, then switch legs. Do a total of 3 sets for each side.

Of course, there are many other exercises that will hit your buttocks, namely squats, hamstring curls, and leg presses.

Take care,

Matt Canning

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