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Review of Higher Power Beta Alanine Plus Supplements Supplement Reviews Beta-Alanine Supplement Reviews Higher Power Beta Alanine Plus

Higher Power Beta Alanine Plus For The Intense Athlete BUY IT NOW Higher Power Beta Alanine Plus



Higher Power Beta Alanine Plus Review By Matt C.

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Higher Power Beta Alanine Plus

I have been trying a number of beta-alanine based supplements lately, and I can broadly state that beta-alanine supplements are [on average] better than nitric oxide (NO) supplements. In fact, I can say that for my personal consumption, I will never be able to go back to NO at this point. I will still sample them for 1-3 day periods for the sake of reviews, but no more than that. It is too overwhelming to me that beta-alanine is superior to nitric oxide. Some nitric oxide supplements have proven to be incredibly effective, but beta-alanine is definitely better in my opinion and I feel I have to say that on here, and in all subsequent reviews I write for both beta-alanine and NO based supplements. I can easily state that the three beta-alanine supplements which I have tried are in my top five of pump enducing supplements, and upon further reflection, I may even say top three. Although I would need to use each of them again to be able to say that definitively, my point is that they are VERY effective, and very worthwhile to take in my opinion. I will rate beta-alanine up there with creatine and protein supplements in terms of effectiveness. The other two beta-alanine supplements that I have tried are:

I felt that both of these supplements were excellent and in my top five without a question, and as I said, upon further reflection quite possibly simply the best of the best, although I am partial to a few good NO products I have tried and can't deny that.

Higher Power Nutrition claims that Beta Alanine Plus is "For The Intense Athlete" and "Supports Maximum Muscular Endurance And Improved Performance!"

Notes on Higher Power Beta Alanine Plus

One thing that I very much appreciate about Higher Power Beta Alanine Plus is that it comes in pill format and by that I do not mean the giant horse pill format so common amongst NO products. I find the horse pills very annoying, especially when nine are required to consume each day. I have a high degree of patience and discipline and I am not one to complain, but I will point out that I prefer when I do not need to exercise these strengths when trying to ignore the negative qualities of any particular supplement. As it is, Beta Alanine Plus comes in capsules which are extremely easy to swallow and in fact, it's no problem to take a handful of three at a time. Indeed it is relatively simple and I often do it while taking my Higher Power M3 powder mixed in water. I prefer these capsules over a bland tasting powder or even a flavoured powder for that matter. My preference are small capsules as they are easy to consume and tasteless. It is a simple and efficient way to take the supplement.

At the moment I am on a huge stack by Higher Power Nutrition and while the stack may be somewhat redundant or overkill, I can still gauge exactly how effective the Beta Alanine Plus is despite the interaction of multiple supplements that I am using at the moment. For a complete review of the stack, click on the link below:

M3 Muscle Bound is the primary supplement in that stack for now, although when I run out of it, I will be switching it up to Higher Power Arginine Ethyl Ester 3000, where each serving contains 3,000 mg of L-Arginine Ethyl Ester. I imagine that will work very well with the Beta Alanine Plus and other Higher Power products I am utilizing at the moment.

Here is the complete list of supplements I am currently taking (all by Higher Power Nutrition):

As I said, despite being on such a vast combination of supplements, I can still determine pretty close to exactly how much the Beta Alanine Plus is working. Beta-alanine has a specific side effect, which is a pins and needles sensation in the face and hands, and somewhat in other areas of the body (at least for me). This pins and needles sensation apparently does not go away with extended use, and I can always tell when the Beta Alanine Plus has kicked in as a result. As of writing this, I used my third dose of three capsules one hour and 45 minutes ago, and started feeling the effects after the first hour which I find is pretty normal for beta-alanine. I also feel a rise in core temperature, although the main side effect are the pins and needles. Although this sounds a little uncomfortable, it really is no big deal and in fact acts to psychologically motivate me because I am well aware that the supplement is actually working.

My Use of Higher Power Beta Alanine Plus So Far

As of this writing, I have just completed my ninth day of use of Beta Alanine Plus and can accurately discuss the effectiveness of this supplement. The ingredient matrix of Beta Alanine Plus is pretty simple:

Beta Alanine - 1750mg
L-Histidine - 500mg

Other ingredients are gelatin and magnesium Stearate. Consuming 6750mg of a substance which is not considered to be essential is a little concerning to me, and the levels of a lot of non-essential amino acids must be quite high in my body right now. Although I don't think this is in any way dangerous or for that matter unhealthy given the moderate and short period of consumption time, the effect it may have is definitely a consideration and should be for anyone consuming supplements if health is the goal in addition to increased performance. If my performance is increasing so effectively, I tend to question what effect the supplements are having in other systems in the body such as organ integrity. Such a simple beta-alanine blend as in Beta Alanine Plus does not cause me too much concern and I will definitely research it a little more thoroughly as time passes.

For more details on my use of Beta Alanine Plus, consult my M3 Review which covers my use of the entire Higher Power stack I am currently taking. I can say that I have experienced definite improvements in pumps and also a greater overall mind-muscle connection since I have begun both the stack in general and Beta Alanine Plus in particular. It has the most pronounced effects of any of the supplements I am currently using other than perhaps Higher Power BCAA 1000. I am motivated to continue using Beta Alanine Plus and I can say for certain it is VASTLY superior to Higher Power NO-XS which I would consider average amongst NO supplements, and NO supplements I would consider to be a step below beta-alanine products, therefore, I definitely advise against NO-XS and I am very much in favour of Beta Alanine Plus. You can purchase a 30 day supply of NO-XS for $23.98, or a 17 day supply of NO-XS for $13.99. Given that the respective cost per daily use is $0.80 and $0.84 respectively, I would gladly pay the extra $0.04 per day for Beta Alanine Plus and get what I would consider to be a VASTLY superior product! I will try to be as fair and wide reaching as possible and review ALL supplements, but as I get more and more experience with them, I must honestly give my recommendations on here so that people understand is an honest site as far as supplement reviews are concerned.

Overall Review:

Let me begin by stating that I absolutely feel that beta-alanine based supplements are superior to nitric oxide based ones. There is no question about that in my mind at this point and I will never be able to go back to NO supplements other than for 1-3 day samples for review. For my personal consumption, I will be using beta-alanine from now on until the next best thing comes along. Although there are some interesting NO blends out there which I may try for longer periods again, my main source for pump enducing supplements will be in the beta-alanine market. During my use of Higher Power Beta Alanine Plus, I experienced exactly what was promised which was vastly improved pumps and improved performance. It definitely made me more aware of my efforts in the gym and it is always nice when a supplement provides not only a physical effect, but a mental one to boot. Using the maximum recommended daily dose, you can use Beta Alanine Plus for the price of only $0.84 per day which works out to a lowly $25 a month, so two bottles will last you a little over a month. Given the effectiveness of delivering what it says it does, as well as the cost effectiveness, I have to recommend Beta Alanine Plus. I am using it currently in combination with other Higher Power supplements as part of an extended review I am writing, and I would have to say it is definitely going very well thus far, and that Beta Alanine Plus is certainly helping. I recommend it highly over Higher Power NO-XS and would definitely choose it over the two if you were torn between which one to purchase.

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Higher Power Beta Alanine Plus Higher Power Beta Alanine Plus - 150 Capsules
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Higher Power Beta Alanine Plus

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