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Iovate Health Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot Works Blazing Fast! BUY IT NOW Iovate Health Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot



Iovate Health Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot Review By Matt C.

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Iovate Health Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot


I have been reviewing supplements for this website for quite some time and after going through dozens of protein powders, protein bars, nitric oxide products, and several creatine products, I have decided that I want to compile a vast database of reviews for energy drinks and energy supplements to decide whether or not I want to include them as part of my overall workout routine or if I am satisfied with my whey protein with sporadic use of NO and creatine products. So far the reviewing process has been going very well and I have been enjoying the boosts I have been getting for my workouts as well as the feelings of euphoria caused by some of these energy drinks. I am slowly beginning to differentiate between an energy product of average quality in comparison with one of below average quality and one of above average quality. Eventually as I complete more and more reviews you will be able to get more accurate information regarding the efficacy of each supplement compared to others on the market. As always, I recommend that you review as many sources as possible and gather as much information as possible before including any supplement in your budget.

Today I will be reviewing Iovate Health Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot, which I am reviewing one day after completing the review for ErgoPharm Clearshot. I felt that Clearshot was a very good energy boosting supplement and so the Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot will have a lot to live up to. I will be reviewing this product under a variety of categories listed below.

First Impression:

I was happy to find that the Iovate Health Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot comes in a 2 fl.oz. container [59mL]. This is a nice and convenient size and I what I like about energy products that are shot sized is that if they taste bad, you don't need to drink very much of it and usually there is no lingering aftertaste in such a circumstance. I knew that good or bad tasting, I would not have to drink very much of it to achieve its stated aim. Expressly written on the label are a few claims such as "WORKS BLAZING FAST!", "NO CRASHING", AND "ZERO SUGAR". All of these claims are very important if they are true. I hope that all energy products that I take work fast since I like to take them just before my workout for ease of use. No crashing is important, because if you crash after taking an energy supplement you get about as much in negative side effects as you do in positive effects from consuming the product. Zero sugar is an important claim for some people but not so much for me since I am not particularly concerned if supplements contain it in moderate amounts. In fact, I actually prefer sugar over some of the artifical sweeteners that are in some products since there is far more research compiled for sugar over the course of generations than there has been for some of these artificial sweeteners which are relatively new in comparison in terms of the age of the food and supplement industry.


Iovate Health Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot contains plenty of ingredients and I will go into further depth about some of them below. I will begin by reviewing the ingredients under the "Blazing Focus™" and "Extreme Energy Tech™" categories:

"Blazing Focus™:"


Taurine is the second most abundant amino acid in muscle. Using taurine as part of an exercise regiment is said to prevent oxidative stress that exercise induces. It is said to act similarly to creatine in that it helps the muscle cells to hold more water.


Glucuronolactone is a popular naturally occurring chemical which is found in a variety of energy drinks. The claim is that glucuronolactone helps to fight fatigue and heighten well-being. However, it is my view that such claims require scientific evidence to back them up and I have not personally read a scientific study on the matter. Having said that, there may be such studies in existence, but I have not looked into it very deeply thus far.

Picamilon HCL:

Picamilon HCL is not an ingredient that I found much information on except for personal experiences. From what I read, people were generally pleased with its effects so from anecdotal reports I can say good things about it, but it is always better to find that such claims are backed up with empirical research. Some people claim that Echinacea is a helpful supplement but as far as the information available in the peer reviewed scientific literature is concerned, there is little if any information agreeing with these claims.

"Extreme Energy Tech™:"

Caffeine Anhydrous:

Caffeine is a very popular drug, consumed most commonly in coffee. In fact, the global consumption of caffeine has been estimated at 120,000 tonnes per annum. Caffeine has also found its way into a variety of energy enhancing supplements including ErgoPharm Clearshot as well as plenty of others. Iovate Health Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot contains 220mg of caffeine which is about as much caffeine as you would find in an extra large coffee. In other words that is quite a lot for those who do not drink coffee regularly and this ingredient alone should cause any such individual to feel the effects of the shot. For those who consume caffeine on a more regular basis, they may be immune to the energy enhancing effects that it offers.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine:

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is converted in the body to L-tyrosine. It is efficient at raising tyrosine levels in the body. It is also said to enhance mood which is why I imagine that it is an ingredient included in this product.

Theobroma Cacao Extract (Seed):

Cacao seeds are the source of cocoa which you would find at the grocery store, chocolate, and cocoa butter.

There are other ingredients in both the Extreme Energy Tech;#0153; and in the other aspects of the product. The above points were not intended to form a complete and exhaustive list but to give some idea of the type of ingredients found in the product so that you know roughly what to expect from it.


The Iovate Health Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot was smooth and not thick at all. I shook it before drinking it although it says nothing on the label about doing that but I tend to do so as a force of habit.


While I did not think the 6-Hour Shot was as delicious as the "Spiced Apple" flavour ErgoPharm Clearshot, I did think it was pretty good tasting and I did not really expect it to after some of the other similar energy products which I have tried. It was a relief that it tasted good, even though it was not the best tasting energy shot that I have tried. The flavour I tried was orange explosion which tasted enough like an orange drink to mask the taste of the numerous ingredients which it contains.


I tried the Iovate Health Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot in two separate circumstances, once at home while not engaging in physical activity and another time at the gym shortly before my workout. I will describe both experiences in detail below:

Use at Home:

When I took the shot at home in a relaxed state I found that the effects were somewhat similar to a cup of coffee. There were some key differences though. First off, the shot did not warm me up in the same manner that a cup of coffee did. Secondly it obviously was not the same size as even a small coffee and so it didn't require as much time to drink to begin with. Once it hit me, I felt a general sense or well-being and euphoria and I found myself to be more alert and aware. Despite all of the ingredients this product contains, I think the most effective one must be the caffeine because I can't say that the effects were that much greater than the effects of drinking a cup of coffee. That said, I did notice a difference. It did kick in fairly quickly - within about 5-10 minutes - and I did not crash after the effects wore off, which is definitely a good highlight for products such as this.

Use in the Gym:

I used the 6-Hour Shot in the gym just upon arriving before I did my back workout. I did feel the effects, but much like ErgoPharm Clearshot, I found that the effects were more mental than anything else - that being I didn't notice much of a difference in my workout in terms of strength, although perhaps a slight increase in energy which manifested in some of my high rep sets, and some of the mood enhancing effects naturally carried over to my workout as it is easier to workout for extended periods of time when your mood and morale is high. I would say the effects were not as strong as the effects of Clearshot, although the effects were comparable. I should also point out that I am currently SizeOn by Gaspari Nutrition for the third time in the past two years, but I think it is pretty easy to distinguish between the effects of both SizeOn and the 6-Hour Shot. The reason why I say this is because I find that SizeOn generally affects my pumps but not so much my energy, although both products seem to increase my mood and well being. As I said, my energy [and motivation] seemed to be a little higher than average in my high rep sets, although my strength did not increase in any major way. My heaviest set was 295 for 12 reps for deadlifts, using perfect form and nice and slow repetitions. I have been trying to reduce my weight on this exercise and focus on form since my back is a weak point right now and one which I would like to bring up. I have performed 315 for 17 reps before and I am pretty sure that at my strongest ever I could have achieved 20 reps, but with form that was not perfect. My goal is to slowly get up to 405 for reps, but with perfect form, nice and controlled. Back to the point - while my lift was respectable, I am pretty sure that I would have achieved it without using this product so I cannot claim that it helped increase my strength. After my workout was complete, I found that I went back to the state right before the workout while I could really feel the mood enhancing effects. I suppose being distracted in the gym made the effects less noticeable when they are in focus. Also, I found that colours appeared to be a little stronger and there were greater contours to things that I was looking at. My depth perception also appeared to be a little improved, although that could have just been in my imagination.

Overall Review:

Before I go into great detail in my overall review, I should point out that I am only beginning to review energy supplements and so I do not have a great amount of previous reviews to base any present reviews on. I am slowly learning which supplements are better than others and how each product relates to the others available on the market. Overall I found that the Iovate Health Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot was a pretty good product. What I liked about it was that it is only a 2 fl.oz [59mL] serving size which is quick to drink before a workout and should be no problem even for those who dislike the taste. On that note I actually quite enjoyed the taste! I didn't think it was as good as Clearshot by ErgoPharm but I found it to be quite agreeable and I would not have any problem with drinking one shot before every workout. I am not one to use energy shots daily though because I prefer to use any energy enhancing supplements in moderation. I find that the "kick" these supplements have is more suitable for sporadic use rather than daily use. So with that in mind, I would have no problem taking this supplement for three of my five workouts each week. I think the ingredient blend is pretty sound for the 6-Hour Shot and the mood enhancing effects were positive and welcomed, both during my workout and when I consumed it in a state devoid of physical activity. I found there to be no noticeable increases in strength during my workout while I used this product and the main benefit was the mood enhancement and euphoria. I did not get that warm feeling in my throat and in my stomach [and even body for that matter] that I got from using the Clearshot by ErgoPharm and that was one of the greatest effects that it had. For $4.99, you can get 2/2 fl.oz. bottles, but it is Buy One Get One FREE! so it is actually four bottles for $4.99 which works out to about $1.25 each serving which is the same cost for one serving of Clearshot. As I said, I have very little to go on so far, but based on my very recent experience with both supplements, I would select Clearshot over 6-Hour Shot and if Clearshot is worthy of a 9/10, I would rate 6-Hour Shot to be a 7/10. Overall, it is a decent product which more or less delivers what it promises, but is not the best energy boosting shot that I have tried so far.

If you want to get more information on this product, check out and you will find out what you need to know.

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Iovate Health Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot - 2/2 Fl. Oz. Bottles - Buy One Get One FREE! Iovate Health Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot - 2/2 Fl. Oz. Bottles - Buy One Get One FREE!
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