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Jay Cutler DVD: New, Improved and Beyond - Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Jay Cutler DVD: New, Improved and Beyond - Review

Jay Cutler - New, Improved and Beyond (DVD) Filmed April and May 2003 after Jay won second consective AC title. Includes Jay's high intensity and high volume semi-off-season whole body workouts and much more. BUY IT NOW Jay Cutler: New, Improved, and Beyond DVD




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The DVD was filmed starting in April of 2003. We first meet Jay at McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jay comments that he has guest posings scheduled every weekend up until his Olympia prep in August (See: Mr. Olympia 2003 Main Page).

Day 1: Chest
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That same day (April 6) at 7:10 PM, he starts his chest workout with his wife Kerry with him to spot him on his bench press exercises and give him encouragement as he plows through the workout. Jay trains at the following gym:

Gold's Gym

West Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 877-6966

Jay starts off with 135 pounds on the incline press which he does for a warmup set. He then goes on to do two sets with 225 with his wife spotting him. Next he adds another 45 pound plate to each side hitting 315 for reps with Kerry spotting. After another set with 315, he does 405 for four reps. From there he strips the weight down to 225 pounds and does some more reps in dropset fashion.

Jay Cutler

After the incline bench press he does incline dumbbell presses for chest, starting off heavy because his chest was already warmed up after his first exercise. He then grabs a pair of 120s and cranks out eight reps before moving on to 130s for seven reps and 145s for seven.

Jay Cutler

Cutler moves on to the pec deck after his incline dumbbell presses. Pec deck flyes are another favourite exercise of mine which I feel helps to maximize the pump I feel in my chest. After doing some sets with the pec deck, Cutler moves on to dumbbell flyes, starting off with the 65s for reps then moving up to the 80s for reps. Jay is a high volume trainer, much like Art Atwood (See: Massive Results DVD).

Art Atwood - Massive Results (DVD) Art Atwood - Massive Results (DVD)
Retail Price: $39.95 Our Price: $29.95

Jay hits another couple of set of heavy flyes finishing with the 85s for reps before moving on to flat bench press.

Jay begins with 225 for 10 reps without a shirt on and then hits some poses. A front relaxed pose, and a right side chest pose. He hits 225 for seven reps on the second set, before taking a short rest (a few seconds) and hitting another three reps.

After the flat bench, Jay does cable crossovers for five sets. Jay hits a front double biceps after his second set and is looking great as always. He is definitely one of the few mass monsters who shows good form and shape even at a higher body weight. Obviously he's no Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler, Frank Zane, etc, but his shape is definitely good for a guy who stands 5'9 and carries 275 pounds of contest ready muscle. Jay hits some poses between his sets, this time also hitting a rear lat spread. His back had been improved from previous years and has since improved even more. If someone is going to catch up to Ronnie Coleman on his back, Jay will be the one - I don't imagine this will happen before Ronnie retires, but I think it can happen eventually.

After his cable crossovers, Jay does dumbbell pullovers starting with a 100 pound dumbbell. He hits some poses including a front lat spread, most muscular, and a front double biceps. He then moves on to another set of of dumbbell pullovers with the 100 pounder. Jay explains that his body weight is 280 (very low for the offseason). Even being 5'9 and 180 at Jay's condition is great muscularity. Jay is just a freak, plain and simple.

Jay Cutler

Day 2, Part I: Legs
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The next day (April 7), Jay hits the gym bright and early on Monday morning (8:56 AM). Jay trains legs at the following gym:

Gold's Gym
East Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 451-4222

Jay starts off with a set of leg extensions using light weight which looked easy - too easy - even for a warmup. He goes on to another set with the same result. I'm assuming Jay started so light to make sure his quads were thoroughly warmed up for the sets to come. After the extensions, Jay hits the leg press machine. His legs are shredded from top to bottom - quads, calves, and everything visible. He does six plates per side next for "10 easy reps" before hitting nine plates per side for eight reps. Jay's legs are strong - no question about that, but some bodybuilders with stronger legs that I can think of are:

Jay Cutler

Amazing that Tommi Thorvildsen is on that list, but he is damn strong. This is no disrespect for Jay - it's just for those of you looking for watch freaky weights, you might want to invest in any of the DVDs above. Jay's weights (and more importantly his legs themselves) are freaky, but if weights are your thing, you should also look into the above DVDs.

In any case, Jay is damn strong. Jay is the kind of guy whose routine appears to be formulated specifically for muscle building (high volume, high intensity). His rep range is always in the bodybuilding range and rarely in the very low reps used to develop strength. Too often, bodybuilders are judged based on their strength and not on the physiques they present on contest day. Jay has built a world class physique and stayed injury free because of his perfectly oriented workouts. He is no Ronnie Coleman in terms of power, but who is? I would put Jay's squat at around 750, with Ronnie probably closing in on 850. Jay is also 10 years younger. Hey may turn in to Bodybuilding's strongest eventually - just bear in mind on message boards when people say "Jay is weak" this is "weak" in a relative sense - relative to Ronnie or relative to powerlifters and the world's strong men! Not relative to most of the competition or the average Joe fitness enthusiast.

Bacck to the DVD, Jay does hack squats, starting off with four plates per side then going up to six plates per side and then eight. This time he has a workout partner with him (not his wife) to encourage him through every rep. Jay strips off two plates per side and does another set in dropset fashion and then strips off all the weight. Jay explains that he wouldn't even have to train his legs and they would grow - looks like we have another Gunter on our hands since he lodged the same "complaint." :-D

Jay Cutler

Jay explains that lunges help him to keep his legs so cut. He does lunges in places starting with 115 pounds. Jay does another set with 125 then with 135.

Jay's next exercise is front squats on the Smith machine starting off with 225 for reps then doing 315 for reps and then 405.

Jay goes back to the leg extension machine next, this time using heavier weights for working sets. He does quite a few sets before moving on to his hamstrings workout. He comments that he can't even walk.

For hamstrings, he starts off with seated leg curls (a personal favourite of mine). Next Jay does lying leg curls (another favourite). You can see the detail in his hamstrings as he performs each rep.

Next Jay does stiff legged deadlifts starting off with 225 for reps then hitting 315 for reps for a couple of sets. You can see the incredible detail in his calves as he performs these reps. Then Jay does leg curls one leg at a time, once again displaying his fantastic detail. Mits zooms in to a large cut on his right calf but Jay doesn't explain exactly what it is (saving room for the message boards to have a field day with it).

Deep Tissue Massage

Jay's massage therapist explains that his goal is to lengthen the fascia that surrounds the muscle giving it room to grow at a faster rate; as well as to help show more striations and detail show. He explains that Jay was the largest client he has ever worked on, and that Jay warned him in advance about this.

Meal #5

Jay goes over his meal and some of his nutrition program for the offseason. He eats like crazy, that's for damn sure. He says he eats the same meal four times out of the 10 he eats each day. He also takes glutamine with every meal. Jay explains that the only meal he eats out is sushi because every other meal (like chicken breasts and rice) he can make at home. Jay explains his glutamine use and suggests four times a day (pre and post-training, when you wake up, and when you go to bed.

Let me tell you if you don't know this already - Jay has his nutrition and supplementation down to a tee. It's perfect. He explains that he eats to get big and he doesn't care what it tastes like - this is pretty much my philosophy too. I eat for utility (health and muscle building) and not for taste. I think it's possible to do this and keep your sanity, but some like Jay and myself will not get frustrated with a bland diet like this. It doesn't seem to bother Jay at all. Others might go insane.

Once Jay's workout is over at 10:41 AM (long ass workout), he explains some of his training philosophy and current competition plans.

Day Two, Part II: Arms & Calves
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First thing's first - Craig Titus shows up at the beginning of this DVD. He makes a brief appearance then Jay starts with his training:

Jay starts out with rope pulldowns for his triceps. Jay explains that he put up two pounds since the previous day. His body weight was starting to climb but he said he might lose a little condition. He then went on to do a bit of posing (not much though) and then hit another set of rope pulldowns. He does one weight less than the full weight stack for reps.

Jay Cutler

For his next exercise, Cutler picks close grip bench presses for triceps starting off with 225 pounds for reps. Next he goes up to 275 pounds for reps then drops back to 225 for some more reps, finishing up and moving on to long bar triceps pushdowns for reps (really leaning in to some of them). After his pushdowns he moved on to machine dips and overhead dumbbell extensions. Jay chats briefly with Craig Titus before moving on to another set of the overhead extensions. Next he hits reverse grip single arm cable pulldowns. Jay hits a front double biceps pose and then announces his arms are 15 inches... + seven.

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

Jay then moves on to his biceps workout starting out with 95 pound curls using the olympic curl bar. By the looks of him, he has as much muscle as his frame can support - he looks just crazy. After barbell curls, Jay moves on to standing alternate dumbbell curls. He sways a lot during this motion but uses extremely heavy weights. One thing I agree with Mike Mentzer (RIP) about is that momentum is useless since it isn't the force of your muscles doing the lift. Some exercises may require a little momentum for safety reasons (squats or deadlifts), but for dumbbell curls, I don't see the benefit (See: Mike Mentzer's Advanced HIT DVD). In any case, Jay's results speak for themselves. Jay's next exercise is single arm machine preacher curls before moving on to standing alternate dumbbell curls again.

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

After Jay's biceps workout is complete, he moves on to his calves workout. He does standing calf raises and then does some stretching. Afterwards his wife shows up and massages his legs.

Jay then wraps things up in preparation for another day.

Interview 1
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This DVD was filmed in 2003 and was the second training video Jay made after 1999 Mr. Olympia Contest. Jay explains that he wants to make different videos in different modes of his year - in contest, just out of contest, offseason, and so forth. His other two videos are:

Jay goes over his nutrition program and training / cardio in some detail. He says he eats as much as 12 times a day! Crazy...Jay's professionalism is also remarkable. This guy is all business. I know I'll get in crap from a lot of the Ronnie nuthuggers kicking around the web (hey, I'm one myself), but I have to say I think Jay strikes me as being the most dedicated pro out there. He is 100% business, he eats by the clock and does everything to be the best in the world. What does Ronnie have over him? Genetics for one, and more of a passionate, genuine love for bodybuilding I feel. I think it gives him a mental edge, and coupled with his superior genetics, Ronnie is #1, with Jay #2.

Jay explains that he gets some of his fats from MCT oil as well as some other sources. His diet is extremely clean. He uses various supplements including:

Jay explains the importance of experimentation and eating a variety of food.

Day 3: Shoulders & Traps
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On Tuesday, April 8th, at 11AM, Jay shows us his bike.

After that he does his shoulder workout. He starts off with seated side lateral raises to pre-exhaust his delts. Afterwards, he his seated dumbbell military presses getting up to the 120s for nine reps and the 135s for seven (although said it was only five with one really forced rep). Jay explains that he bites so hard that he bleeds and that he needs a mouth piece when he trains (although I think the statement was made in jest).

Jay Cutler

Next Cutler goes on to perform cable lateral raises.

After his work on the machine is done he hits the free weights once again, doing front raises for his shoulder. While his shoulders were in excellent condition, both huge and shredded, I found he had even made them more striated in his DVD Ripped to Shreds. Check out THIS PICTURE as evidence. One reason for this could be that he was closer to a contest, or another being that with time he had just etched more detail into his delts. In any case, he looked extremely impressive in both DVDs.

Jay Cutler

Next came rear delts for Cutler, hitting the reverse pec deck to start off with. This is a personal favourite exercise of mine - I love it, and I can't think of many which are better to specifically target the rear delts. Jay did a drop sets on the last set. Once his sets were complete, he moved on to do bent over laterals for a couple of sets followed by shrugs. Jay performed his shrugs from the rear. Former eight time Mr. Olympia champion Lee Haney also performed the sets in this manner. Lee's reasoning was simple - the traps are situated on the rear, so what better way to target them than performing the exercise from the rear? Makes sense to me...only too much sense. Common sense really. Jay's form was not particularly great in this exercise. Jay is sort of so-so when it comes to ego lifting. He is much like Ronnie and much unlike Dorian and Mentzer. While Dorian and Mentzer trained with strict textbook form to the letter, Ronnie and Jay sometimes get sloppy - I actually train much like Ronnie and Jay do (with much lighter weights obviously). I feel I make up for it in volume, as do Ronnie and Jay. As long as the workouts and intense and lead to failure, progress will likely be made (providing a good nutrition and rest plan are also present).

Jay finished his workout with machine shrugs, going up to four plates per side for reps, then ended with a wrap-up. Jay hit a front double biceps pose in his tank top after a set.

Just as a point - the main flaw in Jay's form during the shrugs was that he was bending his elbows far too much. Even more than I do during sets, lol. Basically your arms should stay straight during sets so that you lift with your traps and not with your arms.

Jay discussed his plans to be the first ever three time (in a row) Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic. At the time of the DVD, he was currently tied with Flex Wheeler for twice in a row.

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Jay showed us his fridge during this section...What looked like vials of medicine of some kind appeared in the fridge...whatever that may be is open to speculation...*yikes*, must have been an editing error, lol.

Jay showed us his spacious home in detail - I'll tell you that his hard work has obviously paid off. His house is just incredible. Definitely a good place to be.

Jay showed us some of his bodybuilding trophies and then his spare room for guests. Jay also showed us his garage and his cars.

Disc 2
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Day 4: Back & Calves
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For his shoulders and calves routine, Jay trains at the following Gold's Gym:

Gold's Gym
Northeast Las Vegas

Jay starts off his workout with machine pullovers for his back. The machine is plate loaded and he starts off with two plates. This particular exercise is actually one which I haven't performed much myself but might give some thought to since it looks like a basic exercise that gets the job done. After two warmup sets, Jay stacks on more weight and hits the working sets training with intensity as always. For his next exercise, Jay goes on to lat pulldowns performing 250 pound working sets with ease and following it up with 290. He uses the long straight bar for his sets and does the pulldowns to the front. Next Jay does hammer machine alternate low pulls, starting with two plates per side. He then does four plates per side which he manages for 10 reps. He hits a rear lat spread in his tank top while seated on the hammer machine.

Jay Cutler

After the sets are done on the hammer machine, Jay moves on to the pulldown machine again, doing pulldowns once again, but this time using a close grip on the same long bar. Jay uses wraps during many of his back movements and while not being as strong as Ronnie Coleman, he definitely has a back just as impressive in many ways (particularly, Jay has a rear lat spread closing in on Ronnie's in terms of width and quality).

Jay hits a front double biceps in his tank top next before moving on to bent over barbell rows. Jay has been criticized for building his back using machines too much, but as can be seen in this DVD, he also uses free weights.

After another set of barbell rows, Jay then hits a most muscular pose and a rear lat spread and then goes on to do more bent over barbell rows, this time with three plates per side (315 pounds in total). He does that for eight reps and then explains a bit of his back training philosophy. He finishes up his bent over rows with 405 for five reps.

Jay hits the machines on the next set, doing seated cable rows for five sets and then explains that his back hurts so much that he can barely sit up. This made no sense to me since your back isn't supposed to hurt when working out. Sure, you will get a muscle pump, or maybe even a painful lactic acid buildup (not desireable), but I'm just not sure what exactly Jay meant by "pain." I just hope it's the correct type of pain and he isn't working through a minor injury of some kind, because that will likely only lead to a larger one. Jay does strike me as a pro who is too driven - yes, even being one of the best in the world at something, it's possible to be too driven, and I think Jay is. Bodybuilding is about longevity, and Jay is very lucky to have his beautiful wife Kerry to slow him down when he pushes himself too hard. Being slowed down is exactly what Jay will need to succeed (or risk being burnt out).

Jay then hits weighted hyperextensions for his lower back. Jay explains that he hadn't built himself up to three 45 pound plates yet and that he doesn't think he ever will. It was funny that he said that because as I was watching it, I remembered that Tommi Thorvildsen was using three 45 pound plates in the contests.

Jay Cutler

Jay hits calves next, starting off with seated calves raises. I'll tell you, Jay's calves are sick. I'm sure Ronnie's are just as big in terms of size, but they lack that crisply detailed diamond shape that Jay's possess. Therefore, size aside, Jay has the superior calves. Shape matters in bodybuilding, as does size and so many other factors. Jay has some of the best calves in the biz.

Jay then does standing calf raises and says he just does three of each (three sets of each exercise) and that's all it takes for big calves. Obviously Jay knows a thing or two about developing his calves.

Jay then takes off his his workout clothes and hits the following poses wearing his socks and trunks:

  • Front Relaxed Pose.
  • Front Double Biceps.
  • Front Lat Spread.
  • Right Side Chest.
  • Right Side Triceps.
  • Hands on Hips Most Muscular.
  • Rear Lat Spread.
  • Rear Double Biceps.
  • Most Muscular (Crab).

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

Jay was in excellent condition and then explained that his back workout was the most intense of the week.

Post Training Meal:

Jay then eats a post training meal consisting of the following:

  • Shredded Potatoes.
  • Powder mixed with gatorade.
  • Rice cakes with cinnamon equal on them.
  • Sugar oats with honey, two packets on them.
  • Apple sauce.

Jay next says he will be eating another meal an hour later (pasta with red meat).

Heed some advice: eat to grow!

Interview 2
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Jay explains that he receives neuromuscular therapy (an involved deep tissue massage). Jay thinks that it has drastically improved his body and started doing it in 2000 for the Night of Champions that year. He says it's costly but it's worth it.

Jay also has a whole background of community service under his belt, at high schools, hospitals, and many more places. It's nice to see that he's giving back, as so many other people who are in a position like Jay's would not.

In the interview, it showed some clips of Jay at the following exhibition:

March 15th, Saturday
Jon Lindsay / NPC
World Gym Classic
San Diego

Jay was definitely in great condition for this guest pose (almost in contest shape) and was seen in the pump room pumping up. He did side lateral raises for his shoulders as well as front raises. For his back he performed bent over rows using the same dumbbells. Jay says he does about 25 weekends each year for guest poses. He also mentioned earlier in the DVD that he loses 10 pounds during each guest pose due to lack of food, since it's difficult to eat as many calories during such an event (makes perfect sense to me). He also says he gains the weight back relatively quickly.

Mike Stolle announces Jay as the featured guest poser (at 280 pounds). Jay's conditioning was quite incredible ("cut man"). Jay posed to the same song he used at the 2004 Mr. Olympia Contest. He also posed to the song "In The End" by Linkin Park.

Jay also gets down and dirty with the crowd, which is exactly what they pay for and want to see. If not for the fans, as Jay pointed out, there would be no career for him. He is smart to get involved with the crowd of fans and give them what they want.

At this point, the DVD wraps up, and Jay thanks various good people in his life, all his close friends and family, and his fans who have supported him over the years. Some clips are shown from throughout the DVD and the bonus track begins.

Bonus Track
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Jay does an appearance at the following high school:

El Toro High School
El Toro, California
May 14th, 2003
Wednesday morning

Jay explained his roots in bodybuilding and apparently he was 5'9 and 215 pounds when he won the teenage nationals (crazy!). Jay was extremely descriptive in his speech to the class. He went over his career in detail and I found this portion of the DVD very interesting. Jay says he easily spends $1,000 a week on food ($50 a day just on eating out).

After the class was over, Jay chatted with some of the teenagers as well as hit some poses. A lot of girls wanted to feel his muscles, especially his arms (I find a lot do). This guy was absolutely huge and just dwarfing these kids. It was a pretty cool site and everyone looked like they were having a good time.

Mits thanked El Toro High and NITTA Sensei in the credits for this sequence.

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If I had to pick between this DVD or Ripped to Shreds, I would pick Ripped to Shreds. However, this DVD was pretty good. I had heard some poor reviews for it, basically some people said that it was boring or things along that line, but I disagree. It wasn't boring - just long (over 4.5 hours!!). So I could see how that might bore some people, but I would say the best thing to do would be to watch the DVD spread out of a couple of viewings. Watch the first disc one day and the next disc another day, or something like that. I can't say I'm one who would complain about the DVD being boring. I thought it was a great value, especially when you consider that it only costs $34.95. Not bad for 4.5 hours I would say.

So everything considered, I definitely give this DVD my props and recommend anyone to buy it who is a fan of bodybuilding videos or Jay Cutler.

Also, be sure to check out more bodybuilding video & DVD reviews and the Jay Cutler links below.

Overall, the DVD was very enjoyable and a great addition to the collection.


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Jay Cutler - New, Improved and Beyond (DVD) 

Jay Cutler - New, Improved and Beyond (DVD)

Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $29.94

DVD Release Date: March 4, 2004
Format: DVD NTSC
Encoding: 0 (Worldwide - will play on any DVD player)
Number of Discs: 2
Running time:
279 minutes
Studio: Mitsuru Okabe Company

Filmed April and May 2003 after Jay won second consective AC title. Includes Jay's high intensity and high volume semi-off-season whole body workouts. Exclusive interviews show you Jay's personality and his serious approach to bodybuilding. (Topics:Current Routine & Diet , Supplementation, Gain Mass Theory, Charity Activities, Memorable Places and more.) Guest appearance at San Diego Classic, Jay on & off stage, Educational business seminar at El Toro High school. Jay speaks to the class about : First Contest, To be a Pro, JKC Enterprises, Up Set, Eat Sleep Train, Jay's Day, Peak, Squats, $1,000/Week, Consistency...and more. and CRIBS @ his brand new Las Vegas home. 279 minutes. 2 discs-set/DVD-only Released : March 04, 2004

Video - Jay Cutler
New, Improved and Beyond: Training Arms (1.2 MB)

Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $29.94