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Training Log for June 9, 2007 Supplements Supplement Reviews Nitric Oxide Supplement Reviews ISS Research Satur8

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Today was legs day. This was the second legs workout I had after a somewhat substantial but unintentional layoff from legs training that lasted four weeks. I was busy doing different things, a lot of which had to do with, and it was just so easy to conveniently ignore training legs. I've never really liked training legs, although last year I was hitting them consistently and very hard and for that time period I always considered it to be very gratifying to do four sets of heavy squats combined with heavy leg presses and finishing it off with some hamstrings work. Today I decided to hit legs again for the second time after starting up again and my goal is to be as consistent as possible for as long as possible. Training legs is hard, but it is that challenge which makes the end result of all that hard training so much more satisfying. I feel very fulfilled after completing a hard legs workout and it is that feeling that I enjoy enough to help me get through hard legs workouts.

On today's legs day I did my usual standard of working both quads and hamstrings. I performed the following exercises:

For Legs

  • Leg Press
  • Leg Extensions
  • Lunges
  • Seated Hamstrings Curls
  • Lying Hamstrings Curls

Today I decided to try a new supplement which Coulaid (Kevin) of ISS Research was kind enough to give me for free to review. I want to send out a big thank you to Kevin for giving me a huge supply of samples of Satur8. Satur8 claims to be a breakthrough supplement which helps bodybuilders increase strength, muscle size, and vascularity. Those are pretty big claims for a supplement, but not unusual in an industry full of flashy advertising. Satur8 has a number of ingredients, of importance to note would be Di-Creatine Malata and L-Taurine. ISS claims that the most exciting compound introduced in Satur8 is Glycocyamine which is classified by FLEX magazine as the "biggest breakthrough since creatine". Again, more with the dramatic claims. Like I said, I've come to expect them from supplement ads and descriptions by this point in my bodybuilding life. I used Satur8 expecting good results and to see how it would compare to other pre-workout drinks. I took my drink 20 minutes pre-workout as recommended and tried the Smarteaz Fruit Punch flavour. I will say right off the bat that I didn't care for the taste at all. I had previously tried NO-EXPLODE and enjoyed the taste of it and didn't really know that on the average, pre-workout formulas usually do not taste that great! It's much like high protein bars - it should be expected that you forego some taste for the sake of effective products. Just like protein bars have a specific taste which you get used to after a while, pre-workout drinks also have a specific taste which you get used to eventually. I definitely have a penchant for NO-XPLODE, both in taste and in quality. It is a high quality product as it claims to be and if you're interested in a workout boost, be sure to check it out:

BSN NO-Xplode Amplify Mental Focus, Performance, Strength, & Training Intensity! BUY IT NOW BSN NO XPLODE


Here is an example of the seated hamstrings curls I did for hamstrings:

NOTE: The video above is not recent but I plan to include recent videos in this log as I continue updating it so please stay tuned!

Click the image below to surf to's Exercise Demos Page:

Overall Review of Satur8

For my final thoughts on Satur8, I will say that I enjoyed using it but feel I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more if I actually ate properly and stayed properly hydrated during the day! Unfortunately for me, I had not eaten enough food and was very thirsty at the time I used Satur8 and feel I experienced only the side effects and not as much of the actual positive effects! I felt somewhat of a high off it, so I know that it had a definite effect on my body chemistry which would no doubt have manifested physically in my training had I just been on a proper nutrition schedule for the day. I always find that it is best to eat one or two meals before a workout and ideally those meals should be medium or high in carbohydrates so that I can get a great pump during my workout. With pre-workout and pump inducing products I find that the carbohydrates are even put to better use than they normally are. Since I feel that my nutrition could have been better today, it is difficult for me to accurately assess the effectiveness of Satur8, but I can say that I definitely felt it coursing through my system and my workout was better than a normal workout for me would be in light of improper nutrition from earlier in the day. However, I definitely plan to review Satur8 again and update this page with the new review link once I do so to let you know how it goes. I felt it working, but next time I want to ensure that everything is together before I use it - that means proper rest and nutrition pre-workout in addition to drinking my Satur8 shake. I can say that I was not a fan of the taste of Satur8 and will probably try the "Grape Smash" or "LemonHedz Lemonade" flavours next time. The "Smarteaz Fruit Punch" flavour was a fruit punch blend and in general I prefer grape and lemon flavoured pre-workout drinks. For those interested in Satur8 by ISS Research, be sure to click on the link below as you will find that it is priced right - you can get 1.10 lbs (50 servings) for the low price of $24.98:

ISS Research Satur8 ISS Research Satur8 - 1.10 Lbs
Retail Price: $41.50 Our Price: $24.98

Take care,

Matt Canning

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