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Jusup Wilkosz Workout - German Pro Bodybuilder VHS Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Jusup Wilkosz Workout - German Pro Bodybuilder VHS

Bodybuilding - Jusup Wilkosz with special guest Arnold Schwarzenegger (DVD) Wilkosz is the first German World Amateur and Professional Bodybuilding Champion. Here at last is a workout DVD which shows what bodybuilding is all about - the blood, sweat and tears of top level training. This Video shows in various gym training sequences the full challenge of striving to fulfil one’s own potential, as Wilkosz, like Vulcan, powers his way through a gruelling workout. He is assisted by his guests who include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Beckles, Ed Corney, Tony Pearson, Josef Petr and Peter Fules. BUY IT NOW Bodybuilding - Jusup Wilkosz with special guest Arnold Schwarzenegger (DVD)



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Jusup Wilkosz Workout - German Pro Bodybuilder VHS

I managed to find this old video on EBAY. It was made entirely in German, which was fine by me because you still got to get a good glimpse of Jusup's training program and the physique he brought to the table during the 1980s.

Jusup was a very rugged man, and had a strong look to him, both in terms of his physique and even his beard and hair style:

Jusup Wilkosz



The video started off with some posing by Jusup. He was looking fantastic at around 220 pounds / 6'0. Afterwards it went into some workout footage where Jusup was getting pumped up with a set on the cabls followed by biceps curls. This guy was a monster but at the same time looked human, unlike the pros of today who are almost all cartoon characters. Jusup had a physique that may be attainable to people willing to put in the time to get it. Not to say it would be easy, and not to say it can be done naturally (steroid free), but his physique is one which is a lot more attainable than competing pros today while still being a freak.

The credits began which were in German, and random footage of Jusup was shown, exhibiting his posing ability and great strength.

Jusup Wilkosz

Once the video began, we see a glimpse into Jusup's gym where his training partner was doing a set of cable rows. The video appeared to be instructional, but once again, with German dialogue it made it impossible for me to understand what was being said since I don't speak German. Various exercises were shown performed by Jusup and his conditioning was close to contest level. Jusup was doing leg presses with over 1,000 pounds on an old machine and you could see the intensity on his face with every rep. He was known as one of the stronger and harder trainers of bodybuilding and a lot of the footage showed that.

Jusup was next shown with his training partner in what appeared to be more instruction (in German once again). Once again, it was quite amazing to see how "human" Jusup looked (in relation to today's pros). He had the kind of physique which seemed attainable if enough time and effort were put forth.

Jusup Wilkosz

Jusup and his training partner appeared to be doing clean and jerks with the addition of going behind the neck with the barbell as well. This is a very unique exercise and I'm not exactly sure what the benefits would be for hypertrophy (muscle growth). It seems that it would increase bursts of power, which would explain Jusup's possession of such power, but it would seem less beneficial for bodybuilding gains alone.

Jusup trained with intensity and at one point I even heard that he spent five hours each day in the gym. No doubt, all his time away from the gym was spent eating or preparing meals. Certainly muscularity like his does not come easy or without a lot of time and effort.

Jusup went on to perform close grip bench presses with 315 pounds.

Next there appeared to be some instruction on proper nutrition (e.g., protein shakes) and Jusup was also seen running with Ed Corney. Another thing about looking human is that Jusup possessed the athletic ability of a human. Unlike many pros today who would probably not be able to run as fast or for as long as Jusup did during the video. Naturally when you are over 250 pounds when enormous legs over 30 inches, running long distances is made incredibly difficult.

Jusup Wilkosz

An indoor aerobic session was next shown but Jusup was not in it. There was some funky 80s music playing during this sequence.

Back at the gym, Jusup was performing good clean reps on the flat machine bench press (non Smith Machine style), and then some more on the incline. Albert Beckles was shown in the video. He was a guy who was timeless and still winning contests well into his fifties. Jusup was training chest with Ed Corney. Albert Beckles was doing decline bench press with Jusup and Jusup went all the way up to 425 pounds for 12 reps!! That's something you don't see even in pro videos & DVDs from today. Wow.

Jusup and Albert went on to perform machine preacher curls and both displayed phenomenal biceps development.

The next sequence was at an expo where Jusup was wearing a sweater and was looking huge, but still human. That is why I say he had a good look. Pros today cannot wear regular clothes without looking gigantic and too cartoonish. While this is freaky to see on stage and extremely entertaining for the fans, it isn't a look that the average gym rat would want to attain for himself. Arnold made an appearance at the expo and he was helping Jusup with his training and posing. Jusup was very shredded and sporting good size. At this point, Arnold was at the beginning of his Hollywood career and naturally down in size, but still looking large (wearing a buttoned down shirt).

Some posing was then shown of various bodybuilders, each of whom looked very good, although it would be difficult to give names since they were bodybuilders of the 1980s and not easy for me to recognize. However, Rich Gaspari was shown in the clip and looking very good.

Some more posing was shown by various bodybuilders and the entire sequence was narrated which would lead me to believe that it was another instructional sequence. Albert Beckles and Tony Pearson were shown posing.

Afterwards, the credits were shown as well as some previews for other videos of the day. Jusup's words of advice, "No Pain, No Gain!"

All in all this was a good video, and definitely one to get if you are a fan of the classic German monster, Jusup Wilkosz. I greatly enjoyed the video, despite not being fluent in German (or having any understanding in the language for that matter).

I bought the video off EBAY, at THIS STORE and I felt it was well worth it. I will definitely shop with that seller again.

Jusup Wilkosz - German Pro Bodybuilder


VHS - NTSC video presentation from GMV Productions V-13 - 1 hour.

Brand New Tape - never viewed!

Wilkosz is the first German World Amateur and Professsional Bodybuilding Champion. The tape is mostly German dialogue, but the action is a visual pleasure to watch.

This tape shows what bodybuilding is all about - the blood, sweat and tears of top level training. You will see in various gym training sequences the full challenge of striving to fulfil one's own potential, as Jusup powers his way through a gruelling workout.

Jusup is assisted by his guests, who include: Arnold Swarzenegger, Al Beckels, Ed Corney, Tony Pearson, Josef Petr and Peter Fules.

Also includes Jusup's posing routine.

Take care,

Matt Canning

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Bodybuilding - Jusup Wilkosz with special guest Arnold Schwarzenegger DVD Bodybuilding - Jusup Wilkosz with special guest Arnold Schwarzenegger (DVD)
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