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Lean Mass Supplement Schedule

If you’re looking to develop some rock-hard lean mass in the upcoming weeks, then effective, intelligent supplementing is crucial.

Here’s the details of a relatively simple and inexpensive supplement program aimed at helping you create and maintain lean muscle. As always, I’ll let you in on all the secrets including actual brand names. With this type of program, you’ll create an optimal biological environment for lean mass development.

7:00 AM Wake-Up Time
After a good night’s rest, it’s crucial to immediately get some quality protein into your body. I like to use an Meal Replacement Powder at this point. Because it’s easy on the digestive system and very high quality, I usually go with a MET-Rx Plus. Now’s the time to also take a good multi-vitamin and anti-oxidants (1 gram Vitamin C, 400 iu Vitamin E, 20,000 iu Beta-Carotene). I’ll add 1 gram of AST’s GABA to naturally promote growth hormone levels. I’ll also take a couple grams of CLA or EFAs at this time (take these throughout the day). If I’m doing a prohormone cycle, then I’ll also take a dose now. Because of the unique sublingual delivery, I tend to go with SportsOne’s Cycloplex products (4-androdiol and/or 19-norandro).

9:00 PM: With Morning Meal
Along with a full morning meal, I’ll also take a scoop of protein powder at this point. Lately I’ve been using either AST’s VP2 or Actisyn from SportPharma. I’m convinced that Actisyn, in particular, has really helped fuel new muscle growth. I scoop of the new micronized Creatine HSC is also taken now. Note: the Creatine HSC mixes well with the protein powders.

12:00 Noon: With Midday Meal
I prefer I light meal at this point in the day. Very often I’ll just use a high protein Nutrition Bar or MRP. As far as bars go, the products from Worldwide are great, though I usually mix things up here. Additional anti-oxidants.

3:00 PM: With Pre-Workout Meal
Take 1-2 scoops of protein powder in addition to whole food meal (this is often my highest carbohydrate meal of the day). Take 5 grams Creatine (Creatine HSC).

4:00 PM: Prior To Training
About 30 minutes prior to training, take 5 grams of L-Glutamine Powder (GL3) and a dose of the prohormone of your choice (Cycloplex).

6:00 PM: With Post-Workout Meal
Because it’s often difficult on the digestive system to eat a lot of whole food immediately after an intense training session, this is a great time to use a quality MRP. Also take in additional anti-oxidants, CLA or EFAs.

8:00 PM: With Evening Meal
One added scoop of protein (Actisyn) with a high-protein whole food meal. Prohormone dose (optional)

10:30 PM: Prior To Bedtime
For protein, take in a low-carb MRP, Nutrition Bar, or Protein Powder. To promote additional growth hormone release during sleep use 5 grams of L-Glutamine and 2 grams of GABA.

Use this basic schedule as a guide, but don’t be afraid to adjust it to fit into your schedule and top take advantage of your favorite products.

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