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LG Sciences Cold Fusion EX Contains Beta-Alanine! BUY IT NOW LG Sciences Cold Fusion EX



LG Sciences Cold Fusion EX Review By Matt C.

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LG Sciences Cold Fusion EX - Contains Beta-Alanine!

My diet has been slowly improving lately, but as of right now, it still leaves a little to be desired overall. As a result of years of training and monitoring my diet, I can now tell with great confidence when a supplement works and when it doesn't.

Cold Fusion EX by LG Sciences is one of those supplements which boasts pretty big claims. Not as big as some of the supplements I've seen, but definitely claims which make the user have high expectations in the product. I will cite these claims below and include my comments based on my one day trial of the supplement:

"Cold Fusion EX is the next generation in nitric oxide and creatine formulations designed to give you size and strength gain that surpass any other product on the market today."

This is a bold claim, and I can't comment definitively on this based on only a one day trial, but I can say that the quality of my one day use of Cold Fusion EX proved it to be as good as virtually any other NO product I have ever tried, including NanoX9 by MuscleTech and NO XPLODE by BSN. That having been said, there are other variables at play such as rest and diet, not just during the day of training, but for the days prior, so as I said, it's difficult to make a definite judgment, but I can consistently tell when a supplement works well, and this one certainly did.

"This product will give you amazing pumps, incredible strength and mass gain from the first scoop."

If a product says that it will give you a great pump (or another great result) from the very first scoop, it makes it pretty easy to determine whether or not that company is being honest or not. If it proves that the supplement manufacturer did not make honest claims in such a case, it harms their credibility in all other cases. From my vantage point, I definitely achieved a great pump using Cold Fusion EX from the very first scoop. Without a shadow of a doubt, my workout was better than it had been in weeks and the pump last for a long time afterwards and slowly tapered off over a matter of many hours. Definitely a great feeling and I would attrinbute that to this supplement.

"Cold Fusion EX is designed to pack on muscular size, while skyrocketing your strength with even the first scoop. These are results that you can feel in the gym and see in the mirror."

In order to reap the anabolic benefits of Cold Fusion EX in terms of gaining muscle size, I would need to use it for an extended period of time to benefit from the creatine ethyl ester (CEE), and creatine monohydrate. As it is now I consider myself to be somewhat of a guinea pig when it comes to supplements, and don't wish to be using supplements for extended periods of time which is why I review many supplements based on one day or one week trials. I cannot comment on the anabolic potential of Cold Fusion EX, but I can comment on the strength gains. My shoulders workout consisted of a maximum of 120 pounds in total for dumbbell presses (60 pounds in each hand). I did these for three sets of 12 reps and one set of 10 reps, and each set was easy for me. That said, I normally lift much heavier weight than that but today I trained at the gym in my university which has giant rubberized dumbbells which are extremely awkward to lift once they get very heavy since they are so big in surface area. The 60 pounders were the traditional steel and iron dumbbells and that is why I only used that weight. Having said that, I think I could have lifted closer to my maximum had I attempted to do so, but the primary benefit I got from Cold Fusion was a massive surge of energy, which affected my well being and my motivation, but I did not notice as much of an increase in brute strength. The energy gains do act in some way as a placebo to lift heavier weight than normal, but I was just as happy to lift moderate weight with great energy than to lift much heavier weight. Overall, I enjoyed the workout greatly with that surge in energy.

"Cold Fusion EX also increases stamina and energy. While providing for lightning fast recovery between workouts, so it is perfect for both bodybuilders and athletes who are looking to maximize their performance."

Cold Fusion claims to increase stamina and energy and I can say that this was definitely the case in the shoulders workout I performed while using it. I was able to maintain high energy levels through my entire workout and this extra energy motivated me to continue to train hard.

One day has passed since my shoulders workout and I feel as if I could train them again today. That may not be the wisest choice, but I certainly feel like the possibility to do that is out there. My shoulders feel very recovered and after an intense workout yesterday, which is faster than normal. I also noticed that Cold Fusion EX contains Beta Alanine, which is a naturally ocurring amino acid, which is supposed help with buffering of lactic acid h+ ions. Whenever I train my shoulders, lactic acid problems hurt me the worst. I have very little problems with lactic acid burn training any other muscle group, but almost always with shoulders, and this has been the case since I begun training in the fall of 2000. However, yesterday I had very few problems with it, and without any further information to persuade me otherwise, I am compelled to believe this was due to the beta alanine present in Cold Fusion EX. So far, I can say with certainty that Cold Fusion lived up to the hype.

"All the ingredients in Cold Fusion EX are prevent not only by clinical and research trials, but in the real world by top level athletes and bodybuilders."

While I am not doubting that there is clinical research on the ingredients in Cold Fusion EX (and I know for a fact there is), I do wish that more supplement companies would cite some of the studies in their ads or on the product packaging for reference. Gaspari Nutrition is one company which consistently does this, and I am grateful for that. There are many studies done on creatine monohydrate and a cursory of online scientific journals proves this, but it would be nice if a few names of studies were provided, just for reference sake. :)

"While not every person will experience it, for most people you will feel the tingle that tells you Cold Fusion EX is hard at work pushing you past plateaus and to new levels of size and strength!"

Cold Fusion EX worked for me within 10-15 minutes which is also what is to be expected according to other packaging claims. While walking to the gym, I felt my skin tingle, predominantly in my upper body, including the back of my hands, my face, and my ears. At first it freaked me out a little, until I remembered that LG Sciences claimed that Cold Fusion EX does exactly that. I can say that motivated me a little extra seeing as I was certain at that point the product was working for me. Through my workout, it was proven more and more that this was the case.


Since I had fruit punch flavour, I decided to mix Cold Fusion EX in fruit juices, and I picked cranberry and apple juice. I also mixed a little water in it as well, and I was quite pleased with the taste. It had a distinct "healthy" taste, since it is very difficult to make supplements taste like treats when they have so many healthful ingredients in them, but it came pretty close and I have to say, if I were to use it on a long term basis, I would definitely look forward to my daily dose. That said, it is not the type of drink which I would want to have multiple times daily, but very few supplements are. It has a unique but pleasant taste, similar to many other good tasting supplements, which is enjoyable to drink, but not something I could see anyone wanting to drink like juice. Definitely superior to most NO products in terms of taste though - NO products are notoriously bad tasting and it was refreshing (literally) to see an exception.


Cold Fusion EX mixed very well overall. It was slightly grainy to drink, although I would not say it was as grainy/sandy tasting as SIZEON by Gaspari Nutrition for example (my all time favourite creatine supplement). For a creatine/NO product, it mixed pretty well in a cup with juice and water and stirred with a spoon as I did. Overall, I had no problems at all in this area as far as Cold Fusion EX is concerned.

Overall Review:

This is one supplement which fulfilled all of its claims from my vantage point, including some of the more extravagant ones. I definitely felt a tingle as it started to work in the timespan it claimed it would, and I had a superior pump which was not only superior in the gym, but which lasted for many hours after my workout was complete while very slowly tapering off. My workout only lasted 45 minutes, but I felt the product continuing to work for an hour after that as evidenced in the tingling sensation which remained in my upper body, hands, and face, during that time! I suspect I could have trained for that additional hour and enjoyed the same effects during that time as I did during my 45 minute workout. Cold Fusion EX's fruit punch flavour tastes very good and I enjoyed drinking it. It was one of the best NO products I have ever tried, and I have every reason to believe that if used for an extended period of time (30 days), anabolic benefits would likely be seen as a result of the creatine it contains. This is definitely an A+ supplement in my mind and one which I look forward to using again.

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