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Cardio - The MAX-OT Way
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When we asks someone what really burns the fat, We get repky "CARDIO". Cardio is the best formula for losing weight and enhancing health. It is essential to perform cardio 3-4 times a week to be fit and enhance your heart health. This should not only be done by the bodybuilders but a normal man who is not in iron game should also do cardio.

Here I am to introduce you a new way of cardio. Normally cardio only burns fat but do you know this cardio is anabolic. Imagine a cardio that not only burns the fat but also build muscles. I hear the roaring "WOW" from your sides.

It actually causes muscle to grow. This style of cardio was introduced by Skip La Cour and we can see Skip's performance in competitions. Take a look at the condition Skip achieved on the way to winning the 2002 Team Universe Championship.

Now forget your previous way of doing cardio. I bet after reading my article you will be using this type of cardio session. Because first you were only burning fat from cardio but now you will actually build muscle at the same time while burning fat. And also remember this type of cardio is very very effective and it boosts your metabolism. You will start seeing results in 3 weeks.

Cardio Bike

What is MAX-OT Cardio?
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Max-OT Cardio is a high-intensity, short duration form cardio designed to enhance your metabolic rate for sustained 24 hour-a-day fat burning. Performed correctly, Max-OT Cardio is an ultra-intense and highly effective way to burn fat without losing lean muscle.

It is ulta high intensity cardio performed in 16 minutes sessions and performed progressively from session to session. You will be able to burn more calories in these 16 minutes as you will perform this with a very ultra high intensity.

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Some More Points to Nail Down.
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The MAX-OT cardio should be performed on a recumbent bike. Why? Because it requires limited skills and movement. And you not get as much tired as you become when performing cardio on a treadmill. You can also perform this on a treadmill or normal stationary bike but I like recumbent bike the most. All Iím basically doing is getting my feet pumping and my heart rate up for the 16 minutes. It kicks my metabolism into high gear and stimulates the fat burning process. Recumbent Bike

Time Setting.
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This is easy. Set it to 16 minutes on a recumbent bike.

Program Setting
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Every recumbent bike has different programs. I dont know which recumbent bike you have. For setting resistance level set it to "Interval". This is because to gradually increase your resistance level.

Skip Lacour

Important Log
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You should perform this 16 minutes cardio session abit higher in intensity than your normal cardio. It should be intensed. The thing on the recumbent bike is that it shows calorie burned and distance travelled. It should be noted down on your training log.

Remember every new cardio session should be more intensed and you should travel abit more distance from your previous record. This is the main reason why recumbent bike suits on MAX-OT cardio.

Remember you intensity should be higher than your previous cardio session. Because your metabolism will see new effect and intensity, So you will see rapid fat loss.


Performing MAX-OT Cardio to Work for you.
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Ok so now I guess you have understood all info. about how to perform MAX-OT Cardio. First of all perform MAX-OT Cardio on a recumbent bike. Each session should be more intense than your previous session. Your MAX-OT Cardio session should be only performed for 16 minutes and not more than that. The level of resistance on recumbent bike should be "Interval".

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It's best to spread cardio 8-12 hours apart from weight training so you don't interfere with the muscle building process during the important pre and post-workout time periods.

If you do cardio directly before training you will reduce muscle energy stores which will have a negative impact on your strength and limit the amount of overload you can achieve during your workout.

Cardio directly after training interferes with the ultra important post-workout time period when nutrient uptake potential is at its greatest. Rather than capitalizing on this opportunity for muscle growth acceleration with smart post-workout nutrient selection and timing, cardio directly after training will drive you further into a catabolic or tissue break down state.

If you avoid the practice of doing cardio directly before or directly after training you'll be able to reap all the positive benefits of intense cardiovascular exercise with no negative impact on the muscle building process.

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Now you have got all the info. to boost your metabolism. So what are you waiting for just get out of here and perform a cardio session right now.

Dont forget to drop me a email at about the effects of your cardio.


Train Hard,

Stephane Lajoie

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