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Muscular Development All Natural Magazine

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All Natural
Muscular Development Magazine
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June 1997

Muscular Development has changed its name. The new name is All Natural Muscular Development, with the All Natural in smaller letters. It is part of the magazine's new outlook on natural bodybuilding, and to shy away from the hardcore look. This month's fitness model on the cover is Theresa Hessler, the Jan Tana Fitness Champion. Other interesting articles is one about Jack LaLanne (the godfather of fitness), and a new study on NAC (supposedly builds muscle mass).

Muscular Development, by Twinlab, is another serious bodybuilder magazine, but also covers fitness and health related items. They pride themselves on giving its readers extensive coverage on the cutting edge of training, diet and nutrition articles. It also has great pictures of bodybuilders, and makes for enjoyable reading.

June 1997 Table of Contents
Volume 34, Number 6


  • Superstars of the WNBF: Training and diet tips of the top six pro natural WNBF superstars.
  • Theresa Hessler - the Ab-Racadabra Fitness Girl: The 1996 Jan Tana Pro Fitness champion is not shy about her body.
  • Hot Metal: The Zinc / Growth Connection Part II: Creating an anabolic environment.
  • How Much Time Off In Between Workouts? Answering the natural bodybuilder's most important questions.
  • N-Acetylcysteine (NAC): The new study says it builds muscle mass: This gem of a micronutrient packs a powerful therapeutic punch.

  • Hot Breaking Research: Phenomenal Factoids about fitness, health and nutrition
  • Strength & Conditioning: Offsetting the effects of aging
  • Fat News: Is redux useful for carbohydrate cravers?

Natural Training:

  • As I See It: Bodybuilding: the State of the Art: by Jack LaLanne
  • Ask the Experts: Top of the Line Training Tips
  • Ask the Legend: Steve Reeves Q&A: New! Why did you return to bodybuilding?
  • Thinking Big! Strategies to help you reach your goals
  • Heavy Duty: Thou Shalt! by Mike Mentzer
  • Natural Bodybuilding Digest: What does 'Natural' really mean?
  • Labrada's Outlook: Excuse me, how much does that body cost?
  • Kinesiology: Bench crunches for optmizing the ambominals.


  • Best of Health: The Protein primrose path, Part III.
  • Eat to Win: Dexfenfluramine: Diet scam of the next millennium?
  • Nutrition and Fat Loss Q&A: Cravings, Tastings and Ratings

Health & Fitness:

  • Cardio Q&A: Finishing a long run properly... biking in high gear... supplemental antioxidants... cardiovascular benefits of in-line skating...


  • The Right Chromium: All that glitters is not chromium
  • Drugs in Sports Roundtable: Drug Free decisions:
  • Anabolic Review: High Fat Diets and testosterone levels... how does testosterone cause cancer?... Beta Carotene: Anti-catabolic... New oral GH releaser...


  • Muscle Mail: The immortal Steve Reeves... Naturals sound off... why the good old days really were... praise from a champion.
  • Mentzer Speaks! Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.
  • On the Web: Carol Ann dishes on everything you need to know about fitness, health, sexuality
  • Wayne's Word: The IFBB's small step in the right direction.
  • Romano's Rage Page: It's time to tell a few people off!
  • Max Rep Frontwheel little baseball washer woman?

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