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Muscular Development All Natural Magazine

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All Natural
Muscular Development Magazine
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July 1997

Muscular Development has changed its name. The new name is All Natural Muscular Development, with the All Natural in smaller letters. It is part of the magazine's new outlook on natural bodybuilding, and to shy away from the hardcore look. This month's cover features Bill Davey. Interesting stories include the great IFBB drug debate, and a nice pictorial on Alexandra Beres, the 1996 Ms. Fitness World.

Muscular Development, by Twinlab, is another serious bodybuilder magazine that concentrates on natural bodybuilding, but also covers fitness and health related items. They pride themselves on giving its readers extensive coverage on the cutting edge of training, diet and nutrition articles. It also has great pictures of bodybuilders, and makes for enjoyable reading.

July 1997 Table of Contents
Volume 34, Number 7


  • Growth of a Legend: Twinlab and the new bodybuilding! It's time to welcome the dawn of a new era.
  • Women's Bodybuilding: The Writing's on the wall ... read it well! Bodybuilding's silent majority knew that the death of women's bodybuilding was coming - that it was only a matter of time.
  • Optimal Shape Part One: Can you change your muscles' structure?
  • ANBC Natural for Life Bodybuilding Superstars: John Lodespoto, Greg Rando, Mike D'Angelo, Mike Streno, Linda McLaughlin: The Real Deal!
  • Special Report: Once there was Camelot... the Great IFBB Drug Debate: IFBB rules clearly forbid the use of drugs... but it gets a little difficult after that!
  • Alexandra Beres: The Jane Fonda of Hungary: This beautiful Arnold Classic champ is a role model supreme.

  • Hot Breaking Research: Phenomenal Factoids about fitness, health and nutrition
  • Strength & Conditioning: Best ways to increase muscle size... Negative vs. Positive Training... Interval Sprint Work... How many sets?
  • Fat News: Redu users: Beware of Serotonin Syndrome

Natural Training:

  • As I See It: An evolutionary shift.
  • Ask the Experts: Top of the Line Training Tips
  • Michael D' Angelo: Fusion Fireball: Mr. Charisma's all natural workout
  • Ask the Legend: Steve Reeves Q&A: On bringing bodybuilding back from the dead, and a most productive arm routine.
  • Heavy Duty: The Loneliest Number by Mike Mentzer
  • Bill Davey's Total Body Workout: Ten Natural for Life Training Tips: Here's the equivalent of thousands of dollars worth of training tips!
  • Labrada's Outlook: Supplement scams...
  • Natural Bodybuilding Digest: What is the ideal training schedule for the natural bodybuilder?
  • Kinesiology: Cable Crossovers
  • Thinking Big: Driving with the parking brake on.


  • Best of Health: The Fat Edge
  • Nutrition and Fat Loss Q&A: Fat Loss Claims, Tuna and the best pizzas
  • Eat to Win:Aspartame blows Dexfenfluramine away!
  • Nutrition Update: Vanadyl Sulphate Supplements

Health & Fitness:

  • Cardio Q&A: Rating perceived exertion... MET Levels... Can you eat before swimming?


  • State of the Art: Amino acids, GH, Ephedrine...
  • Drugs in Sports Roundtable: Steroid Handbooks: Do they promote drug use?
  • Anabolic Review: Steroids twins and heart function, Thiamine and IGF-1, Estrogen and Male Stress, Growth Hormone: Are tests on the way?


  • Muscle Mail: Avalanche of praise for All Natural MD... Fitness Divas... The Real Superman...
  • Mentzer Speaks! The Mind: Check your premises.
  • On the Web: Carol Ann dishes on everything you need to know about fitness, health, sexuality
  • Wayne's Word: Wanted: A healthy alternative for bodybuilding's pros
  • Romano's Rage Page: It's time to tell a few people off!
  • Max Rep Back to the Zing Tapes; or, Succulator, Alligator!

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