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Muscular Development All Natural Magazine

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All Natural
Muscular Development Magazine
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December 1997

The look of natural bodybuilding and less on the hardcore look is what Muscular Development stands for. With everything geared towards the natural look, it continues to attack steroids, drugs, etc. On the cover is fitness superstar Denise Paglia, photographed by Per Barnal.

Muscular Development, owned by Twinlab, is another serious bodybuilder magazine that concentrates on natural bodybuilding, but also covers fitness and health related items. They pride themselves on giving its readers extensive coverage on the cutting edge of training, diet and nutrition articles. It also has great pictures of bodybuilders, and makes for enjoyable reading.

December 1997 Table of Contents
Volume 34, Number 12

Natural Training:

  • As I See It: The Natural Choice
  • Heavy Duty: Stimulus Freaks: by Mike Mentzer
  • Ask the Legend: Steve Reeves Q&A: Setting your exercise priorities straight
  • Natural Bodybuilding Digest: What motivates the Top Natural Stars?: by Skip LaCour
  • Labrada?s Outlook: Fear and Loathing in ?Roidville: by Lee Labrada
  • Kinesiology: Seated cable Toe, Lifts for the Anterior Calf
  • Thinking Big: Holding Yourself Up to a Higher Set of Standards: by Skip LaCour
  • Ask the Experts: Keeping Blood Pressure Low While Training
Health & Fitness:

  • Best of Health: Soy: Potent Aid for Athletes
  • Aerobic Training: Training for a 10K


  • Muscle Meals: How to eat Mexican Foot the low-fat way
  • Eat to Win: New Obesity Drug has fewer side effects than Fen-Phen.
  • Nutrition Update: Glutamine: The Great: Part Two


  • Hot Breaking Research: Phenomenal Factoids About Fitness, Health, Nutrition
  • Strength & Conditioning: Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine


  • State of the Art: Predicting Heart Attacks... Vitamins Fight Pollutants... Pre-Exercises Carbohydrates... Glutamine Prolongs Survival... DHEA Boosts Immunity... More!
  • Dietary Supplement Review: Weight Loss Claims: On a wing and a Prayer
  • Drugs in Sports Q&A: Androstenedione: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
  • Fat News: Ephedrine and Caffeine: Safe as Aspirin?
  • Anabolic Review: Amino Acids and the Anabolic Response... HMB: Does it help Muscular Endurance? ... Weight Gains from Creatine... and more....


  • 5-HTP for ?Woe is Me??: Do all the seductive claims for this supplement hold water?
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Resistance Training: The link between ALC and Resistance Training Adaptations
  • Kevin Davidson - Big, Bad, Bold: The words, the workout: Both to the utmost limit!
  • Rebuilding with Muscle: In the Weight Room with the Miami Dolphins: Secret techniques of Head Strength and Conditioning Coach John Gamble!
  • Getting Off: Step by Step Coming Clean: Yeah, you can kick drugs - but it helps to know how
  • Nutrition for Optimum Sports Performance: Glycemic Index and Strength Training
  • Denise Paglia: Finally! The Fan favorite you demanded! The portfolio you dreamed about!
  • Clark Bartram: Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone: The Live Your Dream Total Body Workout!
  • Even Arnold is Disgusted! No less than Schwarzenegger is unhappy with the current bodybuilding champions.


  • Muscle Mail: Tales from the Natural Competitors... Marla... A pioneer praises Twinlab... Security Force Specialist speaks...
  • On the Web: Now fortified with sex bytes and diet bytes
  • Cyber-Buzz: New! The latest scoop on health, fitness and Sports celebrities.
  • Mentzer Speaks: Bodybuilding Agnosticism
  • Wayne?s World: Bodybuilding B.C.: you?ll be surprised how it was before chemicals.
  • Romano?s Rage Page: It?s time to tell a few people off!
  • Classifieds:
  • All Natural MD New Products:
  • Max Rep: Starring the incredible Quadra ?I?m a Fitness Model? - Blue

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