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Met-Rx Big 100 Colossal Bars Review By Steven S.

Please Note: Steven posts as "sssidorski" on the message forum. Check out his profile by clicking on the link below:

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This works well with:
>Green Tea Extract
>UltraMet Low Carb
>Stacker 3 XPLC

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Big 100 Colossal Protein Bars by Met-RX - Super Cookie Crunch & Crispy Apple Pie

This is Steven Sidorski once again and I am doing a double review for the same supplement but two different flavours - Super Cookie Crunch & Crispy Apple Pie.

For what I am about to tell you, I believe it is important to combine these two reviews into one. It is important for you to know which flavour to buy and which flavour to pass up on. Would you be surprised if I told you to keep buying the Super Cookie Crunch Big 100 Colossal Protein Bars and to eat real apple pie instead of this poor excuse for a flavour Crispy Apple Pie?

Matt challenged me to write a review longer than the standard minimum of five hundred word reviews and I believe that to be acceptable, but only if the words in this sentence are included! I also welcome the challenge of being able to provide a more lengthy review while trying to stay on topic as much as possible.

Regarding nutrition, both flavours are quite similar although I am happy to tell you that the super-tasting Super Cookie Crunch has a slightly better nutrition regarding potassium, fibre, protein and amount of sugar alcohols. Although you will find better nutrition with these bars, pretty much all of you out there will also find that Super Cookie Crunch bars taste way better as well.

I also wish to add that the difference in taste of these flavours is so much that each of them was on one side of the extreme. Let me elaborate. The Crappy Apple Pie bars, I mean the Crispy Apple Pie bars were so horrible that I could not finish my sample bar even though I know I am getting free protein. Maybe it would taste better if I put it in a blender with some milk. However, I do not want to risk having the milk taste bad as well. As for the Super-Awesome tasting Super Cookie Crunch bars, I could not finish it soon enough. With the taste difference being so much, I am surprised there is not currently a price difference as well.

These cookie crunch bars resemble the kind of ice cream cake I still get every year for my birthday even though I am approaching thirty years of age. I guess it is not such a bad thing after all if your parents love you enough to still remember when your birthday is and celebrate it with you too. Anyway, these bars are awesome because all three layers are delicious: the white, vanilla good-tasting top of the bar that is chewy; the middle layer which is composed of a black, cookie crunch taste and form which both closely resemble the black grounded-up Oreo’s in the Oreo McFlurries at McDonald’s; and finally the bottom chocolate layer which resembles milk chocolate so closely that if somebody told me it was not milk chocolate I would have a hard time believing them.

Although it is a waste of my time as yours, I will describe the Crispy Apple Pie bars for this last paragraph. The top is this sweet apple tasting brown stuff which resembles caramel in form. Below that is the middle layer which is the apple-crisp part and is crunchy just as much as the middle part of the Cookie Crunch bars. The bottom layer is that of a vanilla taste which you will commonly find in vanilla protein bars. If that was the only part I had to eat it would not taste so bad but the problem with that is that all the nutrition is in the other layers or at least that is what common sense tells me.

If you are interested in buying these bars, don’t waste your time and go straight to this really sweet website: For those who wish to take a big, significant risk go ahead and choose between the four different flavours on and you will find there a further description for you.

If you try one of the other two flavours not mentioned in this review, which are Peanut Butter Pretzel and Peanut Butter Caramel Crunch, you are taking a risk but at the same time there is a reward because if you email Matt a review of about five hundred words, he will either pay you for your time or send you more free supplements for your consumption! If you are stubborn enough to buy the Crispy Apple Pie, go ahead and take mine for free - its in the garbage!

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Met-Rx Big 100 Colossal Bars Met-Rx Big 100 Colossal Bars - Box Of 12
Retail Price: $39.00 Our Price: $24.89

Take care, Supplement Reviews

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