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Metabolic Thyrolean - Product Review Supplements Supplement Reviews Fat Loss Supplement Reviews Metabolic Thyrolean

Metabolic Thyrolean: Fat Loss Without Stimulants

Metabolic Thyrolean is the hot-selling new fat loss
formula from ProLab Nutrition.

The word-of-mouth is definitely out about this product
and its promise of significant fat loss without the
adverse side-effects sometimes experienced with
stimulant-based weight loss supplements like ECA and

While this industry is never short when it comes to
promises, in the case of Metabolic Thyrolean the hype
may actually be justified. The early clinical studies
have been extremely encouraging and suggest that this
supplement could play a significant role in aiding those
who are looking to accelerate fat loss safely and

We all know that the best way-perhaps the only way-to
get the body to surrender its fat stores (something it
clearly hates to do) is through exercise and reduced
calorie intake.

We also know, however, that the body is particularly
adept at adjusting its own internal systems in the face
of exercise and, particularly, reduced food intake. It
does this, of course, by adjusting to the exercise (thus
the need to increase intensity) and by slowing down the
metabolism (which consequently slows down fat burning).
It's a perfectly natural survival instinct of the body.
You see, in the face of fewer calories coming in, the
body would much rather slow down the metabolism than
give up the fat stores.

This is one of the main reasons why when you start out
on a fat loss program you tend to make very good
progress in the short term (maybe for a few weeks or a
month), but you eventually reach a point where progress
tapers off significantly. This is the body reacting and
adjusting in a way that, unfortunately, hampers further
fat reduction.

It's at this crucial point that Metabolic Thyrolean
steps in. You see, this formula contains ingredients
that in a sense urge your body to continue to run your
metabolism on high and burn up fat tissue.

By focusing on three key biological areas associated
with metabolism-the liver, the thyroid, and the brain-
the scientific formula in Metabolic Thyrolean seeks to
establish an environment within the body where
metabolism and fat burning are optimized.

Let me try to explain without getting overly technical.
In the thyroid gland, the reaction to a reduced calorie
intake is a parallel reduction in the conversion of the
hormone T4 into T3. T3 is much more metabolically active
than T4, so any reduction in T3 is unwanted from the
perspective of burning fat.

One of the active ingredients in Metabolic Thyrolean is
guggulsterones, which have proven to stimulate
production of T3 thus helping to maintain high metabolic

Now most of the conversion of thyroid hormones takes
place, of course, in the liver and is regulated by a
particular molecule known as ATP. Once again, a
reduction in calorie intake leads to a reduction in ATP

The natural phosphates contained in Metabolic Thyrolean
can help to maintain higher ATP stores in the liver.
This in turn can lead to better thyroid hormone
conversion and higher levels of the metabolically active

Finally, when you drop your calorie intake, your brain
has an interesting and significant chemical response:
neurotransmitters in the brain, which also play an
important role in metabolism, become less abundant.
Again, Metabolic Thyrolean attempts to address this
problem by stimulating the production of these
neurotransmitters primarily through the inclusion of the
amino acid L-Tyrosine. L-Tyrosine is a known precursor
to important neurotransmitters which naturally stimulate
the metabolism.

Moving beyond the science behind Metabolic Thyrolean,
it's perhaps most important to investigate the actual
clinical effects that this supplement has. Here again,
the early results are extremely positive.

In a six week study of individuals on moderate exercise
(three 45 minute aerobic sessions per week) and reduced
calorie programs (1,800 calories per day), the group
supplementing with Metabolic Thyrolean lost over 3 TIMES
MORE FAT than the control group or the group given a
placebo. Needless to say, that's a very significant and
positive result. Here's the details:

Pounds of Fat Lost
Control = 2.9 lbs.
Placebo = 3.0 lbs.
Metabolic Thyrolean = 9.48 lbs.

If you're looking for a safe and natural way to help
maintain a high metabolism and promote fat loss without
stimulants or side-effects, then Metabolic Thyrolean
should be right near the top of your supplement list.
Early clinical results and feedback-along with its
safety and affordability-lead me to believe that this
just may be a true "5-STAR" supplement.

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