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More Bodybuilding Basics - Importance of Protein in the Post-Workout Meal Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by More Bodybuilding Basics - Importance of Protein in the Post-Workout Meal

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More Bodybuilding Basics - Importance of Protein in the Post-Workout Meal

Almost everyone realizes that athletes require greater amounts of protein than sedentary individuals. In addition to eating more protein, athletes also need to be aware of the times of day in which they consume both different types and amounts of protein. The post-workout meal is one of the most important times and meals of the day regarding protein intake. Researchers have shown that eating a protein-rich meal at this time can greatly increase protein synthesis and possibly muscle growth.

In one study, subjects were given an intravenous protein supplement following either a period of exercise or rest. Protein synthesis was then measured in each subject to determine how the different types of activities affected protein synthesis. Results from the study concluded that protein synthesis was doubled in the subjects who had just performed a session of strength-training exercise. The researchers in this study concluded that this was more than likely due to the increase in blood flow to the subject's muscles following exercise.


Since the rate of protein synthesis and possibly muscle growth can double when protein is consumed post-workout, it is imperative that a meal containing quality proteins be consumed at this time. When determining protein types for a post-workout meal, whey protein makes an excellent choice. The reason for this is that whey protein contains the best amino acid profile of all protein types and is also absorbed at a very rapid rate by the body.

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