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Mr. Olympia Report 1987 Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Mr. Olympia Report 1987


Herman Hoffend

Herman Hoffend gave an interesting routine and hit a lot of most muscular poses throughout.

Mike Ashley - USA

Mike Ashley posed to the Shaft theme music. His routine seemed short but he hit a lot of poses in that short time.

Robby Robinson - USA

Robby always had a classic physique and was a good poser. He posed to the song "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" by Marilyn Monroe. He continued to compete in bodybuilding until he was 55 years old! In the year 2001 he competed at the Masters Mr. Olympia Contest. Unbelievable!

Check out the 2001 Masters DVD

2001 Masters Olympia (DVD) 2001 Masters Olympia (DVD)
Retail Price: $39.95 Our Price: $34.95

If you have an interest in the above contest, check out the review I wrote of it below, including some pictures from the contest:

Review of the 2001 Masters' Olympia Contest DVD

If you are interested in Olympia contest reports and reviews, be sure to check out the following pages:

Main Pages for Past Mr. Olympia Contests

Masters Olympia Contest Pages, Results, Info, & More

The masters DVDs are some of my favourite bodybuilding videos. I never tire of watching them again and again - much like watching classic contests. Definitely a personal favourite of mine.

Albert Beckles - Barbados

Albert's posing was classic. Did you know that man was 57 years old at the time of the contest! Simply unbelievable. Apparently at the current time (January, 2006) he is still in the gym at 75 years of age doing dumbbell bench presses with 130 pound dumbbells! Amazing.

Albert Beckles

Albert Beckles

Albert Beckles

Albert Beckles Links Page

Lee Haney - USA

Lee Haney

Lee's posing routine was very powerful. The music fit the poses he hit perfectly. Lee was the closest in bodybuilding history to a mass monster version of Flex Wheeler. When he hit his back poses in his routine every detail popped right out at you. His routine at this Olympia was one of the best I had ever seen - and not just of Lee's, but of any bodybuilder's posing routine ever. It was extremely entertaining and he hit some seldom seen poses - ones which are not around these days. Although Lee's arms were a weak point, he looked fantastic, as always. He is one of the best bodybuilders in the history of bodybuilding.

Lee Haney

Lee Haney

Lee Haney

Bertil Fox - England

Bertil posed to the song "Turn me Loose" by Loverboy. He was 36 years old at the time of this contest and was in fantastic shape. His arms were MASSIVE and can easily compare to pros today - his arms were definitely BIGGER than those of a lot of pros today. His back was as detailed as a road map and his delts were hard and striated. He looked fantastic and was definitely overlooked in this contest as well as many others - the 1983 Mr. Olympia comes to mind where he deserved NO LESS than second place.

Check out the review for the 1983 Mr. Olympia Contest where Bertil was robbed!!

1983 Mr. Olympia Main Page

Rich Gaspari - USA

Rich Gaspari, at the age of 24 years young (my current age), was shredded to the bone and had muscle maturity that Ronnie Coleman only has right now at the age of 41 and that few bodybuilders are even ABLE to achieve genetically!! His hardness was off the charts. His muscles probably felt like solid steel to the touch at the time. He was as vascular as anything and was also an excellent poser, hitting some unique poses along the way. He posed to a song which sounded something like "It's my Life - It's my Destiny" which I believe was made by his brother - at least that is something I read on the discussion boards. Say what you will about some of Rich's structural shortcomings, this man was DEFINITELY a top bodybuilder of his day due to his unreal hardness which is probably the best ever in bodybuilding history. He looked sick.

Berry Demay - Holland

Berry posed to the song "I Come Undone" by Jennifer Rush. Berry came in 12 pounds heavier at this contest than he had at the 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest. Berry was not as thick or as hard as Rich Gaspari was, but he had a good look. He was tall (around 6'1), good looking (therefore marketable), and had a good deal of muscularity without looking like a freak. He was definitely top material and did place sixth at the contest.

Lee Labrada - USA

Lee Labrada was a work of art. Apparently he is an engineer by trade which makes sense if he engineered a physique like this:

While Lee did look very good in terms of proportions and aesthetics, I feel he was simply too small to beat Mike Christian. I would have had Mike Christian fighting with Rich Gaspari for second place. In fact, the top three could have been arranged in any manner they saw fit (that is, my top three, which would have consisted of Lee Haney, Rich Gaspari, and Mike Christian). They all had different strengths and weaknesses. Mike was 6'1 and probably around 255, so he was a genuine classic mass monster, during a period of bodybuilding history when mass monsters were very rare. But Lee Labrada was too small to compare to Mike in my book. At the end of the contest when Mike was awarded fourth place he looked disappointed. I think he was expecting that he possibly won it, so fourth place must have been a huge disappointment for him, and it showed. Lee had no business beating Mike in my book since this IS bodybuilding after all. If structure means so much, why didn't Lee beat Rich?

Eduardo Kawak - France

Eduardo was definitely a thick powerful looking bodybuilder. You could see the heavy poundages in his physique and he was built like a bull. He was said to eat a TON of food back in his bodybuilding days and it showed in the physique he built. He posed to what was some very unique cultural music - possibly something from Native Americans or something along those lines. I really cannot say what the name of the song is since a lyrics search would turn up nothing since the song was not in English - very interesting music though and it made for a good routine.

Ulf Larsson - Sweden

This was actually Ulf's last contest in a career which spanned between the years of 1982-1987. Ulf had a very good physique - but not one which was freaky and huge like the pros of today. He had a physique that I would gladly take over almost any pro competing today though. He posed to the song "Winner Takes it All" by ABBA. This was a classic eighties song and it was also featured in Joe Meeko's DVD when he was posing:

Check out Joe Meeko's DVD

Joe Meeko, Mr. Universe DVD Review

For the record, Joe Meeko's DVD was one of my favourite DVDs and a great classic video shot by GMV Productions. I love that DVD and have watched it several times already. Joe had a great physique - very rugged, but without being too big and freaky looking.

Steve Brisbois - Canada

Steve posed to the song "Drive" by Scorpions3. He had a good physique with no major strong or weak points. I do have to say he had a quite good back double biceps pose - very thick and detailed.

Paul Jean-Guillaume

Paul was an excellent natural bodybuilder. He was posing to a song which I believe was titled "I'm dreaming". Paul was proof that you can build a competitive physique without the use of anabolic steroids - however, these days he would be unlikely to do any damage in the pro ranks with his physique. Even with his first rate posing ability that is unlikely. Nowadays, the freaks rule. Paul said that bodybuilding was about health to him and not about high blood pressure and losing your hair.

I will post a full review of his DVD in the reviews section when it is up. You can also check it out on the GMV section.

John Hnatyschak - USA

At 5'6 and 175 pounds, John looked a lot bigger than he was. He was able to perform a complete stomach vacuum which is something that is RARELY seen these days - IF EVER. He was a good poser and had longevity in bodybuilding. He was born in the summer of 1956 and competed until the 2002 Masters Olympia at age 46! Very impressive - and who knows, maybe he will make a comeback in 2006 at the age of 50. It's always inspirational to see these older guys competing in the shape of their lives at top tier contests.

Review of the 2002 Masters' Olympia Contest DVD

Ron Love - USA

Ron was 5'9 and around 195 at this contest - he looked INCREDIBLE. I am his height and I would love to look like him. He had huge wide and shredded delts, and big arms. Overall his symmetry and balance was good as were his poses. He started off posing to slow music then sped things up a bit. Ron was extremely wide in the delts for a guy of his overall size.

Mike Christian - USA

Mike posed to the song "Let's Flex" and looked plainly awesome. Had he won the whole show I would not have lodged a complaint. He was big just like Lee Haney was, had bigger and better conditioned arms, and was overall the closest to Lee's size with Rich's hardness seen at this contest. Fourth place was not a fair placing for Mike. Third would have been ok, but anything outside first to third place was unfair for Mike. He was not happy to get fourth place and that is perfectly understandable to me. He ended his posing routine with a front lat spread and looked incredible with his small waist and huge arms and flaring lats.

Josef Grolmus - Germany

Josef looked good and was a good poser. I don't have anything in particular to report about his physique or presentation, but he had a respectable showing in a tough lineup.

Peter Hensel - Germany

Excellent physique!! Moreso the kind of physique that I would want, and not necessarily the most competitive physique in a contest. Peter posed to the song "Relax" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. He posed very well and definitely had a physique that I admired, despite not being the biggest guy around. I did not realize it at the time of watching this contest, but Peter had placed sixth in the previous year's Mr. Olympia Contest.

1986 Mr. Olympia Contest Results

Check out the 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest on DVD

Posedown of the top six:

  • Front Double Biceps.
  • Front Lat Spread.
  • Side Chest.
  • Back Double Biceps.
  • Back Lat Spread.
  • Side Triceps.

The posedown took place next and the pros looked sharp. Why wasn't Bertil Fox in this posedown though??? It BLOWS MY MIND that this amazing bodybuilder placed 12th out of only 18 bodybuilders! Unreal.

Bev Francis guest posed after the top six posed down. She posed to the song "New Attitude" by Patti Labelle. She was a good poser and put on an entertaining routine but was way too big for my tastes. No offense to any female bodybuilders reading this, but I like when women actually LOOK like women (and not like men). I will NOT show support for female bodybuilding just because it is politically correct. I agree with John Romano or Muscular Development on this one. The thing is, I'm well aware that male pro bodybuilders are not sexually attractive to women any more than female pro bodybuilders are attracted to men - I guess I just think that men look better as freaks than women do. Bev didn't look too bad - at least she wasn't as big as some of the female bodybuilders competing today.

The top six were announced:

6th - Berry Demay
5th - Robby Robinson
4th - Mike Christian (???)
3rd - Lee Labrada
2nd - Rich Gaspari
1st - Lee Haney

Just two things - Bertil should have been in this top six, and if not he DEFINITELY should have been in the top 10. Also, Mike Christian was top three material. I would have put Bertil in fourth to round out the top four.

Lee was asked whether or not there was any doubt in his mind whether or not he would not win the contst. Lee said no. LOL. That is the incredible level of self confidence needed to succeed at the highest level of any occupation.

Overall Review:

This is another classic old school bodybuilding video which is a great addition to any collection. I was very greatful to find it and hope to complete the entire Mr. Olympia Collection, one by one. Be sure to check back to the bodybuilding review page for more info - I will update that database regularly for everyone to enjoy.

Take care,

Matt Canning

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