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MuscleTech MyoShock HSP Jacks Up Strength! BUY IT NOW MuscleTech MyoShock HSP



MuscleTech MyoShock HSP Review By Matt C.

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MuscleTech MyoShock HSP

Review of MyoShock HSP


MyoShock HSP is a new supplement by MuscleTech in a long line of products making great claims to help bodybuilders improve their workouts. MuscleTech has a rich history of making outlandish claims which in my view attempt to make the greatest claims possible without claiming too much in a way which would be fraudulent. In the year 2000 when I was 18 years old, the first products I ever purchased were by MuscleTech - in particular Cell-Tech and Nitro-Tech. The selling point for me was without question the six page ad reports found in numerous bodybuilding magazines, one which I preferred the most being FLEX magazine. In one ad report, the ad claimed that enormous professional bodybuilder Greg Kovacs gained 23 pounds of muscle using the Cell-Tech and Nitro-Tech stack. Naturally I was inclined to purchase these products and since I was a beginner I definitely put on mass and strength quickly and the MuscleTech products certainly helped me with that. I will never deny that MuscleTech is a trusted brand name which carries great products - my normal comments for MuscleTech products is that they are too expensive when compared to similar products and make claims which are very outlandish and would even be unrealistic for someone using anabolic steroids to make gains.

MyoShock HSP:

I had received several samples of MyoShock HSP and the primary claim which I was concerned with was "So Potent It Jacks Up Strength in Minutes - Forces Extreme Muscle Density & Fullness". Of course I was well aware that this claim was a little outlandish and I did not expect steroid-like results, but I was interested in sampling a pump-enducing product since I had not done so before and so this particular claim was interesting to me and I felt this product was definitely worth a shot.

Use of MyoShock HSP:

I decided to use MyoShock HSP during some of my hard and heavy workouts as I have just recently decided I wish to gain strength which I plan to do for as long as 16 weeks. Thus I felt that a heavy workout would allow me to determine whether or not MyoShock HSP is effective during such sessions. I will outline my training while using the comments and go into further detail below. I used MyoShock HSP on two back days and two chest days, outlined below:


Deadlifts: 135X12, 225X12, 275X12, 300X8
Hyperextensions: 25 pound plate followed by body weight for three sets.
Lat Pulldowns: 80X12, 100X12, 120X12


Bench Press: 135X12, 185X12, 205X12, 225X12, 275X1, 285 [fail]
Incline Press: 135X12, 155X12, 175X12
Decline Press: 135X12, 185X12, 205X12


Deadlifts: 135X8, 225X6, 275X3, 315X1, 365X1
Planks: 45 pound plate as well as body weight for three sets.
Wide Grip Chin Ups: 3x8 reps using body weight.


Bench Press: 135X6, 225X3, 275X1
Pin Press: 225X3, 275X3, 315X3, 335X3, 355X2
Dips: 3X12 reps using body weight.

I designed the first two workouts but I now have a strength training coach who is helping me to formulate a workout program to get my strength back up to the maximum it has ever been and hopefully beyond that point. My previous personal records for strength are as follows:

Bench Press: 345
Squat: 385 to parallel
Deadlift: 425 [although I was capable of more]

To get an idea of what my strength was for high reps, I have performed the following lifts:

Bench Press: 225X21
Deadlift: 295X20

That gives a rough idea of my strength. For me to fail at 285 on the bench press is unheard of even though I was tired after working my way up to that weight. I would not be ashamed of having a 300 pound one rep max during a weak phase but it was a little low for me to fail at 285 whether tired or not and that is what motivated me to work with a strength coach to get back to my previous strength levels and hopefully beyond that point.

The Pump:

As some of you may have noticed, I have not written new reviews on here in quite some time and I am only now beginning to get back into the bodybuilding world. When I was unable to bench press 285, I realized that I wanted to improve to get back to my previous strength levels and ideally, soar beyond those. I used to be able to bench press around 275 for 6-8 reps and now I find myself only able to do it once. I am definitely motivated to get back into it and bodybuilding is more than just working out in the gym since it also includes diet and nutrition [including the use of supplements] as well as rest and recovery. My diet right now is low in terms of overall caloric intake and thus I need to increase my calories in order for my strength levels to improve, which would result in a better pump I think.

With the above said, I feel that I simply did not notice the pump stemming from MyoShock HSP. All of my workouts were more or less average in terms of my strength level and my overall pump. I did feel a slight pain in my shoulder in the weeks leading up to my use of MyoShock HSP and I did not particularly notice it during my use of the supplement but that pain may have been alleviated due to an extraneous cause. Also, it should be noted that I have never experienced any sort of pain in my entire life and after nine years of training until the very slight pain I experienced in the month prior to using MyoShock HSP. Thus, I am not one to really talk about pain and alleviating it since I do not have much experience with it.

To sum up - all in all, my workouts were average and my pumps were not particularly noticeable. However, things were not worse than they usually are.

Overall Review:

Since I only used MuscleTech's MyoShock HSP four times, I am not in a position to speak about its efficacy as a muscle building supplement and I am only modestly in a position to speak about its pump-enducing capabilities as a supplement. Based on my use, it did not significantly improve my pump and I mostly did not notice it. However, things did not get worse so it is possible that days that would have otherwise been below average were made to become average with the use of MyoShock HSP, although that is somewhat thinking wishfully. I would have to use the product for an extended period of time in order to reap the cumulative effects of the creatine that it contains and thus I am in no position to comment on the efficacy of this product in terms of its muscle building potential. To be honest, I will not likely be using a product with the express purpose of building muscle until I have completed my strength gaining phase which will be ongoing for somewhere between 4-16 weeks. Since this product did not provide me with any noticeable improvements in my pump I reward it a 4/10 in that area and I am unable to comment on the muscle building properties it may or may not contain. Based on my use of this product over my four trial workouts, I would not use it again as I have used far superior products including other products produced by MuscleTech.

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MuscleTech MyoShock HSP MuscleTech MyoShock HSP - 140 Capsules
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