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Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles
by Samten Williams, B.S.N., R.N.

The top income, the best job title: these markers are no longer the standard of success. So reports CNBC's show Power Lunch recently. This show reviewed results of a survey indicating the top priority for business school graduates now is a balance between family life and work.

Natural cycles awareness helps us get on the balanced-life track. This month we look at one part of natural timing, the retrograde motion of planets.

As viewed from earth, the planets sometimes appear to be traveling backward. This backward travel, called retrograde motion, is a phenomena recognized in both astronomy and astrology.

Retrograde motions are about patience. They are times when our plans to go forward are halted. Retrograde periods are times to bring play and family into the forefront of our lives. During retrograde periods we are reworking plans. We are going backward to get something we overlooked -- an idea, an opportunity. These kinds of creative discoveries are best realized through the spontaneity of play and the supportive comfort of family and friends.

Mercury, one of the planets in our solar system, goes retrograde three times a year. Energetically, Mercury is associated with communication, technology, and things which are mechanical. Retrograde periods of Mercury are the times when miscommunications, delays, or technical and mechanical challenges seem prevalent.

Just picture it: energy is trying to go backward and we are trying to go forward. Something has to give. You can guess it is not going to be the planet that gives, in this case Mercury. The planet is going to go it's way. We can either be aggravated, impatient, frustrated. Or, we can stop and reassess.

With knowledge of Mercury retrograde periods we can stop personalizing delays. We can start cushioning expectations, knowing we can only go so far when the motion is not forward. We can take the pressure off of over-work and bring in a little play.

Mercury turned retrograde on April 14. On May 8 1997, Mercury turns in a forward motion again. The point where Mercury turned retrograde on April 14 is called a station. Mercury passes this station on May 26. For the three week period when Mercury is retrograde one may expect natural delays and possible communication, technological or mechanical challenges. When Mercury turns direct on May 8 these matters start to clear up. When Mercury passes it's station on May 26 one can expect forward motion in the areas of communication and technology.

We have another retrograde energy we are dealing with now, Mars retrograde. Mars is the planet of drive and initiative. Many people have been experiencing delays in their work and the forward motion of projects.

On February 6 of this year Mars turned retrograde. Mars turns direct on April 29. On July 2, Mars passes it's station, the point where it turned retrograde in early February. During this Mars retrograde period we have the opportunity to come to a deeper sense of what energizes us -- what we want. As plans are delayed we keep refining them. After April 29, and especially after July 2, we will start to feel forward momentum again. This motion forward is in the areas of our personal power within business and relationships.

"How can planetary motion possibly affect my business?" is a question I am sure some readers will ask. The new physics teaches us gravity is not the only force in nature. Through electromagnetism and strong and weak forces the new physics tells us that everything in nature is interconnected. As above, so below.

Paying attention to the information of natural cycles helps us feel part of, rather than separate from, the fluid movement of energy. We can move with the natural clock, rather than against it. Check out the events of your life in relation to the dates mentioned above. See if there are links. If you do not see a match, that is fine, too. No one world view is for everyone.

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Samten Williams, B.S.N. R.N., is a nurse journalist and astrologer. Through her company FRESH PERSPECTIVES she offers writings, consultations, and workshops on the applications of astrology for intuitive living. She can be reached at P.O. Box 76 Boxford MA 01921

Take Care,

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