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Nutrition53 Neuro1 Review By Matt C.

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Nutrition53 Neuro1

Nutrition53 Neuro1 is an interesting supplement which supposedly takes brain energetics and performance to a new level. Below I will list my one day use of the supplement with examples of mental challenges I attempted during the use and my overall opinion. I will begin by discussing the claims of the supplement, point-by-point, and giving my feedback on each one.

"You know the saying; "What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve"? This is much more than just a "feel good" cliche; it's a fact. This principle rings true for great achievements in business, on the field, or in the gym."

My mind can conceive having wings, but my body can't achieve it. While it is nice to be optimistic, it is also very important to be REALISTIC. In truth though, having a mental edge can help quite a bit, but it certainly can't help one achieve the impossible.

"Think about it: have you ever experienced one of the best workouts of your life after mentally forcing yourself to even just get to the gym? What about, powering through your heaviest bench press ever just because a few people (or some girls) were watching? These types of accomplishments are not achieved with physical strength; but with mind strength."

I would tend to agree with this which is why I am highly in favour of supplements which say they can help a person with a mental edge during their training. It is nice to have supplements which encourage such an edge.

"Oh sure, you may have had the physical strength all along, but you just needed to plug into that "mind-muscle" connection to conjure up those untapped power reserves. Now, these experiences donít have to be occasional events; they can be a way of life! Neuro1 provides the neuronutrients that consistently support "mind over matter" feats of strength, motivation, and hyper focus for advanced exercise performance each and every time you train."

Without going into too much detail, I can say that Neuro1 did provide extra motivation and focus and that I am very pleased with the results, although I did not use it on a day in which I performed a workout, and I was using an arsenal of Higher Power products which I review in detail in my Higher Power stack review, so it is difficult to determine exactly how much Neuro1 affected me, but I would say it did quite significantly.

"Neuro1 offers much more than just a fleeting burst of energy; it provides a lasting synergy of focus and maximum power output. You see, true energy begins from the inside out; the central nervous system, to be specific. Of course, we could have just loaded Neuro1 with aggressive stimulants to get your brain buzzing and your hair standing on end. That is the industry status-quo, isnít it?"

It is nice that Neuro1 did not do exactly what they pointed out above, which is to create a supplement full of stimulants and nothing more. It's nice to consume a supplement which produces positive mental effects without the same ingredients seen in so many other energy products.

"However, we feel that harsh stimulants provide only superficial energy. In fact, youíve probably experienced the "crash" after taking such stimulants. This is a result of the body fighting to "get back up to speed" after the effects of a stimulant wears off. This cycle of extreme highs and lows just doesnít make sense. Why go for a short-lived burst of energy when you can have lasting, full access to your bodyís true potential?"

I have never really noticed the crash effect which is discussed above with normal energy products, although it is not a surprise to me that others have. I have sampled and reviewed numerous energy supplements at this point and have never had a negative reaction by them, and Neuro1 (devoid of aggressive stimulants) was no exception.

"If you train at high intensity, each and every time you work out, then you well understand that each session ends in physical and mental exhaustion. However, the norm is to focus only on feeding muscles with the nutrients they need for maximum performance. Thatís only half of the equation, isnít it? Itís time for a paradigm shift into supplying the brain and nervous system with premium fuels they need to perform. Neuro1 is loaded with over 17 key neuronutrients incorporated help to "supercharge" your brain and central nervous system. Simply put, this synergistic blend of science-backed compounds is formulated to get your body and mind "firing on all cylinders.""

I will agree completely here that it is normal for supplement companies and magazines within the bodybuilding industry to encourage fueling the muscles but not so much fueling the mind. It's interesting that I myself never gave as much credit to the mind-muscle connection as I am now starting to see as very important, and I will be cognizant of that in the future.

What it all means. Neuro1:

  • Sharpens memory and recall
  • Provides energy and focus
  • Improves sports performance
  • Supports a powerful mind-muscle connection

I will go over the ingredients of Neuro1 and my take on each one of them: Proprietary NeuroEnergetics™ Matrix

Taurine, L-Tyrosine, Glucuronolactone, Magnesium Creatine Chelate, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha Glycerylphosphoryl Choline, Piracetam, L-Theanine (Suntheanine®), Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 2-Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) Bitartrate, Bacopa Monniera [Whole Plant] Extract, Phosphatidlserine, Rhodiola Rosea [Root] Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Vinpocetine, Ginkgo Biloba [Leaves] Extract, Black Pepper Extract (Bioperine®), Huperzia Serrata [Whole Plant] Extract.

Although Neuro1 claimed to be avoidant of stimulants, it does contain taurine which would give a boost for sure. I find it interesting that it contains creatine and ALA, which may explain why it had the same taste as the 2000-2001 Cell-Tech did. It contains Coenzyme Q10 which I am currently taking (Higher Power CoQ10 to be exact). I see a number of mind enhancing ingredients in the blend including ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo biloba claims to have nootropic properties (i.e., properties which will make you smarter), specifically in terms of memory improvement and concentration enhancement. I ordered 60 Vcaps of NOW Ginkgo Biloba and look forward to using them a little down the road. Although the statement on the bottle "Supports cognitive function" has not been evaluated by the FDA, I think the FDA is nothing more than an regulating agency which helps the regulators and if anything, makes every effort to prevent herbal supplements from coming on the market to begin with, so I don't consider a lack of FDA evaluation to be a bad thing. As it is, I am very interested in using ginkgo biloba to improve my memory and will do so at some time in the future.

All in all, the blend above is very interesting and my only question would be why such an interaction of ingredients would be required and if some of those ingredients are redundant. There is something to the idea of keeping something simple. A basic creatine powder for example, is simple and effective. The same can be said of a basic protein powder. I'm uncertain as to whether or not Neuro1 must be used daily for a 30 day use of the supplement of if one day servings are fine by themselves. The results seemed pretty immediate to me, although I must point out one confounding variable in my use of Neuro1, and that is that I am on a pretty big Higher Power Nutrition stack right now, and so I can't say for certain how much of my feelings for today were the result of Neuro1 compared to the Higher Power supplements. Given that creatine and ALA are in the ingredient matrix, I would assume a 30 day use of Neuro1 would yield good results, both in terms of cognitive improvements as well as physical ones.

Now I will discuss my use of Neuro1 in a little more detail and explain how I felt it was as a supplement.

The directions stated to consume Neuro1 30-45 minutes before a meal, exercise, or any time optimum focus and performance will be required. As it was, I was planning on having a workout but had to delay my workout one day due to prior commitments. I decided that if I wasn't going to have time for a workout that I would play some chess and see how my performance improved during the game. Some of my checkmates are included below included a very aggressive five queen checkmate which I will comment on further below:

During the time I was playing, I was trying to determine whether or not my gameplay had improved or not and at the time I felt that it had not. I felt that my gameplay was roughly the same and that it had not improved by any significant margin. Now looking back and seeing some of my winning games above including my notable six piece advantage checkmate (including five queens), I have to retract these sentiments and express that my performance did indeed improve, and notably at that. I suppose I was expecting a night and day difference and that is neither practical or perhaps even possible in only one day of using any mind enhancing supplement. I can't state how much my game had improved, but the first checkmate shown above is the most dominant one I have ever had. In fact, the only possible checkmate even possible in a game of chess would be a six queen to one king advantage, whereby it is not possible for the opponent to move his piece in such a scenario. I can also say my overall performance and piece/position advantage during the game had improved to a definitely noticeable degree, although not significantly. To clarify what I mean by notable and significant; notable is enough for me to be able to quantify a difference, but not a significant one whereby as I was a drastically improved upon player and a totally different version of myself. Clearly I was generally myself, just a little more focussed. Perhaps the same result would take place if I ate a perfect diet that day and was well rested and played chess at that point. As it is, I definitely cannot complain about the results. They were pleasant and make me want to use Neuro1 again, which I definitely will, and perhaps later I will even do so for 30 days.

In addition to my aforementioned improvements in chess gameplay, I was definitely on the ball in everything else that day and I can't pinpoint a blunder or an oversight on my part. Although to be fair, I will point out that I am in general a pretty alert and on-the-ball type of person so it's again not the case that the improvement was significant, but I can certainly say my performance was at least as good as any other day, so I have no evidence that Neuro1 is simply eliciting a placebo effect.


Surprisingly, I enjoyed the taste of Neuro1. I tried the "Orange Cream" flavour, and was not sure what to expect of it, and generally when I am unsure I just expect the worst so to not get my hopes up and have the result fall short of my expectations. As it was, simply mixed in water, the Neuro1 orange cream flavour tasted pretty good. I felt the aftertaste was very similar to what I remember of the MuscleTech Cell-Tech from back in 2000-2001 when I first started bodybuilding and using supplements. This aftertaste is NOT a good thing, and on the message boards people would liken it to battery acid. Although I do not necessarily agree with that, I can say that much like battery acid, it is a taste that I would surely avoid if given the chance. But other than the aftertaste, the actual taste of the supplement wasn't too bad and was masked pretty well by the orange cream flavour. The mixed berry and mocha latte flavours are probably good too and I will definitely try them in the future and add my comments to the message board thread related to this review.


I want to take this time to point out that you will received a free autographed copy of Bill Romanowski's book ROMO: My Life on the Edge: Living Dreams and Slaying Dragons with every Nutrition53 purchase:

Free Autographed copy of Bill Romanowski's book ROMO: My Life on the Edge: Living Dreams and Slaying Dragons with every Nutrition53 purchase.

Free gifts are usually an incentive for me to purchase a supplement, especially if I deem the gift to be worthwhile.

Overall Review:

When discussing the overall attributes of a product, I need to take into consideration a number of factors (addressed above), and summarize them as well as possible. In terms of effectiveness, this product did what it promised. I can only imagine that if my one day use of the supplement proved to be effective, that using it for additional time would merely confirm the same thoughts. The nutritional content is broad and contains an interesting proprietary blend of ingredients, although my one comment about that is that I am uncertain if there is some redundancy in the formula. In terms of taste, I found that it tasted good and I imagine it is the type of supplement I would actually look forward to drinking once a day, although the aftertaste was a little stronger than I would have liked. It is also nice that Neuro1 comes in three flavours, one of which is caffeine free for those who are concerned. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly to some supplement consumes would be the cost. As it is, you can get 1.87 Lbs. for $79.89. This is a 30 day supply, so that works out to $2.66 per day. For me personally, I would probably stick to something more basic, but with that being said, this supplement was well worth my while and I will definitely try it again.

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Nutrition53 Neuro1 Nutrition53 Neuro1 - 1.87 Lbs.
Retail Price: $99.95 Our Price: $79.89
Nutrition53 Neuro1

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