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NVE Protein Water A Delicious Tasting 20 Grams Of Protein With Zero Sugar And Carbs! BUY IT NOW NVE Protein Water



NVE Protein Water Review by Matt C.

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NVE Protein Water Review By Matt Canning

I decided to try out two flavours of "Protein Water" by NVE. Protein Water comes in three flavours, "Grape", "Pink Lemonade", and "Sour Apple". I picked up a bottle of Pink Lemonade and Sour Apple to see what they were like. Each bottle provides a quick protein source without many extras and in a low calorie blend.


Protein Water, and other similar protein drinks, all have a distinct taste. They have a certain texture to them in that they drink much like juice, but a little thicker or of higher density in comparison to an ordinary juice. It is a heavy setting type of drink, much like a high pulp orange juice for example, where you can taste and feel the additional calories as you drink them. I was very interested in trying the "Pink Lemonade" and "Sour Apple" flavours, and I did so, and can say that they were pretty good for a drink which is so high in protein, but not as delicious as other products which have the same flavour. One fitting example of this would be the "Kiwi Strawberry" of Betancourt Nutrition Glutamine High-C. It was the perfect blend of sweet and sour and was akin to drinking Kool-Aid in some respects. For companies wishing to make high protein drinks, it will be nearly impossible to replicate such a delicious product as the ones made by Kool-Aid, and also difficult to even make the flavours as good as those for creatine and glutamine products. Having said that, both the Pink Lemonade and Sour Apple flavours for Protein Water were good, but a little bland and a little heavy setting compared to a drink such as Betancourt Nutrition's Glutamine High-C, as one would expect from a high protein drink.

What I did not like about the taste, was the distinct taste of an artificial sweetener, in the case of Protein Water, that would be Sucralose. Here is some information regarding the safety of Sucralose for human consumption:

"In determining the safety of sucralose, the FDA reviewed data from more than 110 studies in humans and animals. Many of the studies were designed to identify possible toxic effects including carcinogenic, reproductive and neurological effects. No such effects were found, and FDA's approval is based on the finding that sucralose is safe for human consumption." For example, McNeil Nutritional LLC studies submitted as part of its U.S. FDA Food Additive Petition 7A3987, indicated that "in the 2-year rodent bioassays...there was no evidence of carcinogenic activity for either sucralose or its hydrolysis products...."

My opinion on the matter is that I wish to avoid artificial sweeteners as often as possible and would prefer drinks to either be sweetened by sugar, or not sweetened at all, and as a health buff, I would most prefer this latter option. Having said that, the reality is, most people who buy supplements are not as disciplined and as regimented as I am in terms of being able to consume a bland diet and will normally opt for sweetened supplements. I prefer sugar as a sweetener over artificial chemical fillers and would prefer honey or another natural sweetener still over sugar, if that is feasible. My reasoning for this is that natural sweeteners have been around for years and we know what the effects are on human beings, not simply within one generation, but over extended periods of time. The long term impacts of artificial chemical sweeteners over time is at this point not determined. So in some respect, we are guinea pigs in terms of consumption of artificial sweeteners. Not to make this out to be such a big deal, but aside from any possible health concerns, keep in mind there is a distinct taste of Sucralose when drinking Protein Water, so that will turn off a number of people from the taste.


I have a fantastic track record for being able to digest pretty well every consumable product perfectly well. Whether it be whole foods or supplements, I have never had any problems with digesting anything with one exception, and that being SuperPump250 by Gaspari Nutrition. Protein Water was no exception to this general rule, and I find it went down easy, and did not cause me any concern at all in this area.

Overall Review:

Protein Water was a good supplement if you are interested in this type of product. Personally, I am not, although you may be depending on whether or not your goal is to bulk up, or to cut up. The reason for this is because high protein drinks such as this one are hard to make into a juice blend which is what it appears the goal is. A milk shake would be more effective and more appropriate, but high protein juices are going to have a myriad of problems perfecting. Much like a protein bar composed of 100% protein, which at this point is not feasible for the marketplace. The cost of Protein Water is $27.49 for 12 bottles. That works out to $2.29 per bottle and keep in mind that every bottle only contains 80 calories, all in protein. Now for a person like myself who is bulking up, this is a waste. One who wishes to bulk up would be wiser to spend their money on a supplement such as Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, where $1 will buy you 512 calories! In the case of protein water, $1 will buy you only 35 calories. However, for those of you wishing to get cut, a lower calorie, high protein blend may be exactly what you are looking for. Even then, I would encourage you to simply eat whole foods which are more cost effective, but ultimately that choice is up to you, and by all means, Protein Water is worth a shot. You can pick up a bottle at your local Wal-Mart and decide whether or not you feel buying Protein Water in bulk is worth it for you.

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NVE Protein Water NVE Protein Water - 12 Bottles
Retail Price: $34.95 Our Price: $27.49

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