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PowerBar Harvest Review By Matt C.

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This works well with:
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I have been reviewing supplements for quite some time now and eventually would like to review all 12,000 products carried on, if not personally, then with the assistance of other reviewers from the website. Some reviews are easier to create than others since they do not require long term or cumulative use of a supplement. Protein bars are a good example of just such a supplement and it is my intention to review as many protein bars as possible. In the case that you do not trust my opinion, I encourage you to read the reviews by other writers that are posted here on the website and also check out the online discussion forum available on links on this page and on the side menu which will bring you to the discussion forum where you can read the opinions of many other people. I am not asking you to trust my reviews and would rather see you do as much reading as possible to form your own opinion.

Protein bars are a product used by many people and not just bodybuilders. Health and fitness enthuasists of all sorts use the product and bodybuilders can benefit from protein bars both during the bulking phase of their training as well as the cutting phase. The reason for this is due to the relatively cleanliness of the calories that a protein bar provides as well as the high protein content which is beneficial for a bodybuilder during both bulking and cutting phases. Protein bars vary in carbohydrate content which is the micronutrient bodybuilders would be concerned with during their cutting phases as well as sodium content which can blur the conditioning of a bodybuilder attempting to get very shredded. Ordinary fitness enthusiasts would be interested in protein bars because they provide a quick source of nutrition usually in the 200-300 calorie range as well as a healthy overall blend of ingredients for the most part.

The Claim:

"Sometimes a quick and nutritious kick start is just what you need to hit the ground running. So grab a PowerBar Harvest® energy bar. It's got the same energy and nutrition that powers world class athletes, but that's not all."

I would agree that the overall nutritional breakdown of the bar is very sound and definitely an able source of providing energy to the user.

"Each of PowerBar Harvest® bar's ten great flavors is loaded with whole grains and real fruit, chocolate, or peanuts. And each delicious bite is sweetened with natural sweeteners like honey and fruit juice."

The flavour I tried was "Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip" and I enjoyed it. I would imagine the same is true for the other flavours.

"PowerBar Harvest® energy bar is a moist and crunchy handful of delicious nutrition and delivers an impressive, balanced array of nutrients and contains nothing artificial - no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives:
  • 45 grams of carbohydrates, 2-4 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein
  • 10 essential vitamins, including 100% RDI of antioxidant vitamins C & E
  • 15% RDI of 6 key minerals.
  • Anytime is a great time to kick start your day!"

The above description of the nutrient content of the bar is accurate and in my view this is a very respectable list as far as protein bars are concerned.

"Sure, PowerBar Harvest® bar is perfect in the morning, but it also works great as a nutritious snack to help keep you at your peak throughout the day. Stash some in your glove compartment, desk drawer, briefcase, backpack, wherever! PowerBar Harvest® bar will be there whenever you need some great-tasting energy to put some "kick" back in your day."

I did not notice a "kick" after consuming the protein bar, but it was a quick cure for hunger.


I found the Harvest bar to be good tasting as far as protein bars go. They tasted like a health food product and not like a chocolate bar, but some bars taste too bland and healthy tasting while others are almost more like chocolate bars. The harvest bar was the correct mix and I found it enjoyable.

Overall Review:

I rate the Harvest bar an 8/10 based on caloric and nutrition content as well as price, taste, and convenience. I recommend this bar and will try it again. For me I try to find protein bars which have the correct blend of both protein, overall calories, taste, and price. I believe that the Harvest bar has qualified over these attributes and you can purchase a box of 12 for $15.89 at the link available on this page. I plan to continue to sample many protein bars so stay tuned to my main page for upcoming reviews.

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PowerBar Harvest PowerBar Harvest - Box Of 12
Retail Price: $24.99 Our Price: $15.89

Take care, Supplement Reviews

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