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PowerBar Protein Plus Bars Review By Marc S.

Marc Skaf

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Power Bar Protein Plus

There are a lot of protein bars out there, and I have tried many of them; but beware some of them will give you more of a jaw workout rather than satisfy your protein needs. The PowerBar Protein Plus however has a very good consistency, good flavor and as the name implies enough protein to replace a post workout shake if need be.

The PowerBar Protein plus is 78g, with 24g being protein, 39g of carbs and 6g of fat. That being said, this bar may not be for everyone but for gainers and people who are not trying to cut weight and are looking for nutrients post workout it can definitely do the trick. With 24g of protein, the Protein Plus is the PowerBar with the most amount of protein in it, with others averaging about 10g per bar; more than double the protein! Although it isn't the most gourmet or specialized bar out in the market, it has you covered and for a reasonable price.

Now to talk a little about the different flavours of PowerBar Protein Plus. There are four flavours, Cookies and Cream, Fudge Brownie, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Vanilla Yogurt. It's safe to say that PowerBar has done some market research and picked some winners. So depending on your on your tastes, you might be impartial to at least one of those flavours. My vice is peanut butter, and although this wasn't the stick to the roof of your mouth kind of peanut butter it still hit the spot. Like I said before, this bar will not give your jaw an intense workout leaving you with a pump that will make chewing the bar a chore, it's quite soft but still has a good chewiness to it. The bar was a bit sweet for my taste and can leave your mouth a little dry, but it is advised by PowerBar that you do drink 200-400ml of water while eating the bar. As far as the ingredients, they have chosen to go with some quality ingredients, for example the Peanut Butter Chocolate has real peanut butter and almond butter in it and the bars are made from evaporated cane juice for some of the sugar. The PowerBar Protein Plus also wasn't gritty like some of the same type of bars and didn't taste like chalk, it was definitely smoother. The bar sits a bit heavy though, and if I were to eat it as a snack I would probably only consume about half of the bar, but since I usually eat them post work out in replacement of a shake the whole thing isn't too bad and will get you by until you sit down for your next meal.

The next thing I would like to talk about is the nutritional values of the bar. First, the amount of protein that is in the Protein Plus. To many of you 24g may not seem like enough, a post workout shake can usually have 30-50g of protein in it depending if you take it with milk or not. Of course, like everything in fitness and bodybuilding there are a lot of opinions out there on how much you should consume. I would say as a snack, there is no problem with taking this bar, but the real concern is if you are taking it post workout. For most people less than 200lbs 24g is not a bad amount and should be sufficient, and if you a shake just isn't possible it's one of the best alternatives you've got. Your protein shake might not make it with you all day, but the PowerBar Protein Plus will keep in any kind of weather, just don't leave it on your car dash on a hot sunny day. The next is the fat level, 6g of fat seems like a lot but your body does need it. I don't like to take any fat post workout because it slows down absorption. There are other post workout products out there, protein powders and bars that have fat in them as well however this might deter many people from taking them for post workout nutrients. The truth of the matter is it would be very hard, or impossible to get rid of fat from protein bars without having them turn into mush or by adding more sugar. Finally, there are 39g of carbs in this bar and 19g of them being sugar, 5g of sugar alcohol, and 1g of fiber. Although sugar alcohols are not supposed to spike your inculin levels I do find that anything with sugar alcohol is much sweeter and that might be what is contributing to the sweeter than normal taste. Common belief is that you need simple carbohydrates post workout to restore your glycogen levels and start the repairing process while putting an end to the catabolic state that working out puts you in. I think that PowerBar Protein Plus has enough carbs in it, a total of 39g, for almost everyone post workout. As mentioned earlier, for people who are trying to lose weight the amount of sugar in the bar might be too much, but for those maintaining or trying to put on some mass it shouldn't bother them.

The PowerBar Protein Plus is a well rounded bar at an affordable price that offers convenience and a nice tasting treat to workouts or snacks. Although I personally don't think this is meant to completely replace shakes, it's a good alternative for a convenient and versatile snack. A good selection of flavours, and a nice texture make this bar as enjoyable as a candy bar but with the added benefits of Protein Plus.

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PowerBar Protein Plus Bars PowerBar Protein Plus Bars - Box Of 12
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