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Pre-Competition Steroid Cycle

Here's a sample cycle taken directly from the members section...

Pre-Comp Cycle
I am 10 weeks out from a competition- I am using 4iu's a day of somatropin (Saizen from Serono labs) I am currently on nothing else. I am thinking about starting the pre-contest cycle consisting of winstrol, deca, primo and para I viewed on the site. I am also going to implement some insulin. I need to know the method of injection be it subcutaneous or intramuscular of the insulin, primo, para, deca and winstrol. I am 5'7" currently weigh 198 want to compete at around 185. I am doing an hour a day at almost 75% of my max heart rate on the treadmill burning almost 700 calories. I eat the 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight a day with very little carbs. Is the myth you can eat anything while using GH correct. I am beginning to harden but are by no means any where near ripped. Please help!

I would not start to experiment with any unknown drugs 10 weeks out from a competition. Stay away from the insulin and wait for the offseason. Then try a bulking cycle with GH, steroids and insulin. I'm sure you'll be amazed...

In my opinion, your main focus now should be to get ripped. You want the judges to see every fibre in your muscle. The only way to make this possible, is to burn of all the fat. Growth Hormone will help a lot, but you should also use some kind of fat burner. I presume that you haven't tried DNP or PGF-2, so these drugs are out of the question. As I said, you don't want to start experimenting 10 weeks out from a competition. I would simply recommend the ECA stack for now. Use 50 mg Ephedrine, 200 mg Caffeine and 200 mg Aspirin three times per day. Also make sure you do all your cardio early in the morning, immediately after you wake up, and before you eat breakfast. Your morning rituale should be to get out of bed, swallow the ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin tabs with a mouth-full of some kind of sport drink (with carbs) and water, wait 10-20 minutes, then do your 1 hour of cardio. I would also include another hour of cardio later in the day three times per week. This will give you 9 hours of cardio every week, and together with the ECA stack, you will burn of all the fat. 

I would also recommend you to use Parabolan (4 amps per week) and Proviron (3-4 tabs per day) for the next 5-6 weeks, then switch the Parabolan to oral Winstrol (50-60 mg per day) and 4-5 tabs of Proviron per day. This will make you hard as a rock. The reason I don't recommend Deca and Primo, is because most of the versions out there now really sucks, and you really don't want to inject 20 ml of useless oil every week during pre-contest preparation. 

Another thing you could do, is to lower your heart rate to about 60%. This will save more of your muscles during the cardio. Also make sure you take a protein/carb shake immediately after the cardio. And the myth that you can eat anything while you're on GH is bullshit... 

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