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Pumping Iron - The 25th Anniversary Special Edition. Movie Review


In 1977, independent filmmakers Robert Fiore and George Butler created the docudrama Pumping Iron. The movie described the world of bodybuilding in the 1970s. It later became a box office hit and created an international sensation. To this day, it is among the favorite bodybuilding film for bodybuilders and collectors alike. It introduced the world to a confident and charismatic bodybuilder named Arnold, launched his career in Hollywood and changed the world of bodybuilding and exercise forever. Since 1977, the term "Pumping Iron" has been a household expression for bodybuilding and fitness. The film follows then 28 year old Schwarzenegger, five time Mr. Olympia winner as he competes for his 6th title.


This new release DVD of Pumping Iron has been great news for many bodybuilding and film fans alike. The movie explores the misunderstood world of competitive bodybuilding in the 1970s.

Pumping Iron is not a documentary, but a docudrama - a film which is mostly based on reality, but also has its share of Hollywood made drama to add spice to the movie. Some scenes were staged by the filmmakers, and all of those scenes added to the greatness of the film. The film was based on the best-selling book of the same name written by Charles Gaines. After the book proved successful, Gaines, along with Butler decided to turn the book into a movie. However, this relied on Arnold competing in the 1975 Mr. Olympia competition. But Arnold wanted to retire. After discussing it with Gaines and Butler, Arnold decided to do the film, and compete in the Mr. Olympia contest one final time (although he ended up entering it in 1980 to win a 7th Sandow trophy).

Pumping Iron gave Arnold the vehicle he needed to show the world his confidence and charisma. Arnold overplayed the cocky character he actually was by making up some stories for the camera (for example, his father never did die two months before a bodybuilding competition). Another faked scene was the one in which Ken Waller stole Mike Katz' t-shirt, in an attempt to psych him out at the 1975 Mr. Universe contest.

These days, bodybuilders are bigger than ever, and bodybuilding is a big money and big business sport. The days of Pumping Iron are long gone, but the qualities captured in this film will live on forever.


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