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Review of SciVation Novem Supplements Supplement Reviews Nitric Oxide Supplement Reviews SciVation Novem

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SciVation Novem Review by Matt C.

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SciVation Novem

Nutrition Information:


SciVation Novem

The Claim:

"SciVation Novem is the only nervous system stimulating, muscle potentiating and protecting formula to provide maximal energy and intensity so you can charge through the most extreme workouts, and rapidly resynthesize ATP, buffer ions and reset muscle firing to increase workout volume and maximize muscle overload."

This is a rather specific claim and gets into the scientific details of the product, but all in all, I can say the supplement is effective in performing its job as a pre-workout [more below]

"So no forced rep is wasted, SCIVATION NOVEM also includes a powerful antioxidant blend to support removal of free radicals, quickly recharge active muscle cells and optimize lean muscle development when combined with a low carbohydrate diet and rigorous exercise plan."

I am happy that Novem contains antioxidants because I have been looking for ways to include more of them in my diet so I am happy to have found a source in an area where I did not even intend to find one.


I tried the "Mixed Berry" flavour of Novem. The taste of SciVation is unique - I would not necessarily describe it as being great tasting, but I would probably put it in the average to above average level for a pre-workout formula. The problem with some of the ingredients in pre-workout formulas is that they don't taste good and masking the taste is an extremely difficult task and one which just about every pre-workout product falls short of doing. Because most pre-workout products don't taste particularly good, it's hard to grade Novem in this category. I found that Novem was a little bitter and had a similar aftertaste. Keeping in mind it tastes better than a lot of pre-workout supplements is important, but it is also important to note that it does not taste particularly great. I think a fair grade would be 6/10.


I would mix 1-2 scoops of Novem with 500 mL of water. I found that in both cases, Novem mixed extremely easily. I would shake it before drinking it each time but even without doing that, it would not settle too much at the bottom of the container. It is also a good thing that Novem would not create chunks of supplement in the drink since it mixed so easily. In this category, I give Novem a score of 9/10.


Novem consistently gave me a kick during many of my workouts where I used it. I have been using it off and on ever since The Solution - Bob Kupniewski gave me a review tub at the 2011 Mr. Olympia contest. I should point out that Bob was kind enough to give me the tub for free. I normally pay for all the supplements that I review because I don't want the generosity of a particular supplement company to interfere with my objectiveness in reviewing the product. Having said that, I believe I am pretty straightforward and objective with my reviews no matter what so I decided to accept the tub. I felt that the product was very effective and below is my most recent workout [one of many] using Novem:

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curls:

20sX12, 30sX12, 40sX12, 45sX8, 50sX6

Single-Arm Triceps Overhead Extensions:

22.5X12, 27.5X12, 30X12, 35X6

Rope Cable Pushdowns:

8X12, 10X12

Cambered EZ Curls:

70X12, 70X12, 70X12 Here are some photos from my workout:

Matt Canning Front Double Biceps - Scivation Novem Review

Matt Canning Front Double Biceps - Scivation Novem Review

Matt Canning Front Double Biceps - Scivation Novem Review

Matt Canning Front Double Biceps - Scivation Novem Review

Matt Canning Front Double Biceps - Scivation Novem Review

Matt Canning Front Double Biceps - Scivation Novem Review

The last photo is from a local juice bar which I thought was pretty funny so I decided to take a picture of it.

I would say that Novem is an effective supplement and it would be surprising to me if anyone used it and did not experience a greater sense of alertness while using it due to the fact that it contains 187 mg of caffeine in two scoops. I felt that it was a product I felt every time I used and there was no mistaking its onset. I think the caffeine and other ingredients have helped lean me out a little although that is based on a number of factors which are somewhat difficult for me to judge completely at this point, but my suspicion is that it did. In terms of effectiveness I would give Novem a score of 8/10.

Overall Review:

I was very happy with Novem and I will be using it again since I have more of my review tub left. I use 1-2 scoops depending on how much of a kick I want for any given workout. I normally use one scoop for smaller workouts such as biceps and triceps but decided to go with two scoops today for the sake of this review. For more information on my workouts while using Novem, follow the forum thread posted below. Overall I would score Novem 8/10.

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SciVation Novem SciVation Novem - 40 Servings
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