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About 6 years ago I was working the far east. Hong Kong to
be exact. Hell of a place to work, very high speed living
and as a bachelor very high speed partying as well.

Whilst I was there I had the pleasure to meet one of the
most fascinating people I have ever met in my life.

He was a multi-millionaire business man, with an energy and
enthusiasm that was truly incredible. He was headstrong,
dynamic, powerful and possessed an aura that just made you
respect him....

But the big deal was his age. We was 62.

He had a very beautiful Asian wife of 30 years old, 2
beautiful children (and apparently several more from a
previous marriage), and lead a lifestyle that would worn out
men half his age.

In fact I was about half his age, in good shape and he wore
me out.

We did some business together. We had meetings extremely
early in the morning and at times very late at night, yet
never once did I see his energy levels drop.

He practiced Tai Chi at about 5:00 am, every morning, was a
advanced black belt at Karate, and have to say was simply

He often told me about the incredible nights of sex he had
with his wife and how they couldn't keep there hands off
each other.

I remember thinking to myself, fuck me this guy is 62, he's
either 100% full of shit or Superman.

Never once in the year I spent working there did I ever see
him look or act like a man of 62.

Quite the opposite in fact, he was more like an Olympic
athlete on cocaine.

I saw his arms once when he had a T shirt on, and commented
on some fairly extraordinary arm development. Very serious
biceps and triceps and totally ripped.

"Yes" he smiled, "and I hardly do any weight training". He
once challenged me to an arm wrestle. I declined.

Anyway that was that. I left the far east and returned to
Europe once my stint there was up.

James Bond, (that's what I called him -- made him laugh),
actually started to work quite closely with the company I
was with out there.

Anyway, cutting a long story short, met the guy again a few
months ago. He's now 68, and looks just the same, and has
just the same energy level.

In the years since I have seen him I started to workout more
seriously and have done a few cycles.

When he saw me weighing nearly 30lbs heavier, he knew what
I'd done (steroids), and of course I started to have my
suspicions about him as now I was "in the know".

So when he asked me how I gained so much muscle I just said
straight out, easy, train like hell, eat like hell and take

He started to ask me in detail what I took, and he knew all
about them.

Then he told me his secret.

For years he has been self administering testosterone and
GH. He gets it from the owner of a Clinic in Hong Kong and
injects himself.

Been doing it since he was about 50.

No-one knew, just him and his wife. He told me how he has
watched all his acquaintances get old around him whilst he
has never felt better, stronger, healthier or more active.

He needs only 5 to 6 hours sleep a day maximum, and has
energy and libido to burn.

Goes to show eh what absolute fucking crap the media talks
about steroid use. Here was the ultimate example of what
intelligent "supplementation" can do to enhance quality of

I made a decision.

When I'm pushing 50, I'll do the same. No if's and but's no
jerking around, testosterone and GH.

It's got to give me at least another 20 years of serious
quality of life, just think about what you can achieve in
that time instead of just getting old and bitching about how
shit you feel like most older people do.

So good job I found this site and got myself educated about
steroids otherwise I would never have taken steroids myself
and "James" would probably never have told me how he felt
and looked so damned good.

Hope your still here in another 20 years for when I need a
GH supplier.

Thanks to all at SE. Keep up the good work men!!!"

- From Tyler
SE Member.

>> NOTE from the Se team:-

You can count on us being here in 20 years and more :-)
Thanks for your email, it's great to get feedback from none
bodybuilders who use gear and achieve great results. As for
the media well yes we all know about how full of shit they

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