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South Beach Diet Cereal Bars Review By Matt C.

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South Beach Diet Cereal Bars Review By Matt C.


South Beach Diet Cereal Bars

South Beach Diet cereal bars are the latest in a long list of protein/energy bars which I have sampled in recent history. After having tried a number of bars, and now feel that I can absolutely adequately assess the quality of any one given bar on the basis of my experience.

Once again, I will analyze various product claims below and discuss each one individually as well as other factors to determine the overall value and quality of the product.

"The convenient and delicious South Beach Diet Cereal Bars, are a great breakfast or snack for people on-the-go."

When I ate the cereal bars, the first thing I thought was that these bars are completely distinct from any other bar I ever tried. Rather than considering the bars to be a regular protein bar, I felt that they were more like a light granola bar, which is essentially what they are, albeit high on the protein side amongst granola bars. They are light in calories, and I do agree that they make a great breakfast snack or a good snack for those who are on-the-go as the claim states.

"In five satisfying varieties like peanut butter and maple nut, they're made from wholesome ingredients, and have 25% less sugar and three times more protein than leading cereal bars."

This summarizes my thoughts on the bar pretty well - they are indeed normal cereal bars in taste/texture and ease of consumption, but are lower in sugar and higher in protein than normal bars making them desirable to consume for those interested in bodybuilding, but also for those wishing to lose weight and for those who are otherwise health conscious individuals.

"They're also a good source of fiber and have no trans fat. Looking for a meal that's fast and South Beach Diet friendly?"

Although I do not personally care much for the South Beach Diet or other similar diets, I will agree with the claim above that these bars are friendly to the diet. The reason why I disapprove of such diets is because they are fad diets and achieving your physique goals has little to do with quick dieting and everything to do with broader lifestyle changes which encompass both nutrition and training.

"South Beach Diet has launching a whole new line of delicious products made especially for South Beachers and with Dr. Agatston's seal of approval, these products will help keep you "on the Beach.""

Again, this claim is more meaningful to someone who actually attributes a lot of merit to fad diet, and I certainly do not. That said, if the diet interests you, a supplement such as this one which is in line with the goals of the diet should also be of interest to you.

"Rushing around in the morning with little time to prepare a meal? These cereal bars are tasty and satisfying, perfect with a piece of fruit or cup of vegetable juice."

I would also agree with this last statement. The small meal described above is a good example of a nice little meal to include in your healthy overall diet.

Now I will discuss further attributes of the bar below:


The South Beach Diet cereal bars come in the flavours below:

  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon Raisin
  • Maple Nut
  • Peanut Butter

The flavour I purchased was peanut butter, and I enjoyed it. As I said, it tasted and felt more like a granola bar than a protein/energy bar. It did not feel as "heavy" as other protein bars I tried, due to the lower amount of protein and overall calories per bar in comparison to the protein bars. With 140 calories per bar, and 10 grams of protein, the bars are roughly half of these values compared to other protein bars on the market. So I would classify this under granola bars and not so much protein bars. On the grand spectrum, granola bars are closer to candy bars than protein bars are, although the overall nutritional content of the South Beach Diet bars are pretty good. The bars had a good taste and texture, and the peanut flavour was evenly dispersed throughout the bar and it does not stick to the roof of your mouth as other peanut butter products and of course peanut butter itself is known to do.

Overall Review:

I enjoyed this product overall but must emphasize that these bars are more along the lines of granola bar than protein bar, as they are very light, and perhaps more suitable for those wishing to lose weight rather than those enthusiastic bodybuilders wishing to bulk up. The peanut butter flavour tasted great in my opinion, and I would tend to agree that any flavour of the bars would be perfect with a piece of fruit or cup of vegetable juice for a quick and light snack. Again, that emphasizes the benefit of these bars for dieting individuals or other weight loss enthusiasts as opposed to bodybuilders who will want a higher calorie diet. You can get a box of five bars for $4.99 at the link below which works out to $1 per bar, which is fairly reasonable, although cheaper bars are available if you look at the cost using a cost per calorie approach. All in all, a worthwhile bar depending on your goals, although a bit too light for my tastes. As such, I would award this bar a B, and given my goals, will seek out heavier bars in the future.

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South Beach Diet Cereal Bars South Beach Diet Cereal Bars - Box Of 5
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