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Review of Syntrax Nitrous Supplements Supplement Reviews Nitric Oxide Supplement Reviews Review of Syntrax Nitrous

Syntrax Nitrous Better Than Citrulline Malate! BUY IT NOW Syntrax Nitrous



Syntrax Nitrous Review By Matt C.

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I have been sampling a number of NO products in recent history, and at this point I have sampled enough that I can tell which ones are working effectively and which ones are not. Below is a list of the NO products I have tried so far listed roughly by rank from what I would consider to be the best to the worst among them:

I would tend to place NO products in three general categories in terms of rank: (1) below average, (2) average, and (3) above average. That is a simple enough classification system and I use the average (or "middle of the road") NO products as a basis in which to compare the other ones to. So as you can imagine, my general expectation from an NO product is at a certain level that is either surpassed or not met, and I simply rate the NO products according to that comparison.

Syntrax Nitrous

Now that the general introduction to NO products has been complete, I would like to examine Syntrax Nitrous in further detail and discuss some of its label claims and my thoughts on its efficacy:

"Better Than Citrulline Malate!"

I have not consumed any products with citrulline malate as the active ingredient, so I have no basis for comparison to determine whether or not this is the truth. I will say that based on reviews I have read, arginine appears to be the superior of the two active ingredients, and Nitrous is comprised of nitrous malate and Di-L-Arginine-L-Malate.

"Tired of swallowing handfuls of horse pills containing citrulline and arginine based Nitric Oxide products?"

There are numerous NO products which require the consumption as many as nine horse pills per day, and usually no less than three. So certainly those who do not like consuming horse pills would likely prefer a powdered drink instead in lieu of 3-9 huge pills. I don't have a problem swallowing pills, but I would rather consume an easy to drink beverage over a huge quantity of pills as well.

"Tired of paying inflated prices for a product that is not the best on the market?"

As it is right now, Syntrax Nitrous is in the top 10 least expensive NO supplements available on's huge supplement superstore. This ranks it as being fairly inexpensive and definitely a product which merits a claim which boasts of a low price, but it should also be pointed out that there are some other products on the market which have a lower price for those whose main consideration is indeed cost effectiveness:

"Introducing Nitrous, a custom-engineered product that overcomes the downfalls of every other Nitric Oxide product on the market."

A type of claim like this would make it sound as if Syntrax Nitrous is completely above and beyond every other NO product out there or somehow in a league of its own. I would say that Syntrax Nitrous was a pretty good supplement, but in terms of ingredients, cost, and efficacy, I would not consider it to be in a league of its own. It is a good product (and I will describe that in further detail below), but making a bold claim that it overcomes the downfalls of every other nitric oxide product on the market is to me a little bit much.

"With it's neutral taste, Nitrous is sold as a powder and can be easily and unnoticeably mixed with your favorite beverage."

This statement is generally true, and check below under the "Taste" category for further details on this.

"Because it contains (Di-L-Arginine)-L-Malate Nitrous is by far the most effective supplement of it's kind."

While the (Di-L-Arginine)-L-Malate Nitrous may full well be a unique ingredient matrix, I don't see how that alone would immediately qualify it as being the most effective supplement of its kind, especially with so many other very high quality NO products on the market today.

"Not only is Syntrax Nitrous perfectly bioavailable with it's Ionis delivery system, but the combination of arginine and malic acid (malate) contains a one-two punch that gives it's user unbeatable insulin secretion, muscle pumps, vascularity, and energy production and recovery! "

Currently, NO products are still being studied and perfected, and with time the best possible delivery system for NO based supplements will eventually be perfected. Whether that system is one with the active component of (Di-L-Arginine)-L-Malate Nitrous or another ingredient, I am uncertain. However, it seems clear to me now that arginine is an effective active ingredient in NO products and we will learn more about it as time passes.


I tried Syntrax Nitrous mixed with a variety of different beverages, as listed below:

  • Lemonade
  • Fruit Juice
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Grape Juice
  • Orange Gatorade
  • Vanilla Soy Milk
  • Water

In all types of juice as well as Gatorade, I found that Syntrax Nitrous was almost seamless and essentially made the drink tasted no different than in a normal state. However, I would recommend that you NOT mix it in soy milk since it did not mix very well at all and tasted terrible. I would imagine the same is true for all types of milk. Mixing it in water elicits a mild taste, but one which I very much disliked. I found it a pain to drink Syntrax Nitrous in water, and equally bad in milk as I mentioned. With that said, mixing the powdered mix in any type of fruit juice or Gatorade worked very well and was very hard to even notice if you used enough of the respective liquid in the process. I am pleased that Syntrax did not use any artificial flavours in their Nitrous blend, but I am not opposed to a fruit flavoured blend which I think may be very good tasting if mixed in water. However, NO products in general have a miserable taste on average, and I have found very few companies have managed to come out with an NO product which does not have one. I found that when mixed in juice, Nitrous is better tasting than any flavoured NO product mixed in water, since it basically tasted like juice, rather than like juice with a touch of the NO taste/aftertaste which I dislike so much. To summarize - mix it in enough of your favourite juice and you should enjoy it.


As I mentioned above, Syntrax Nitrous mixes perfectly in juice and gatorade. It mixes perfectly in water too, but I would not recommend it for taste reasons as mixed above. The only drink I mixed Nitrous with that caused problems would have been milk. I highly do not recommend attempting to mix it with milk for that reason.

My Use of Syntrax Nitrous:

I enjoyed using Syntrax Nitrous and found it to be about average overall compared to other NO products which I have tried. It is difficult for me to exactly explain where I saw the most profound effects from its use, since at some points I found myself to be stronger, while other times I found myself to have more energy during my workouts, while other times still I found myself to achieve superior pumps. No one quality was present consistently enough for me to describe the product with that one quality attached to it, but overall I did enjoy the product, but it was definitely not as good as some other NO products which I have used, most notably LG Sciences Cold Fusion EX.

Below are some pictures of myself while I was using Syntrax Nitrous as well as a video clip taken during a day I was using Syntrax Nitrous. Two of my friends appear in the video below, both of whom consumed Syntrax Nitrous, one mixing it with water and the other mixing it with Coca-Cola. Although I did not speak with my second friend about Nitrous, the first to use it did tell me that he noticed a definite and positive effect in his training.


Matt Canning Using Syntrax Nitrous

Matt Canning Using Syntrax Nitrous

Matt Canning Using Syntrax Nitrous

Matt Canning Using Syntrax Nitrous

Matt Canning Using Syntrax Nitrous

Matt Canning Using Syntrax Nitrous

Matt Canning Using Syntrax Nitrous

Matt Canning Using Syntrax Nitrous

Overall Review:

Overall, I felt that Syntrax Nitrous was a good supplement, although I would have to consider it to be average among the NO products which I have reviewed. That is not necessarily a bad thing, since I have found that on average, NO products are effective at delivering pumps, as well as increasing endurance and to some extent strength during workouts. That said, I do really enjoy an above average NO product for the superior pumps and endurance which I can feel working tremendously well. The taste of Syntrax Nitrous was terrible in water and milk and I do not recommend either, but in juice, Nitrous was very good and was pretty seamless in the solution. The cost of Syntrax Nitrous is pretty good with 60 servings (a 30 day supply) for $26.99 which works out to $0.90 per day. That is a consideration which many people consider important and so I feel it is pretty important to mention it. It is one of the top 10 lowest priced NO products in's online superstore.

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Syntrax Nitrous - 303 Grams Syntrax Nitrous - 303 Grams
Retail Price: $44.95 Our Price: $26.99

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