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Definitely worth the money if you don't buy "Designer" brands that overcharge for essentially the same thing. Protein is protein. It's all the same idea and the same acids make up the cheap stuff and the expensive stuff. The only difference is that expensive stuff sometimes has more Whey Protein Isolate, which has fewer calories.

Biggest thing with taking protein is to remember that most of your protein in your diet should still come from natural food sources like chicken breast, beef and eggs. A common mistake people make is that they overdo it on the powders and fail to eat enough quality wholesome protein in their diet. My philosophy on this is that God made will always be better than man made.

There are also special blends of protein powders like Nitro-tech that add other things to their powders. Some of the common additives are Creatine, Glutamine and sometimes-even Caffeine. The only additive I think that is really needed is possibly adding a digestive enzyme to help breakdown. ON Whey adds a digestive enzyme.

These are the 2 brands I recommend. Optimum Whey- 5lbs for $29. Pro-Rated- 6lbs for $20 at Costco


This product is probably the most disputed supplement on the market. Though there is controversy over whether it actually works and even if it's safe or not, I still highly recommend it for everyone. Whether you're a weightlifter or a runner creatine is going to help you out.

I am a firm believer of building muscle the clean and legitimate way. Before I start this article I want to restate that I do NOT endorse the use of anobolics or androgenous products. The US Olympic committee for good reasons bans these products. Dietary supplements such as protein powers, creatine and nitric oxide, however, are determined to be safe in various clinical trials. The side effects of taking these products do not affect long-term health and are similar to the effects of carb loading/protein cycling. Like anything though too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Whether it be eating tuna or taking creatine, moderation is key. Our bodies are designed to operate most optimally on an exercise and diet routine that not only varies in its nutrient profile but one that is also changing depending on short term goals and how your body is responding. From

Science is great and there is no doubt that every supplement should have some science behind its claims but in the end if it doesn't work in the real world it's useless. Now these are my own experiences with Creatine, I have no clinical study to back these claims except for my own history with the product.


In my experiences with creatine, I have noticed an increase in strength, power and endurance. Everybody reacts differently but at least in my usage of the product the results have been very good. The biggest benefit for me is recovery time. On a creatine cycle I can feel my recovery time almost cut in half. I am able to do more sets and lifting heavier weights is not as taxing on my body. Exercises like the bench press, which incorporate multiple groups, are a lot easier to do while on creatine. While lifting heavy will normally require me to rest 2 minutes between sets, on a creatine cycle I notice that my rest time can be reduced to as little as one minute. The biggest change evidence of recovery though is in running. While running 3 mile fitness tests for the Marines I will noticed that when I run at about 60% of my maximum speed I can actually recover while still in motion. What this translates into is being able to run farther, faster and longer.


One of the complaints against creatine is that it can sometimes cause "bloating" due to the fact that its purpose is to draw water into the muscles. What this creates is a puffy look. This also translates into weight gain because your body is now retaining more water. I personally have not experienced any bloating but I definitely notice an increase in weight gain the first few days of a cycle. In the first days of cycling I will gain usually 2-3 lbs. automatically and those 2-3lbs. will either taper off back to my normal bodyweight or I will keep the extra weight due to increase muscle mass (take body fat compositions before and after creatine cycles to see its results).

Creatine has also been reported to cause stomach cramps if the user does not take in enough water. This is very true for me personally so I always try to ensure proper water intake during a Creatine cycle, even though when taking Phosphagen HP (2nd generation creatine) I didn't notice it all.

Higher Power Creatine Ethyl Ester - 500g for $20

*This is actually a better deal than regular monohydrate because you take less and it absorbs better* Eas Phosphagen - 500g for $14


This is one of the better new products out on the market today. It is the main essential ingredient in products like NO2, NO-Explode and Nitrix. It is also commonly listed as AAKG (different form, more expensive).

One of he arguments for this product is that it increases vaso-dilation which allows you to carry more nutrients to your muscles and gives you the "pump" (that feeling you get when your muscles are engorged with blood, usually through working out). It is also argued that it helps promote the release of growth hormones in your body.

My personal experiences with this product is that it really does give you that increased pump if you take it about an hour before workout and if you take it before you sleep it helps you sleep better (I haven't read any clinical evidence supporting why that is but in my opinion it might have something to do with the fact that most growth hormones are released during sleep and Arginine helps promote those cycles). In terms of promoting muscle growth I would have to say that I have seen some good gains with it. It is especially useful for bodybuilders because it really does help you look more vascular on stage.

My opinion is that the best way to take this product is just straight in its powder form without any other ingredients added. This is a lot cheaper and it has great effects.

NOW L-Arginine 1 Lb. $22.99 [Order]

Take care,

David Pat - Bodybuilder

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