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Training Chest - Bodybuilding Exercise Index Chest Training Chest - Bodybuilding

Training chest

By Scott Donald

Anatomy of Chest

The chest is such a noticeable muscle group… it is always first to walk into a room and therefore it is very important in a balanced physique to have an impressive big chest… The chest is used in pushing and wrapping your arms round something…The chest is made up of two main muscles… The Pectoralis major is that big muscle that covers each half of the front of your chest. One of its jobs is to turn your arm inward.... Its other job is to help pull your arm forward and down…. Pectoralis minor is directly under pectoralis major…. It's attached to your third, fourth and fifth ribs at the bottom, and at the top it's attached to the front of your shoulder blade…. It helps pull your shoulder blade down, and it helps hold your shoulder down when you have to push down with your hands.

Theory of Heavy Pressing Movements

Chest is a muscle that is hit best by heavy pressing movements… as the chest looks best with mass and the best way to get mass is by using heavy pressing movements… People often think that the chest is a large muscle group but compared to the rest in the body it is really only a medium sized muscle group… therefore not needing too many sets…. For me and the volume I like using I always aim for 9 sets… after warm up…. Others like more and others like less…but for me it seems to be the perfect number… Chest is best hit form 3 angles… upper - incline, middle – flat, lower - dips… but of course they are not separate muscles… Doing chest should be done using free weights sure there are other ways of doing it on machines or even a smith machine (avoid not proper range of motion for pressing) but the free weights are far better for adding mass as they incorporate stabilisers…. Where as reps goes everyone is different buy I have found that lower reps really help me add mass and strength so I train chest with 6 reps...Regarding what angle to incline at anywhere between 15-10 degress is perfect but higher than that then it would be too much to do with shoulders.

This is my ideal routine for chest:

Either Barbell or Dumbbell

Flat bench press 3 sets 6 reps Incline bench press 3 sets 6 reps Leaning forward weighted dips 3 sets 6 reps

Other useful chest exercises…

  • flyes
  • decline press
  • cable crossovers
  • pullovers
  • Other

Problem Breakers

Chest problems are very common and there can be so many reasons behind this… For a good bench press you must build strength in shoulders, triceps and back… another problem on either up or down in the press could that you are too slow try and get a perfect tempo for you…Another thing could be technique… To get tight, you want to pull your shoulder blades together and shrug into your traps, fill your body with air, and drive your heels into the floor. You want to visualize pushing your body away from the bar as you press up. The bar is too heavy… try to start lighter with good form and then you will soon be increasing if your technique is good… The key to training greatness is finding your weak points and attacking them…Regardless of the exercises diet and rest take a major part into how you develop…


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