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Trap Bar Deadlift Workout Exercise Index Back Trap Bar Deadlift Workout

I would like to introduce an exercise to some of the readers of" who may not yet be familiar with it; that exericse being the trap bar deadlift. I am relatively new to this exercise and have only tried it four times so far but quite enjoy it. I have achieved a personal best lift on this exercise of 550 pounds but do not have video evidence of that thus far but plan to capture my record [or surpass it] very soon and in the meantime, I do have a video of my former record of 520 which I posted on my YouTube channel, FitnessByMatt. The 520 video can be seen below:

I consumed IDS BetaNOX yesterday and did a trap bar workout as outlined with the rest of my back workout of that day below:

Wednesday, July 5th, 2011

Trap Bar Deadlift:

170X6, 260X5, 350X3, 440X1, 510X1

U-Bar Handle Lat Pulldown:

5X8, 8X8, 10X8

Dumbbell Rows:

30X12, 35X12

I was hoping to surpass my previous best lift of 550 which I had not captured on video. After doing 510 I felt that my goal of 570 would have been quite reasonable to attempt but I felt a strain on my upper arm which prevented me from attempting to do so as I was concerned the pulling strain which I felt may lead to an injury. I decided to take it easy and followed up my 510 trap bar deadlift with the back exercises which followed, as outlined above.

I am eager to continue to increase my strength on this exercise and I legitimately believe that if I can get 570 as I suspect I can, that 600 will be just around the corner. My recommendation for this exercise is to apply the same principles you would apply to the traditional deadlift in terms of the positioning of your feet as well as the leg drive required to initiate the movement. I have a tendency to pull with my arms and not focus on driving through my legs through to my feet. As a result, the pulling creates somewhat of a snapping sensation which pulls at my upper arms and in the case of my workout yesterday as outlined above, this resulted in some strain which I did not want to further aggravate. I did feel that most likely I would have surpassed my previous record of 550 and think that an attempt at 570 would have been a reasonable one. However, in the spirit of staying injury free I decided to avoid that.

My goal is to increase my conventional deadlift and I feel that the trap bar deadlift offers me a way to do that without having to do the conventional deaadlift as an exercise to include week after week. I like to switch things up during my training because it keeps things unique and to a degree, exciting. At the very least, things are less boring when I switch things up. While I was not injured today, I felt that the strain that I felt could have easily led to an injury had I been less careful or more foolhardy and attempted more weight than I did. Had I tried the personal record weight that I was considering, 570 pounds, I think that I would have succeeded in lifting that weight but that I would have possibly injured myself in the process. As such, I will wait at least two weeks before attempting a one rep max again and go only as far as 80% of my former max and see what I can do. I think I will still be able to achieve my maximum deadlift performance and remain unscathed in terms of injuries or strains of any sort. The last thing I want is some sort of injury which will keep me from training for weeks or even months.

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